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Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera first broadcast on 23 October 1995. The following is a list of characters that appear in 2023, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the soap's executive producer, Lucy Allan. The first characters to make their debuts are best friends Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan) and Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis). Then in March, Alex Burton (Liz Fletcher) debuted as Cindy Cunningham's (Stephanie Waring) bank manager, followed by Dillon Ray (Nathaniel Dass), the nephew-in-law of Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) in April. Multiple other characters also appeared throughout the year. Rayne Royce Rayne Royce' (also Louise Rayner), played by Jemma Donovan, first appeared on 17 January 2023. The character and Donovan's casting details were announced on 12 October 2022. Donovan joins the serial's main cast. Of joining the show, she said: "I am thrilled to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to bring something unique and fun to a new role and I can't wait to be a part of the Hollyoaks family." Donovan relocated to Liverpool for the role. She told Metro's Stephen Patterson that her first day on set was "great" and she felt "at home" straight away. Rayne is part of a new group of 20-somethings living in a shared house, which is reminiscent of the show's student-focused earlier years. She and her best friend Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) move in with Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner), Nadira Valli (Ashling O'Shea), and Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer). Patterson noted that the pair "waste little time in getting up to no good, causing mischief for a number of the younger residents of the show." Rayne was billed as "an outgoing party girl", who is "well known as a social media sensation." Donovan later described her character as humorous, "fun, fiery and ambitious." She found that she was "diving into a whole new character" in the world of social media, as Rayne is an influencer, adding "I love creating characters and bringing them to life so I'm really looking forward to doing that with Rayne." Donovan later explained that while Rayne is confident and career driven, she would also show "a whole other side" and that she does have a past. She arrives to the village on a motorbike, which Donovan admitted she was not allowed to ride. She confirmed that Rayne has been best friends with Lacey since school and that they have a genuine friendship. Donovan also teased a possible romance with Romeo, after he walks in on her in the bath. She called it "an interesting first encounter for them" and thought it was foreshadowing something between them. She added: "Rayne does turn some heads, and there's a bit of competition too. The first people she meets are Prince, Hunter and then Romeo, but she's mostly there to have fun." On 13 September 2023, it was confirmed that Donovan would depart Hollyoaks, with Rayne being murdered in a "whodunit" storyline. Discussing her exit from the serial, Donovan stated "I am so excited to announce that Rayne's reign is finally coming to an end with an incredible stunt week that I am over the moon to share with you guys. I think it's going to be full of drama, full of love, full of chaos but the big question is... who Did It? And I'm so excited for the speculation. I can't tell you, but it's a good one so hope you all enjoy!". Rayne's death was broadcast on 26 September 2023. Lacey Lloyd Lacey Lloyd, played by Annabelle Davis, made her first appearance on 18 January 2023. Her casting was announced in December 2023, where it was revealed that she would be in moving into a houseshare with her best friend Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan). The decision to introduce Lacey and Rayne was part of the producers' idea to throwback to the earlier years of the soap, where students would live together under one roof. The role was initially not written for a little person and Davis helped shape the characterisation of the character. Alex Burton Alex Burton, played by Liz Fletcher, made her first appearance on 27 March 2023. The character and casting was announced on 16 March 2023. Alex is a bank manager for Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring). Speaking about joining the soap, Fletcher said: "It has been so great to join such an iconic show and work with the wonderful talented cast." Dillon Ray Dillon Ray, played by Nathaniel Dass, made his first appearance on 21 April 2023. Although casting details were not announced about the character, details on Dillon were shared by Hollyoaks' executive producer Lucy Allen in an interview with Digital Spy on 11 January 2023. Dillon is the nephew of established character Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) and it was stated that his arrival would cause Lucas Hay (Oscar Curtis) to begin questioning his sexuality. Speaking about Dillon's entrance, Virdi said: "Dillon is a ball of energy – he's loud, mischievous and dresses like a rock star. It turns out he's been expelled from school, and Misbah knows that Dillon's mother won't be happy about that. There are layers to uncover about Dillon as time goes on – he has a big, loud front, but Misbah starts to see a different side [to him]. It's just what the family needs [after Shaq's exit]." Dass also teased "potential romances" to come about for the character. Juan Pèrez Juan Pèrez, played by Ariel Butwyna, made his first appearance on 9 May 2023. The character and casting was announced on 24 March 2023. Juan is a Spanish dancer and chereographer who grabs the attention of Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) during a visit to Liverpool, with the character being touted as a love interest for Scott. Speaking about joining the soap, Butwyna, said: "I'm having a fantastic time filming with Hollyoaks. I am so happy to be playing the role of Juan, who has such a lovely and sweet storyline with Scott. Working with Ross Adams is a true pleasure, and I've even had the chance to share some time on set with Alex Fletcher [Scott's aunt, Diane Hutchinson]— everyone is so welcoming. Truly, a very kind and fun environment to work in."" Rafe Harcourt Lord Rafferty “Rafe” Harcourt, played by Chris Gordon, made his first appearance on 10 May 2023. Rafe is a member of nobility and is the Earl of Dee who will meet Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) at the Chester Races. The pair will strike up a bond, potentially jeopardising her relationship with Ethan Williams (Matthew James-Bailey). He is also the husband of Dilly Harcourt. Speaking about his character and casting, Gordon said: "Joining the team at Hollyoaks feels a bit like meeting the family of a partner you really like – a little bit intimidating, but also very fulfilling. There's a real closeness throughout the departments and I've been welcomed into the fold with grace. Working with Anna has been an utter joy. Not only as an actor but as a person too. Sienna's journey collides with Rafe and there's... well, fireworks! He's not the usual man around town. The mystery and complexity of a .... Discover the Piper Rayne popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Piper Rayne books.

