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In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware Book Summary


An NPR Best Book of the Year * An Entertainment Weekly Summer Books Pick * A Buzzfeed “31 Books to Get Excited About this Summer” Pick * A Publishers Weekly “Top Ten Mysteries and Thrillers” Pick * A Shelf Awareness Best Book of the Year * A BookReporter Summer Reading Pick * A New York Post “Best Novels to Read this Summer” Pick * A Shelf Awareness “Book Expo America 2015 Buzz Book” Pick

What should be a cozy and fun-filled weekend deep in the English countryside takes a sinister turn in Ruth Ware’s suspenseful, compulsive, and darkly twisted psychological thriller.

Sometimes the only thing to fear…is yourself.

When reclusive writer Leonora is invited to the English countryside for a weekend away, she reluctantly agrees to make the trip. But as the first night falls, revelations unfold among friends old and new, an unnerving memory shatters Leonora’s reserve, and a haunting realization creeps in: the party is not alone in the woods.

In a Dark, Dark Wood (Ruth Ware) Book Reviews

Don't waste your moneyI've never actually written a book review, but this book was so bad, I thought I should..Score: 1/5

I’m not a reader and I loved this bookI’m usually not a huge reader, but I was on vacation and decided to grab this book for the beach. I ended up finishing it the first day because I couldn’t put it down!!.Score: 5/5

Good, not great.It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I like the mysteriousness of it, but it felt a little drawn out. I found myself getting bored with it from time to time. However, I liked the characters a lot, and the ending was somewhat satisfying..Score: 4/5

SO GOODThe suspense you never knew you needed! Quick read and so so good..Score: 5/5

It was okayThe storyline was very predictable. I pretty much had it guessed by the first chapter. However, it was still a decent read. Overall, not bad. I enjoyed the writing and learning about the characters. Wish there was a little more depth to the storyline..Score: 3/5

In a Dark Dark WoodDefinitely a good good read. Would highly recommend it. Lots of twists and turns, a true page turner. The Ouija board and séance scene may have not really served a true purpose in the actual story. But I would still download it for sure..Score: 4/5

Good premise that eventually falls apart...The premise of “In A Dark, Dark Wood” captured the imagination… and the slow-burn of the first half was great. However, the story falls apart when the motivations are revealed for both the protagonist and the antagonist. There’s a brief political statement that made my eyes roll, and then they kept rolling for the second half. Sprinkle on a little Deus Ex Machina for the otherwise illiterate, and wham-o, you have a best-seller. (Had the political statement been excised and the reverberations surrounding the issue been more consequential, the motivations would not have been as forced). — Not trying to be cryptic, just spoiler-free. There was enough in this book that I’ll return to Ruth Ware again to see how her talent develops. However, if the motivations for her characters continue to require a disassociation with character development and dramatic purpose, then I won’t become a dedicated reader of hers..Score: 3/5

Great ReadThis book is amazing !!!! Great read I actual read her second book first and thought that was amazing as well and had to read her first can't wait for her next book to come out !!!.Score: 5/5

Good for a rainy dayThe plot and characters were too contrived to be believable, the storytelling doesn't require a lot of mental energy on the part of the reader, nor does it have any surprising twists to make it the next Gone Girl, but it kept me reading through my relaxing, do-nothing weekend. It was a perfect guilty-pleasure page turner..Score: 3/5

PAGE TURNER!!This was certainly a total page turner. Good plot line, kept me on the edge of my seat and wanted to get to the end of the book. Can’t wait to read more books by Ruth Ware!!.Score: 5/5

Disappointing endingThis book was a page turner definitely. However, I found the ending disappointing. I also felt mislead by the reviewers..Score: 4/5

Decent !This was a decent read. I think the type of it all kind of ruined it for me, but it was ok nonetheless. I don't like how it ended. The last sentence.. Cliffhanger?? Really?.Score: 3/5

Dragged Out, But Good EndingHad a hard time getting into this book, but twist that unfold at the end made finishing the book well worth it..Score: 3/5

Drama thrillerI loved it. Sure in the beginning it was much slower but you still can’t put it down. The end had me going nuts! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Did not expect it at all. If you like drama then this is it for you. No it’s not horror thriller dont expect that..Score: 4/5

