Sundown on Top of the World

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Sundown on Top of the World Book Summary

A 2016 Whistler Independent Book Award finalist.

Former homicide investigator Hunter Rayne follows the white lines northward on the Alaska Highway, but a truck breakdown forces him to take an unscheduled stop in Whitehorse, Yukon, where he had been stationed as a rookie cop. While his Freightliner is awaiting repairs, Hunter and fellow driver, Dan (Sorry) Sorenson, kill time with a side trip to bush Alaska where a chance meeting with a young Alaskan woman awakens his interest in a baffling cold case. A reclusive trapper and his young girlfriend disappeared from a bloody cabin 25 years before, leaving their sled dogs chained outside.

Reawakened memories of his past coupled with a recent murder find Hunter back in investigative mode with the blessings of Whitehorse RCMP boss Bartholomew Sam, son of a shaman and Hunter's old friend. He finds himself searching the banks of the mighty Yukon River for a tough old bush woman who may hold the key to more than one bloody death. It's a vivid reminder that the breathtaking beauty of the northern wilderness camouflages its brutal indifference to human life.

This is the fourth novel in the Highway Mysteries series of character-driven traditional mysteries in a uniquely North American setting.

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Sundown on Top of the World Book Comments

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Sundown on Top of the World - RE Donald Reviews

  • Loved it

    By Rooster2244
    I loved reading about the Yukon. Would like to visit. Can't wait to read the next book.
  • Sundown on Top of the World

    By MamaG 79
    Although this story was very well written and I would have given it a high rating, I would never have purchased the book if I had known how many times the F word was used in her writing. It may be true that there are a lot of people out there who speak the way she had her characters speak, but I believe they are not in the majority. R.E.Donald would be wise to realize that her writing is good enough that she doesn't need that kind of trash talk to make it acceptable.
  • A fantastic read

    By Lemonlvr
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Not at all predictable, and that med it even better!
  • North to Alaska

    By Maamc
    Reading this book reminded me of the stories my daughter brought home each Fall when she returned from Alaska--a college student earning her own way. The lives of women are as tough as described, but make for a strong woman who can handle just about anything life throws her way. On my bucket list, I hope one day soon to see Alaska; in the meantime I loved this ride.
  • No thanks

    By Academy 3
    There was an Fword first few pages in. No thanks
  • If you like adventure

    By The ozarks
    Absolutely fabulous adventure and mystery in the Yukon. The story takes place on the border of Canada and Alaska along the Alaskan highway. The mystery of a cold case from 1972 still plagues a retired Royal Canadian detective who now is a long haul trucker. The cast of characters are so well developed that you feel immersed in their lives. Crusty bush dwellers, a biker, and women living in the harsh wilderness are part of the trucker/detective's curious world. This is not a quick read but I couldn't put it down.
  • Great characters and a compelling story

    By scottaw66
    I took a break from reading Alan Turing: the Enigma to read this one. That's not unusual for me — I often punctuate the reading of long books with intermissions of shorter, easier material. I like the characters and the pacing of this story quite a bit. You can tell when an author knows what it's like to live and think and experience things by how they flesh out their people realistically. Interesting storylines are, of course, essential, but never make up for people that feel contrived or unbelievable. This is a mystery/police/detective novel at heart, but it should also appeal to those who don't necessarily love the genre, thanks to the ability of the author to tell stories about people.
  • Sundown on top of the world

    By lee dickerson
    It will take a betterman then me to put down a RE Donald book. Thanks for writing them

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