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Mark Greaney

Burner by Mark Greaney Book Summary

Court Gentry is caught between the Russian mafia and the CIA in this latest electrifying thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling Gray Man series.

When you kick over a rock, you never know what's going to crawl out. 
Alex Velesky is about to discover that the hard way. He's stolen records from the Swiss bank that employs him, thinking that he'll uncover a criminal conspiracy. But he soon finds that he's tapped into the mother lode of corruption. Before he knows it, he's being hunted by everyone from the Russian mafia to the CIA. 
Court Gentry and his erstwhile lover, Zoya Zakharova, find themselves on opposites poles when it comes to Velesky. They both want him but for different reasons. 
That's a problem for tomorrow. Today they need to keep him and themselves alive. Right now, it's not looking good.

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Book Name Burner
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Language English
E-Book Size 3.32 MB

Burner (Mark Greaney) Book Reviews 2024

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Great Book. Full on thriller and a real page turner. Enjoyed every page.

One of Greaney’s better yarns. This was a much better book than the last one that Mark Greaney did, not just shoot a them up, but an actual story with characters and character build.

Outstanding. Mark Greaney does it again with another phenomenal Gray Man book. The stakes have never been higher and the dangers have never been greater. There are faults and mistakes and it leaves you wanting the next book just as any good novel should.

Burner. A first class Gray Man thriller. I loved it!

Fabulous as usual. I have read most of his books. Just wonderful

Maybe the best of the series!. I’ve read every one. Great job Mark! Really enjoyed this one. Couldn’t put it down! Congrats!

Great book. Exciting fun intense book

Not terrible. Not best in series slow first half.

Burner. Outstanding read! Never put it down!

Great Read. I was ready to quit with One Minute Out but this story restored my faith!

Meh. Disappointing. Amateurish thinking by characters. (“A gas station might have cameras so let’s avoid them by walking through a Train Station.” Uhm, what?) Weak plot (Could have finished at chapter one by using FedEx, lol). I’ve enjoyed the previous Gray Man books, but I finally gave up half way though this one.

Burner. As an aspiring thriller writer, I feel like every single time I pick up a new Mark Greaney book that I’m sitting in graduate school, learning from the best. This book arcs with an intense mid book action sequence that leads to a twist and ends with another sequence. The point of view descriptions are superb. The vulnerability of Zoya is heartfelt and well done. It’s a great novel, and I can’t wait to read his next one!

Brilliant!. Another stellar addition to the series. Sooooo much better than the movie.

Disappointing and kind of … lazy.. This felt like Greaney phoned it in. Why not have Court go to Ukraine and tangle with the real bad guys? Velesky and Altman were weak characters. Just taking up space. The plot devices were lazy. Valesky could Fedex the phone to Altman. They could have met someplace other than his office. Altman has to go back to his office? Brewer just guesses it somehow? Luka happens to run into Alex and Zora? And every white American male is evil. I realize the author is cashing in big time, but must he go woke too? The pandering capitalization? The obvious bending over to what ends up being patronizing race pandering? The villains are forgettable. And even poor Zoya, who used to be a cold, sexy assassin is now a coked up alcoholic that hates the “African-American” superstar conscience of the CIA character — of course until Lacy saves her life. Realy Mark, is this the best you could do with the Ukraine war? A fight on a train and a fight in an airplane hanger covered in foam? Is Netflix really going to throw money away on this one too? Congrats on your luxury travel to St Lucia, Milan and NYC. I guess that’s a whole lot better than hanging out in Kiev or ‘Donbas to see what it’s like. So, you’ve kind of exploited what’s going on in Ukraine as you dine in luxury hotels in major cities “researching” this lazy book. But the crazy thing is, I’ll buy the next one too and find out if Zoya gets off the drugs. Shame on me.

Moonlight Collins I Lo. Technology

incomplete download. book ended at the end of chapter five! How do I get the rest of the book I paid for??

Fast paced thriller. A page turner as usual - just a little too wordy. As a result tended to skim. Yet the ending was most welcome!

Great as Always. Excellent. No filler!

Burner. Great read…intense…intricate…fast paced. One of author’s best yet!

Great book. Best one yet. Could not put it down. Outstanding

Phenomenal. Mark Greaney is the best author in the suspense genre and it’s not close. I don’t know how he continues to top his last book over and over but I’m here for it. I only wish we could figure out a way to clone him so he could get more than one a year. Best Gray Man movie yet and next year will be the same. Must read.

Wow !. What a ride. Gray Man rocks. Loved the story.

Great. Best one yet.

Burner. Mark Greaney. Non stop action from the first to last page!! Court Gentry, the Grey Man and Zoya Zakharova ex SVR agent are fighting for their lives against primarily Russian operatives and crookedCIA operatives. An excellent read!! My highest recommendation!!

