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Rachel Astor

Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor Book Summary

McMaster the Disaster series, Book 1

Josephine McMaster is pretty and smart, but very much a klutzy mess. Finally, at 26, she may have actually lost the dreaded ‘McMaster the Disaster’ nickname that has followed her around her whole life.

Josie’s quite content to be single, much to her mother’s disappointment. So when a bizarre contest is announced where a socialite is holding a lottery to pick her bridesmaids (and rake in a little extra cash), she can’t roll her eyes fast enough, even if it does mean meeting Jake Hall, her one and only movie star crush. Obviously, Josie doesn’t enter the bridesmaid lottery, so you can imagine her surprise when her picture pops up among the winners, thanks to Mom. With a little prodding -- okay bribing -- Josie agrees to participate.

The wedding turns into the event of the year, and Josie finds herself in the middle of a paparazzi feeding frenzy, which gets even crazier after Jake Hall takes a special interest in her.

Can Josie handle the pressure in the spotlight? Is it possible she might really have a chance with Jake Hall? And if she’s busy worrying about all that, how in the heck is she going to keep ‘McMaster the Disaster’ from showing up in front of the entire world?

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Book Name Bridesmaid Lotto
Genre Fiction & Literature
Language English
E-Book Size 256 KB

Bridesmaid Lotto (Rachel Astor) Book Reviews 2024

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Good book but grammar is a bit off. Loved the book, it was fun and a good fantasy but the grammar errors were rather annoying.

Cute story. Very sweet story and fun characters!

This was a great read.. I read it a while ago, but I really loved the storyline. It had cute characters and definitely was able to sway my emotions as a reader. Every now and then there were cliché bits that made me roll my eyes and character freak-outs that seemed to unrealistic and annoying, but really, what book doesn't? I would absolutely read it again, and hey! It's free!

Poorly Written. Poorly written.

Such an amazing book. I had so much fun reading this. I laughed, chuckled, felt the chemistry between Josie and jake and loved even the drama. It was so well written and realistic. I enjoyed every word and every page.

The Bridesmaid Lotto. This book is so good I finished it in a week it is that good you have to read it for yourself. I can't wait to get other books.

Bridesmaid Lotto. Really enjoyed this book, the writer really has a good sense of humor and she used it really well . Look forward to reading the second half to the story

Disappointed. This book seemed to be written by a day dreaming 13 year old seeking fame. The book was so incredibly unrealistic that it was laughable. Very disappointed.

Middle school writing. Just no it is quite an immature writing

Fun and Romantic. Great read from the first paragraph. Funny, romantic, sweet and kooky. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. A winner!!!!!!

Good book, real to life characters. I felt the book was good with real to life characters and I could definitely relate to Josie. I became really engrossed and could not put it down. With that being said, there were some down sides. I felt the writing was a bit corny at times and the editing was terrible. I found several grammatical errors and at times the book did not stick to the timeline or characters in the book. And I was very surprised at the end that it was a cliffhanger. But it did what it wanted. It made me purchase the next book in the series because I have to know what happens to Josephine the Disaster.

Bridesmaid lotto. The book was good, except it had a few adult topics in it (strippers, drinking, sex, etc.) and the summary didn’t mention anything about that. There also isn’t any clarification saying that the book has any rating or is for a specific demographic. Besides that it was a good read. I would give it a five if it weren’t for those not-so-minor setbacks. Also yes, the grammar is a bit off but I didn’t mind. The only real problem is what I mentioned above. But overall the book was great, besides the things mentioned. Great story and likable characters. By the way, if I were to give it my personal rating for what demographic should read this, I’d say it is good for people at about high school age, maybe 10th. Also a great read for when you feel lazy and want to read something in the middle of the night. But just want to say this isn’t a book for young readers (5th-7th). If you think otherwise that’s cool. This is just my personal speculation. No hate to the author. Really enjoyed the book. Since the Ibook app didn’t specify what demographic this book is made for, I could’ve just wasted my time here writing a freaking essay about a book (lol 😂) sorry for wasting your time.