Fragile female narrator strikes againI probably would have loved this book when I was in 5th grade, but sadly I’m 39 years old and just could not care about the characters, and mostly just waited for the overblown, bloated drama to be over. The narrator was pathetically fragile and annoying, and the romantic “twist” seemed like the day dreaming of a 12 year old..Score: 1/5

Good Who Done It drama (for girls)Not predictable. Vastly different characters. Can’t really imagine such an odd highschoolish bachelorette party, but it worked with the storyline..Score: 5/5

Ridiculously predictableSadly predictable, elementary writing. Colossal waste of $10 and time..Score: 2/5

In A Dark,Dark WoodWell...I'm afraid I must agree with the reviewers who only gave this book a couple of stars. They pretty much summed up my opinion. Not very suspenseful and terribly repetitive as well as predictable. I didn't really care for most of the characters and the writing is not very impressive. I raced through a lot of it just to finish it and even skimming through a lot because of the repetition I didn't really miss anything important..Score: 2/5

SolidI read this cover to cover in one feast. Purchased at the airport and did not stop until the last page, which was turned 3 hours after the plane landed in beautiful Cabo San Lucas Mexico... literally. Ruth Ware... author crush..Score: 5/5

Had potential, ultimately disappointingI really wanted to like this book. But I just didn't. The first half of the book is lackluster. The main character, Leonora (aka Lee, Leo, and Nora) wasn't very likeable to begin with. In fact, none of the characters were. I found myself not caring who the victim of murder would be or why. There simply was no character attachment or bond built up. Each character was obnoxious in their own way. Nora had a high school sweetheart she hasn't gotten over 10 years later.... she gets invited to her ex HS best friends hen weekend (bachelorette party) at a glass house in the woods. Even though they haven't spoken in 10 years. Cue murder mystery. Towards the end, there's some suspense. But it quickly fizzled when I was able to accurately predict the rest of the story and the murderer. I really felt let down by this writer and this "who done it" novel. The writing also felt elementary at best and could have used more depth. Overall, it was a quick boring read and I would not recommend this book..Score: 2/5

Addictive!I really enjoyed this book. It was quite difficult to put down because every page made me want to keep going. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I also couldn’t say what other ending I would have found more satisfying. Overall, my disappointment in the ending didn’t make the overall experience less enjoyable. Check it out for yourself..Score: 5/5

In a dark, dark woodGreat book! Could not put it down..Score: 5/5

TwistedMy first time reading a Ruth Ware book. Know this got mixed reviews and I can see why. There are many reasons why I kept reading one I needed to know what happened. Two I was feeling this book. And the mystery behind these characters. I was definitely wrong about the plot twist. Which the author did that to throw us off. I would read another Ruth Ware book. Would I recommend yes I would. About book- Nora hasn’t seen or heard from her high school friend in ten years. Until she gets email that her friend is getting married and having a hen get together. And wants Nora to come. Nora is keeping a secret that she been holding onto for 10 years..Score: 4/5

It was...ok.Overall, the book was okay. Nothing spectacular. I didn’t feel connected to any of the characters and it was clear early on who was responsible for the incident. Felt more like a Lifetime Movie than a who-dun-it, but it wasn’t as awful as a lot of reviewers have suggested. Just...predictable. Which is fine. Not every book is going to take your breath away. And, but for the weird and out of place political statement about halfway through, it was enjoyable. Still that political statement made me like the main character even less, which probably wasn’t the effect the writer was going for. In fact, considering the leap the writer expects us to take in believing that the main character remains somewhat traumatized by a 10 year old breakup, it’s especially incredulous that the character also take the position the writer obviously supports with regard to the political statement. Btw, I’m not addressing the merits of the political statement, just the disconnect it has with the actual character. But sometimes a writer is completely unable to let go of their personal feelings, even when it flies in the face of character development. I might give her next book a go, but if that happens again, it’ll be my last go. Sorry for being so cryptic, but trying to explain without ruining the book for you..Score: 2/5

So predictableThe only thing " scary" about this book was how predictable it was..Score: 1/5

Good read, tho transparentFigured out the killer pretty early on. But still very entertaining read..Score: 4/5

Great readLoved it! Easy read, with well developed characters..Score: 5/5

BoringSo boring. So so so boring..Score: 1/5

Completely predictable, not at all thrillingI am still unable to understand any of the "reviews" plastered to the front of this book or inside it's cover in stores. The story was so predictable, I knew what was coming a third of the way in, nearly to the letter, and certainly halfway in. Nothing was thrilling about it because of its predictability. I also found nothing about the main character compelling and felt no empathy for her background or the resulting tale. An absolute disappointment and a shame to waste with a bestseller label. Save your money..Score: 1/5