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    Operation Bailey Wedding

    Piper Rayne

    No one would have guessed a marriage could sprout from a onenight stand, but Holly Radcliffe and Austin Bailey appear to be written in the stars. From the backseat of Austin's Jeep...

  • Single and Ready to Jingle synopsis, comments

    Single and Ready to Jingle

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    The girl who loves Christmas falls for the Grinchit’s a Christmas miracle.    What started as a dumpster fire of a blind date turns into a deal.   In truth, it proba...

  • My Beautiful Neighbor synopsis, comments

    My Beautiful Neighbor

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    Who’s the mystery woman who just walked into my brewery?  I’m not the only one from my Alaskan small town asking themselves that question. But I’m positive, I’m the only one i...

  • On the Defense synopsis, comments

    On the Defense

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    Miles Cavanaugh is moving into “The Den”a notorious fourflat apartment complex in Chicago with two of his new teammates from the Chicago Grizzlies.   The Den is known for the ...

  • Flirting with Fire synopsis, comments

    Flirting with Fire

    Piper Rayne

    Everyone knows that if you play with fire you’ll end up getting burned… What happens when you attend a first responder’s bachelor auction with your best friends? Well, if your name...

  • The Rival Roomies synopsis, comments

    The Rival Roomies

    Piper Rayne

    I’ve loved him from afar. Though most times he’s only a foot away.  I’m smart enough to know he’ll never be anyone’s forever. He checks all the bad boy boxes. Tattoos. Check. ...

  • Charmed by the Bartender synopsis, comments

    Charmed by the Bartender

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    From a secret duo of USA Today Bestselling Authors, comes the first COMPLETE STANDALONE in the Modern Love Series. Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this fun? Was the one n...

  • Tropical Hat Trick synopsis, comments

    Tropical Hat Trick

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    It’s Ford and Lena’s destination wedding and every professional hockey player joining them for the big day are ready to let loose. But between vacation hookups, one player falling ...

  • Hooked on the Boxer synopsis, comments

    Hooked on the Boxer

    Piper Rayne

    Who knew a bad boy could mend a broken heart? What does a girl do after she discovers her fiancé is a cheating bastard? In my case, I performed the ritual implosion of all scorned ...

  • On Thin Ice synopsis, comments

    On Thin Ice

    Piper Rayne

    The Winter Games have begun… I’m the life of the party. A little loud and some buzz kills might say obnoxious, but if you’re around me I guarantee you’ll have a good time. Unless y...