Brodesmaid Lotto. It is a good book. Do read it!!!

A tad bit juvenile. The whole book I was screaming at this girl to get some self esteem and some confidence. The book read like a teenage or young adult novel. She kept talking about high school like it wasn’t over a decade ago for her. The concept was good and I actually enjoyed to plot. I was just looking for more of a mature read.

Cute chic book, funny and entertaining. I liked it, clever but predictable. The plot didn't have a lot of turns, but it was enjoyable . I will buy book 2

Cheesy but cute.... Easy read, good for a young reader... Nothing complicated about it. It didn't keep me guessing, i felt like i knew what was coming. Overall it was cute and i will read the next one.

Bridesmaid Lotto. Light, breezy and sweet.

Predictable but cute. Cliched story of plain Jane finding inner beauty and handsome actor subsequently falling for her. Basic plot but decent writing. Nice for a quick, easy read.

Bridesmaids lottery. Enjoyed this very much. Cute.

Fabulous Read!. I loved this book! One of the few books that have actually made me laugh from beginning to end! A few typos but otherwise a great intro to Rachel Astor. Great read!

Hilarious. I gave this book 4 stars cause I wanted more but I'll have to buy the next book to get more on the adventures of Josie. I would love to get the address of the shop with the pink door. I wonder if they carry clothes in plus size? Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I laughed a lot and I cringed and cried with Josie. I'd recommend this book to everyone. .

What happens next?. So although Josie annoyed me at times, with how much of a victim she made herself out to be and how she just stumbled into continuous trouble I couldn't help but wonder what happened next. Entertaining with many funny scenes ... Mattie was my fave!!!

Loved! Loved! Loved this book!!. I absolutely loved everything about this book! So surreal and real all at the same time. I just wish I had the money to buy the whole series. Now I'm going to be wondering if Jake is the celebrity she will be ghost writing for. Awesome book!!!

Bridesmaid Lotto. What a disappointment!! I expected this book to be a self-contained story. I was very disappointed when it ended with the tale incomplete. I will not continue the series.

Loved it!. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. You never knew what was going to happen next. Every time I opened it up to read it it had me smiling! Thank You for a good read!

Such a fun read!. A quick fun read! Couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the story and can't wait to read the next book in the series. Fun to live vicariously through the character. Fairytale type story.

Fantastic!. Love this book! Josie & Jake's story is one you won't put down until the last word is read. Can't wait for the next in this series!

Bridesmaid Lottery. It was alright. Real easy reading... a bit kitchy at times. Ending not what I expected. Seemed unfinished, but set up to continue in the next book.

Bridesmaids Lotto. Such a lively story,so funny I couldn't put it down had to know the whole story so it only lasted me a half of the day. Can't wait to read the next book in the McMaster Disaster series. Thanks it was a really good story. I enjoyed it. This author knows how to weave a story.

Bridesmaid Lotto. Cute little read...enjoyed.

"Junk Food" book. Shallow characters. Sloppy editing with several typos.

Good. Flow and some grammar was off but a good story!!! Would read the series again!!!

Love the title. Can’t wait to continue reading more books by this author. I enjoyed this story. Easy reading. Kept my interest and couldn’t wait until I finished the book.

Bridesmaid Lotto. This was a fun book to read, but there were way too many clerical errors in it. Doesn't a proof reader exists anymore?

Bouncy Romance. Not the usual run-of-the-mill lady meets rich hunk. I loved the inventive disaster diary. And the bridesmaid lottery was well written too. The nasty model and the hanger on was nice touch. Jane Baddoo

BridesMaid Lotto. A very entertaining read. This is the first time I have downloaded a book from the Internet, However it will continue to intrigue me to Look for other great books.

Bridesmaid Lotto. This was a cute book but it was the kind of book that you always want to skip pages and get to the good part. I did buy the other two books that went along with this book to see what happens with Josie.