Decent mysteryDecent enough mystery, but too much unbelievable crap that goes on in the telling of it..Score: 3/5

Good if a little predictableGood story but a bi5 predictable.Score: 3/5

Long resolutionWhy are all her conclusions SO UNBEARABLY LONG?.Score: 3/5

PredictableThis book was too predictable and simple for me. I don't like that it's been compared to gone girl- which has much more complex characters, better writing, and a surprising plot..Score: 2/5

Pretty GoodIt was good and kept me interested and was a page turner. I have read better though! The plot twist wasn’t very “shocking” though..Score: 4/5

Approved!!Overall, the book was a good one! Personally I don’t think it was WOOOOW but i did enjoy reading it! At first, without giving any spoilers away it did take a while to hook my attention. I was a little disappointed at first because i felt like it was giving me nothing to hang on too. Once I reached chapter 7 and on things immediately got wayyyyy better! Then, the last chapter has you feeling like hmmmmm? That’s it? But, nonetheless it was a good book. If you like suspense and mystery then this is the book for you. I love how the author describes things and makes you feel a certain type of away as you’re reading. You can really visualize it and feel it!.Score: 4/5

MehIt left me wanting the ending to better and it just fell flat..Score: 2/5

Okay had a lot of potentialGood book thought it would be more of a psychological thriller. Could not put it down though, not because it was so good but cause I wanted to find out ending.Score: 4/5

Full of twistsLoved every page!.Score: 5/5

Page turnerCould not put it down. Really loved this one. Suspenseful..Score: 5/5

Predictable story, over-the-top use of profanityIf you don’t like the “f” word, don’t waste your money. I think the author used it to fill up space And due to lack of imagination. The story was predictable as well (I figured out “whodunnit” and why half way through the book). The writing murky in places..Score: 1/5

Couldn’t put it downThis was the first Ruth Ware book I read, and I couldn’t put it down. Once I finished it, I immediately got the first book of hers I could find at a borders. Favorite author now!.Score: 5/5

Is this book supposed to be scary?I was overwhelmingly bored by this book. For something that's chocked up to be so scary you should read it "with the lights on", I was surprised that I could count only five things that were at all unnerving within the first 3/4 of the book. If anything, this should be labeled a simple crime novel, even though the crime itself isn't really that interesting. The thing that annoyed me the most though, is that a big secret is dangled in front of your face for the whole novel, and when it's finally revealed, it is a huge let down. I'm completely over this book..Score: 2/5

Couldn’t put it down!!I read the reviews before I bought the book and a few of them said they had it figured out in the first chapter. I wasn’t sure about it until the end!! All my guesses ebbed and flowed throughout the whole book. I think everyone will enjoy this book and I’m definitely going to read some others by this author!! The writing was great!! Thanks for a great read XOXO, T. Mungary.Score: 5/5

IntenseI lost a whole day to this book it was that good. I loved the buildup of tension and the creepy setting. A must read before the movie comes out..Score: 5/5

Need a better endingI don’t know why everyone complains about the stories leading up to the end, but like the endings itself. My second book from this author and the stories are decent but the endings are bland..Score: 3/5

In a Dark Dark WoodGood read, hard to put down, lots of guessing who’s the bad guy..Score: 5/5

Highly RecommendI absolutely loved this novel. There is so much detail that went into this story; I truly enjoyed everything about this novel. Once you discover the ending and who did it, you realize the genius of Ware's writing. I also loved Ware's writing style; it was so clear when you switched timelines, yet both run so smoothly side by side..Score: 5/5

Must read!Great book! Keeps you guessing what will happen next, and it’s never what you expect. Great read!.Score: 5/5

Fun read, weak female leadI love the plots of Ware’s novels and I will continue to read them. So suspenseful with plenty of twists to keep you on your toes. However, she writes infuriatingly, almost unrealistically, weak female leads who are always throwing up or fainting or cowering at the least provocation. This weakness is often part of the flimsy premise that upholds the crux of the plot..Score: 4/5

Definitely reccomendAwesome book, very suspensful. Had me on the edge of my seat. Finished it in 3 days, really hard to put down. Would definitely reccomend!.Score: 5/5

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