2👍🏿👍🏿. Just love the gray man novels. You keep writing them and I’ll keep buying them. Excellent book could not put it down.

One of the best so far. Very enjoyable! Keep going!

Outstanding. Always a wild ride

Good one. One of the better stories of the series. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Another fabulous Greaney. Excellent, constant action, seriously good plot. The story is long and goof the whole way. Please give me more of these!

Burner. Excellent story and fast pace action that keeps you interested.

WOW!. Intense. Well written. My adrenaline rose and fell with this book.

Well done! Again. Great read keep it up!

Gray man is what America needs…. This book is & this series are at the top of every thriller fans list for a reason… this writer grabs you by the scruff of neck & drags you through the mud & the blood of gun fights fist fights set ups & take downs in every dark & dangerous corridor & back ally the world over! If the gray man is shooting it out with fanatical Syrian rebels or zipping through the back streets of Vietnam on a stolen motorcycle you sre right there dodging bullets with the smell & taste of cordite stinging your eyes & throat! Weather dressed to the nines working his cover to get right up close to a target in some fancy European Hotel to pulling off crazy unbelievable stunts to get his man or woman your there crapping your pants white knuckled the whole time! No matter the target no matter the odds if the grays man is involved he will see it through… in the dirt streets of Africa a tribesmen arrow in his shoulder gray man gets it done… Shot stabbed with multiple world class teams of killers on his back he’s still coming… Russian mob…? His own country & team just an every day struggle for the gray man & you are right there transported & glued to every word! I personally have lost whole nights sleep not being able to put these books down… and have gone so gar as with the last 3 to ordering the audio, and hard cover additions, before they come out! Cause This is a series I can go back to & enjoy again ! This writer truly deserves to be up there with Flynn & Clancy (May God rest their souls) plus other legends of this genre! Real Men & women who have fought against the evil this world has in the military, or police be it they work in intelligence or political areas the world over… the are on the pre order list when a gray man book is released ! Bookshelves were made for this kind of series and mine just got a new addition! If you dont know start anywhere in this series & like me you will be hooked! - a Gray man

The Gray Man does it again. GrEAT FAST PACED BOOK. WELL WORTH THE READ. \

Burner. Really enjoyed reading this book!! Skipped the long, detailed fights and graphic scenes demonstrating Court and Zoya as superheroes against incredible odds. Still loved the mission goals and underlying good versus bad decisions that reflect the end justifies the means ….. from destroying yachts to uncovering corruption in the highest places in governments all over the world. Money and power continue to corrupt, but may the good guys win!

Grayman is now blue. wow gray man has gone woke . He is now no longer a superstar shot and planner but more of a bumbling fool who has to rely on a black pacifist CIA woman to save the day. I get it he is not a superhero but come on , losing 2 guns within seconds of each other and not having backup plans? and to top it all off supporting the Ukraine narrative of the democrats. Was this actually written by Mark or a ghost writer ? it seems to be way off his pervious works

Burner. Oh MY Goodness- what a tremendous book- one of the best three books I have ever read. The two others are Point of Impact by Steven Hunter and Red Metal by this author Mark Greaney.

Great.. This was a great book. It was so exciting. I hated to see it end.

Fast page turning book. Never disappointed in his books. May be best of this series.

Mark Greaney is the very best author in his genre.  I’ve read the gray man series 3 times within a short period. They are freaking fantastic. Nothing comes close in this book is no exception.👍

Awesome. Great read.

Another Good One. I love the Gray Man books. They are fast-moving and keep you engaged with all the characters.

BEST ONE YET. I’ve read every Grayman book. The pacing and detail of Burner is outstanding, the best of the best. Can’t wait to see what happens to the new couple. Keep them coming Mark. I’m a huge fan.

A bombshell hit. This is one of the best yet. Superior writing leaps and bounds above Hallmark writers like Stewart Woods and all the ghosts writers trying to live off other great writers names. Hollywood better grab this one.

A little too easy.. Too close to a super hero story. Lacked engagement of previous books. Glad to see Brewer buy it, though.

Burner. As always a trip with Court Gentry is a downhill ski race fast furious with twists and turns.

Great Book. Loved that the Gray Man finally got some love in his life. Also appreciated the diversity of characters in the book.

Classic Gray Man. Once again, Court Gentry is working off book for the CIA. Greaney does well tying in the current Russian war, and also does well portraying how corrupt Brewer is. The ending, as usual, is spectacular!

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Summary of Burner by Mark Greaney

The Burner book written by Mark Greaney was published on 21 February 2023, Tuesday in the Mysteries & Thrillers category. A total of 2,892 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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