Great romantic comedy!. Loved the story line! I couldn't put my e-book down once I started reading it. Can't wait to start the second book of the trilogy!!! 😃

Cute book, but..... Very shallow plot. There were certainly no major conflicts, it's an easy read too. It did keep my attention and I enjoyed reading it, but if you want some drama, conflict, or serious romance, this isn't the book for you. The characters are well developed, however the typos were annoying.

Too many typos. It’s just disappointing

McMaster the Diaster. Fun romp with a few twists, turns and tears‼️‼️‼️Ready for the next two books in the series - CAN'T wait‼️‼️‼️

Loved it. I absolutely loved the humor and romance in this book! Going out and getting the second one in the series tonight!

Bridesmaid Lori. Get ready to laugh. Enjoy a few hours of romance, giggles, with a light hearted story of maybe real life is funnier than we think.

I hate cliffhangers. Wouldn't have read this book if I knew the story was incomplete...bah

So cute!. What a whirlwind! Cute easy read! I enjoyed it very much.

Typos Galore. Was surprised at how badly the book was edited.

Bridesmaids lotto.. Great read.has everything, humor, betrayal, strong friendships. Easy read. It does hold your attention.

LOVE!!!!. I absolutely loved this series. I could not put it down. I would really like to know what happens to Jake, Josie friends and their family!!!

Nice plot line. I liked the fun plot line and the down to earth Josie but the love story fell flat. There wasn’t really any romance and the “love scenes” are rated G. The plot twist was pretty transparent and left with me with very monotone emotions.

Bad end. It was a good book, I couldn't stop reading it but then the end was so disappointing, who was the book about??

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An enjoyable read. A real page turner, I can't wait to read the second book.

Bridesmaid lotto. An entertainingly witty free book. A good read.

Good read. A relaxing summer read. Not spectacular or anything, not even that memorable, just nice for passing some time.

Bridesmaid Lotto. I'm sorry but I was disappointed with this read. It was boring & predictable. I probably managed a few grins throughout but that was all. No story line and a bit pointless. I would of wanted a refund if I had paid for it! Sorry!!

Fantastic. Really enjoyed this book, didn’t want it to end ! Great read !

Hilarious book. I can relate so much to the ditsy nature of Josie. Such a heartfelt and hilarious story brilliant start to a trilogy

Love this book!. This book as a great read;well written with good relatable characters

Corny. I know some books are like unrealistic but they are at least a little realistic this book is very exaggerated but it was quite funny I like her friend stylist

Good stuff!. Really enjoyed this book, good story had me laughing out loud in some parts, shame it ends so suddenly. Will definitely be getting the next one.

Bridesmaid lotto. Very entertaining, good read

Couldn't put it down!. Lighthearted and fun to read. Read it in a matter of days! Loved it from start to finish

Awesome. This book was sooooo good, I read after reading 50 shades, bared to you and haven of obedience so I wanted something different... I really really loved this book Can't wait to read the next part

Good pick. A light hearted read and predictable but enjoyable.

Brill. Loved this did not put it down till I finished

Amazing, funny. I could not put this down once I started... absolutely loved it, read it in a day haha definitely recommendation ********** stars fe me. X

Absolutely brilliant book. This book was fantastic I love the books that you can picture yourself as the main character this book was one of them thank you so much for writing this book very very enjoyable. This book is full of ups and downs you love some of the characters and you'd love to be some of them I loved the book from start to finish and I'm glad I found it its a must read for sure :-)

Bridesmaid lotto. Loved it could not put it down it made me laugh a lot I was surprised about Carla .

Page Turner!. I couldn't put this down. A great read and the best thing is that there are more in the 'series' to read. Downloading no 2 now! A new 'favourite author' to add to my collection!

Loved it. One of my favourites books ever Just wish the second one in the series was free too

A charming & funny - pure escapism - easy page turner. I found myself laughing out loud to some of the parts in this book it was a very entertaining read. If you like your escapism supplied by a slightly implausible story line Like a modern day fairy tale this is the book for you! An easy page turner & lighthearted read. You know that 'Just one more chapter' thing - yeah, I had a bit of that with this book. You too may find you end up loosing sleep over as you read into the night!