  • Claus and Effect synopsis, comments

    Claus and Effect

    Piper Rayne

    Two strangers who couldn’t be more opposite find themselves on an unexpected crosscountry road trip days before Christmas where whatever can go wrong, does.   He’s an Army Ran...

  • Engaged to the EMT synopsis, comments

    Engaged to the EMT

    Piper Rayne

    Luca Bianco is a jerk. There I said it. He thinks he’s so suave and sexy, walking around in his paramedic uniform stretched out by all his hard muscles and saving lives every day. ...

  • Advice from a Jilted Bride synopsis, comments

    Advice from a Jilted Bride

    Piper Rayne

    "Best small town romance series I've ever read and every book just gets better and better!" Angie, Angie's Dreamy Reads  "Best small town romance series I've ever read and ev...

  • Rules for Dating your Ex synopsis, comments

    Rules for Dating your Ex

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    If your ex arrives in your hometown eighteen months after you walked out on him while you were eight months pregnant, follow this short list of rules before you give him a second c...

  • Real Deal synopsis, comments

    Real Deal

    Piper Rayne

    Red Flags…   Too loud. Too clingy. Too much makeup.    I could go on and on. The other guys in the Single Dad’s Club would say I’m obsessed with finding them. But no...

  • Birth of a Baby Daddy synopsis, comments

    Birth of a Baby Daddy

    Piper Rayne

    If you’re having fun living your bachelor life in your Alaskan hometown and out of nowhere a woman shows up holding a baby she insists is yours, you need a plana birth plan. BP Ste...

  • Confessions of a Naughty Nanny synopsis, comments

    Confessions of a Naughty Nanny

    Piper Rayne

    When a famous music producer moves to Lake Starlight it can’t just be a coincidence. It’s the universe helping to move things along in the right direction so that Griffin Thorne ca...

  • My Vegas Groom synopsis, comments

    My Vegas Groom

    Piper Rayne

    NOW A USA TODAY BESTSELLER Waking up next to a stranger wearing a wedding ring was not on the itinerary. I came to Las Vegas for a quick girl’s trip, but somehow ended up a married...

  • Break the Ice synopsis, comments

    Break the Ice

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    The Winter Games are over, but the bedroom games are just beginning… This is about the time I normally hang up my snowboard and chill for a while. Except this year. This year, I’m ...

  • Sexy Filthy Boss synopsis, comments

    Sexy Filthy Boss

    Piper Rayne

    He’s the sexy alpha male in the corner office who goes through assistants faster than free donuts in the breakroom. I’m the assistant who was chosen to cover for his last fire. The...

  • Crushing on the Cop synopsis, comments

    Crushing on the Cop

    Piper Rayne

    Cristian Bianco has two things against himhe’s a police officer and he’s a police officer in the 18th District…meaning my dad is his boss. Growing up as the Commander’s daughter an...

  • False Start synopsis, comments

    False Start

    Piper Rayne

    The start of Lee Burrows and I was a college girls’ biggest fantasy. Campus’ most popular guy, the starting quarterback, the same guy I’ve crushed on forever, notices methe quiet i...

  • Cold as Ice synopsis, comments

    Cold as Ice

    Piper Rayne

    It may be Winter Games, but the bedroom games are about to begin… Competing in South Korea on the world stage is hard enough. Having to spend the entire press tour beforehand with ...

  • Mad about the Banker synopsis, comments

    Mad about the Banker

    Piper Rayne

    Who knew my brother’s friend could be Mr. Right, and not just Mr. Right Now? My brother refused to introduce me, so I blame him. If he’d just caved, and introduced me to Jasper, I ...

  • The One I Left Behind synopsis, comments

    The One I Left Behind

    Piper Rayne

    After retiring from a professional football career Ben Noughton finds himself at a crossroads in his life and decides to return to his family ranch in the Midwest where he’s forced...

  • A Greene Family Summer Bash synopsis, comments

    A Greene Family Summer Bash

    Piper Rayne

    Catch up with the Greene family during their annual summer party. There’s sure to be surprise announcements and unexpected guests!

