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License to Date

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 625512694797786084
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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License to Date Book Summary

After discovering her fiancé cheated on her, Kaitlin is focused on two things: remodeling her new home and avoiding men at all costs. But her friends insist she get back in the driver’s seat and date again. They strike a hard bargain and agree to paint her house if she goes on five dates. 

Anxious to get the paint job started, Kaitlin schedules five dates in five days, but her plan falls to pieces when a sexy bartender at her venue-of-choice makes her swoon. Even though he observes each of the dates from afar, she can’t help but want him to come a little closer. 

The last person she should fall for is a mysterious bartender with a sinful smile, but Paul makes her want to take risks again. Will the charming man with electric blue eyes break her heart or will he prove to her that a license to date is what makes life worth the drive?

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License to Date Book Comments

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License to Date - Susan Hatler Book Reviews

  • Great (futuredoctorg)

    Great book!!!! I loved license to date!
  • License to Date (Flowersandbreezes)

    It’s a delightful book. Loved the story. My eyes were simply glued to the book till the very end. Shamim.
  • You won’t be able to put it down... seriously. (SassyCassie1998)

    I haven’t been able to finish one single book since high school when I was forced to and even then it was a struggle. I don’t particularly enjoy reading in my free time, but my husband started so I thought, why not. I picked a random book off the free list in iBooks and boy am I glad it was this one. Susan has written this book perfectly to draw you in and not let you want to stop.
  • License to Date (Marketing major)

    Great fun! Sweet daydream material. Looking forward to the series.
  • Loved it (EvansGirl24)

    A fun, light read. I loved the hero and found the book compelling enough to stay up late and see how it resolved. I like the author's writing style and that the book was suitable for young teen to adult! Highly recommended
  • License To Date (Olderheart)

    Lots of fun to read. Falling in love should not be complicated. I enjoyed the soft easy romance between Paul and Kaitlin.
  • Loved it! (jericho's girl)

    Strong characters and nicely-developed HEA. Enjoyed it a lot!
  • Such a great read! (awog)

    Kaitlin was heartbroken by a fiance who cheated on her, with her sister. She meets Paul number 2 - at the bar of her favorite martini. The name aside, his bright blue eyes make her insides melt and she thinks about kissing him. Paul, has moved back to Sacramento after his father died. He is trying to learn everything about the family business. And.... he moved to take care of his mom. Isn't that sweet? When he serves her and laughs along with her - he seems like the perfect guy. If Kaitlin were still into that sort of thing. She seems to see him in a different job each day. She only agreed to meet her dates at the hotel since her favorite drink is there. She makes a deal with her friends that she will date guys at least once. Then her friends promise after 5 dates, they will help with her new home. She figures free labor is worth it and makes the dates all for the same week. There are a few surprises coming her way. Some in the dates themselves, others in what she does on the date. Her friends, meanwhile, feel like the entertainment is payment. Can real love come out of all the looking? Good story. Best of the series so far, in my opinion. This is book # 6 in the Better Date Than Never series. ***This ARC copy was given free from and the publisher, for review purposes. My honest opinion does not reflect Netgalley, nor its affiliates.
  • Fun (TS131313)

    Really enjoyed the book.
  • License to Date (LadyOInVA)

    Fun, easy, quick read.

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