OMG!!!!!. Such a good read! Had me giggling in some bits. Really good story progress. Absolutely loved all characters.

👍 awesome. Really good book. Had me going along with the characters, making me laugh and feel for Josie. 5*

Miss. Amazinggggggggggggggggg can't wait to read the next two books :D

Love it. I read this in one day and can't wait to get the next one x

<3 <3 <3. Short and sweet!! Bought the other books too!! X

Bridesmaid Lotto. I got this book based on the reviews, and enjoyed it so much I downloaded the series...............hilarious with some sad moments!

Boring and predictable. Sorry but this book is bad, so boring and the characters are not believable. Feeling the author wrote this in a hurry.

Bridesmaid Lotto. 5 Stars What a fantastic book to read, I was hooked from start to finish and it made me laugh / smile quite a few times and there were times in which I would stay up just to see what would happen next... I've just paid to read, the second edition and I recommend that you read this book as you will enjoy it just like I have...

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Fun little slice of life story.. Not the best written or the most complex characters however the story was fun, uplifting and enjoyable.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. So easy to read and I will definitely be finishing the series!!!!

Book turned in to a disaster. A solid ending is definitely what was missing.. I understand that there will be more in the series but there was such an anticlimax.. Very disappoint in where book ended after persevering for so long- good story line, bad ending..

Love it. So dreamy and beautiful

Love it! Love it!. So funny and entertaining. I couldn't put it until the last page. I definitely will get the whole trilogy :-)

Awesome. Loved it, finished the series - perfect

Bridesmaid lotto. Easy read ..great summer reading

Bridesmaid lotto. Easy to read

Poor writing. Not 10 pages in, the line “that I was a junior copywriter for” tells you all you need to know about this writer’s / editor’s prowess. A writer, writing as a writer, should know basic sentence structure. You can have a cute plot and likeable characters, but sloppy writing is clunky and distracting.

BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ !. its so sweet and lets your imagination run wild anything can happen. In the mean time you might just fid the love of your life

👍. Great exciting read!!!

Bridesmaid Lotto. Exactly what you'd expect though disappointing with the amount of errors within - more like reading a first or second draft. More of a surface scratcher than anything too deep but a very easy read.....

Thankfully it was free. Not desperately bad, but not good either. Predictable and a little boring at times. Looking at it now, there was a real disconnect with the characters and even the story at times. It was all written there... Just didn't make me feel any of it (did like the basics of Matty tho). Oh, and then the end was just annoyingly left hanging so that you'd buy the next book... But you know what? Me - who could be argued as the most obsessively curious reader - doesn't even have the slightest urge to even get the sample to get the basics of the next book. Just not interested :/

Awful. What poorly written, contrived, predictable garbage this book was. I'm so glad I paid nothing for it, as that's all it's worth.

Unbelievable. Amazing book! This is a steal at this price.. Can't wait for more from this author! I'm in love

Bit of a let-down. Where was the editor?! The book had potential to be really interesting but the drama side was incredibly weak and lazy. Great concept on the whole but told in a pretty boring and anticlimactic way.

Bridesmaid lotto. Nice book can't wait for the next one...

Hilarious!. Hilarious story, can't wait for the next one!

Bridesmaid Lotto. Fantastic novel. Loved the storyline and characters. Could not put it down.Looking forward to reading more.

Loved it. Light hearted and funny, a good quick read just to clear the head , story line stayed upbeat and kept me interested and wanting to finish the story.

Loved it. I loved this story. Fantastically funny, with interesting characters and storyline, it kept me entertained until the very end. I can’t wait to read more in this series.

Amazing. At first the title seemed… lets just say it was different But the more I read the more I couldn’t put it down It was Avery fun playfully romantic book I just wished they came in a box set Still waiting for more books! Keep at it ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Boring. Couldn't be bothered to finish it.

Bridesmaid lotto. This book is pretty basic and predictable. I wouldn't bother with it if you're considering buying it.