  • The One I Stood Beside synopsis, comments

    The One I Stood Beside

    Piper Rayne

    Beau Noughton has always kept his head down and done what needed doing. After his mom passed away when he was young, he had no choice. But it’s been getting harder and harder to ke...

  • My Famous Frenemy synopsis, comments

    My Famous Frenemy

    Piper Rayne

    Hollywood heartthrob, Gavin Price invaded our small town, Sunrise Bay, like he owned it. Gavin was my biggest celebrity crush when I was young. He holds the charisma of an easygoin...

  • Dirty Talker synopsis, comments

    Dirty Talker

    Piper Rayne

    Turnons… Party girls. Platinum blondes. Zero expectations. I used to think that if you could combine all three into one female, you’d have the perfect woman. Then why the hell does...

  • Smitten with the Best Man synopsis, comments

    Smitten with the Best Man

    Piper Rayne

    The perfect man for me is a charming, sexy, hot as hell lawyer who knows how to negotiate his way into my panties. #Pfftwhatever Been there. Done that. Burned the Tshirt. I didn’t ...

  • Operation Bailey Birthday synopsis, comments

    Operation Bailey Birthday

    Piper Rayne

    LAKE STARLIGHT BUZZ WHEEL PRESS RELEASE: Rumor around town is a certain matriarch of the Bailey family is having a BIG BIRTHDAY! It’s even spurred a few of the Bailey kids to retur...

  • Countdown to a Kiss synopsis, comments

    Countdown to a Kiss

    Piper Rayne

    Three professional hockey players from the Florida Fury attend a New Year’s Eve party at the team owner’s mansion and spend time with three very different women. As the countdown t...

  • My Twist of Fortune synopsis, comments

    My Twist of Fortune

    Piper Rayne

    Two aching hearts. A meddling small town. A second chance. It’s not a new story. Wife finds out husband’s been cheating on her and she packs up her four kids and heads back to her ...

  • Buy a Boyfriend synopsis, comments

    Buy a Boyfriend

    Everly Ashton

    When Isla took the job at RentAHusband she knew she’d be surrounded by fine male specimens. All the online reviews talked more about how attractive the contractors were then how go...

  • Demise of a Self-Centered Playboy synopsis, comments

    Demise of a Self-Centered Playboy

    Piper Rayne

    You might be wondering how you’ll know when your playboy ways are coming to an end. For some it might be an unexpected pregnancy (ahem… you know who), for others it might be finall...

  • Greene Family Christmas synopsis, comments

    Greene Family Christmas

    Piper Rayne

    Preparing a Christmas to remember is no small feat with a family the size of the Greenes.   Especially when the woman who has always been the planner down to every minute deta...

  • Operation Bailey Babies synopsis, comments

    Operation Bailey Babies

    Piper Rayne

    PRESS RELEASE: Don’t drink the Lake Starlight water! Bailey babies are busy growing in their mommies tummies and the Baileys are having a triple baby shower to celebrate. If you wa...

  • Lessons from a One-Night Stand synopsis, comments

    Lessons from a One-Night Stand

    Piper Rayne

    "Funny. Swoon worthy. Heartwarming. An unforgettable story and an incredible start to the series! A new favorite!" Devney Perry, USA Today Bestselling Author If you’re a guy like ...

  • A Greene Family Vacation synopsis, comments

    A Greene Family Vacation

    Piper Rayne

    Greene Family Vacation Itinerary…   Ticket holders: 17 adults. 5 children.   Departs from Anchorage, Alaska Arrives in Maui, Hawaii   Reports of arguing with the TSA...

  • Something like Love synopsis, comments

    Something like Love

    Piper Rayne

    I want to. I can’t.   I’ve been friends with Cooper Rice from the moment we met. He was just as famous a decade ago on our college campus as he is now being the star quarterba...

  • The Drawback of Single Dads synopsis, comments

    The Drawback of Single Dads

    Piper Rayne

    He’s the father of my child and my best friend.   When Peyton and I met, somehow things just clicked between us. We had the same sense of humor and the same carefree attitude ...

  • Untitled Romance synopsis, comments

    Untitled Romance

    Piper Rayne

    A brand new romance first in series romance novel from Piper Rayne coming soon. Details to follow.