Ok. This book wasn't what I was expecting. There was very little intimacy between Josie and Jake so the chemistry and connection between them wasn't really coming across. It dragged on a bit too. I won't be downloading the sequel :-(

. Amazing!! Such a good read!!!

Ms. I couldn't put this book down, wanting to know what Josie would stumble into next! Found myself having a chuckle at her antics and thoughts, so much so I immediately bought the second book in the Trilogy! Can hardly wait to start reading and look forward to exploring other books by my new fav author. Enjoy!

Good lighthearted fun. Turn your brain off and enjoy. Put on a cuppa, sit the kids in front of the telly and put your feet up, this book is easy reading for a few minutes of pure escapism.

Nicely written. Good read, characters a little one dimensional but good easy read.

Average. Disliked all of the stereotypes! There was the chatty and dimwitted country gal, the egotistical model and finally the dramatic fashionista gay friend :/ and agree about the poor ending

Fun Read. Fun, light hearted, easy to read 'RomCom' A little disappointed with the sudden ending. But cannot wait for the next installment, so I guess it's served it's purpose. Oh, & I read it in one night, just could not put it down.

Hilarious!! A page turner.. Greatly funny. I couldn't put it down. Some of the scenes are so funny I literally laughed out loud. AND as for characters I WANT SOMEONE LIKE 'Mattie' as a friend. I certainly love have more of the Disaster series.

Just fun!!. Sometimes u need a book where u don't have to think, u can just enjoy!! Have downloaded the second book already!

Brides made lotto. It is a very good book. It’s about a girl called Josie getting chosen in a lotto to date a movie star Jake hall. They both are desperately in love. I rate it 4 out of 5 as it’s a great book but it’s not suitable for the ages it’s written for. I love it! 🙂🙂🙂

Wanna know what happens next. Great book!!!

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Awful. I really don't see what other people liked about this book. I felt I was reading a book addressed to pre-teens. Bad story line and the characters were under developped! Sorry but I really didn't enjoy this book at all!

AWESOME!!!!!!. One of the BEST books I have EVER read couldn't put the book down;)

unique!. I really enjoyed this book. I can't believe it was free. Well-written and well-edited. Different and interesting story as well as relatable characters and situations.

AN AMAZING BOOK. Full of laughs and was greatly written this was one of those books that makes you laugh out loud ! I really enjoyed it and right after I finished it I bought the second book !!!

Kept me up!. I read this book till i finished it! It was an amazing book and i couldnt put it down. I want to read more of her books.. But i dont have any money :/ SUCH A GREAT AUTHOR THOUGH!! :D

Good but predicable. This was a quick read and a sweet book. I wasn't overly impressed with the storyline, however the writing was good and the pace was fast. Josie seems to be an average girl with some extraordinary luck, both good and bad. I'm interested to see where this series goes in the next book.

Worst book ever!!. Badly written, slow paced with no character development.

Lame. OMG- he’s a famous star and I can’t believe he wants to date me. How did I ever get chosen? Didn’t find it funny or witty. Don’t recommend!

Not too bad. I enjoyed the light read but found the grammatical and spelling errors to be a distraction.

Loved it!!!!!. Awesome book! Can't wait to read the sequel!! I still can't believe this was free.

I LUVV THIS BOOK!!!!. I really enjoyed reading it! :) It's really funny and one of the BEST books ever. Can't wait to read the next book. :D

Bridesmaid Lotto. Fantastic book!

Should be a movie!. The perfect romantic comedy! Enjoyed every page!

Like a free sample of chick lit crack. I can't believe this book was free. So funny, like a farting Bridget jones. I read it all in one go. Now I know why it was free, I'm going to have to buy all her other books!! :)

Fun, fluffy read. I enjoyed this book. It's a mindless romp. A little 90210 but lighter. Glad to have something fun to read as a quick escape.

Very decent. So it's not the best writing in the world, but the storyline is cute and it has all the makings of a good chick book. Funny, light read. Very enjoyable.

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Summary of Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor

The Bridesmaid Lotto book written by Rachel Astor was published on 10 April 2011, Sunday in the Fiction & Literature category. A total of 5,524 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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