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Insatiable is an American dark comedy-drama streaming television series created by Lauren Gussis, starring Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan. It is based on the 2014 New York Times article "The Pageant King of Alabama" by Jeff Chu. The first season premiered on Netflix on August 10, 2018. In September 2018, the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on October 11, 2019. In February 2020, Netflix cancelled the series after two seasons. Plot Patty Bladell is a teenager who was constantly bullied in school for being overweight. After being on a liquid diet for three months over summer vacation because of a violent run in with a homeless man, she is now thin and seeks revenge on her bullies. A disgraced civil lawyer and obsessed beauty pageant coach, Bob Armstrong, notices Patty's potential and sets out to turn her into a beauty queen. Cast and characters Main Dallas Roberts as Robert "Bob" Armstrong Jr. Debby Ryan as Patricia "Patty" Bladell Christopher Gorham as Robert "Bob" Barnard Sarah Colonna as Angie Bladell Erinn Westbrook as Magnolia Barnard Kimmy Shields as Nonnie Thompson Michael Provost as Brick Armstrong Irene Choi as Dixie Sinclair Alyssa Milano as Coralee Huggins-Armstrong Arden Myrin as Regina Sinclair (season 2; recurring season 1)Recurring Daniel Kang as Donald Choi Chloe Bridges as Roxy Buckley Beverly D'Angelo as Stella Rose Buckley Jordan Gelber as Sheriff Hank Thompson James Lastovic as Christian Keene (season 1; guest season 2) Christine Taylor as Gail Keene Michael Ian Black as Pastor Mike Keene Carly Hughes as Etta Mae Barnard Ashley D. Kelley as Deborah "Dee" Marshall Alex Landi as Henry Lee (season 2) Vincent Rodriguez III as Detective Rudy Cruz (season 2) Caroline Pluta as Heather Kristina Pamela Kendall Jackson Johnson (season 2) Brett Rice as Robert Armstrong Sr. Jon Lovitz as Father Schwartz Robin Tunney as Brandylynn Huggens Drew Scheid as Gary / Kid William Baldwin (season 1) / Dana Ashbrook (season 2) as Gordy Greer Gloria Diaz as Gloria Reyes (season 2) Tommy Dorfman as Jonathan (season 2) Katherine Manchester as Becky (season 2) Shannon DeVido as Shannon (season 2) Lance Bass as Brazen Moorehead (season 2) Lucius Baston as Warden Winters (season 2)Episodes Season 1 (2018) Season 2 (2019) Production A pilot for the series was ordered by The CW, but passed on before Netflix picked up the series. The series was filmed in Newnan, Georgia. Season 2 was filmed from early-March 2019 to late-June 2019. Season 2 only consisted of 10 episodes, compared to 12 episodes in the first season. On February 14, 2020, the series was cancelled after two seasons. Release On July 19, 2018, the trailer for the series was released. The first season of Insatiable premiered on Netflix on August 10, 2018. Marketing On July 10, 2018, Netflix released the first teaser and the first images from the series. Controversy Prior to the show's release, The Guardian reported on July 24, 2018, that over 100,000 people had signed an online petition on Change.org started on July 20, 2018, calling for Netflix to cancel Insatiable, accusing it of "fat shaming". Lauren Gussis, the show's creator, defended the show, saying it was based on her own experiences as a teenager. Alyssa Milano stated on Twitter, "We are not shaming Patty .. We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat-shaming." As of August 27, 2018, the petition had over 230,000 signatures. Reception The series received an approval rating of 11% based on 56 reviews, with an average rating of 2.68/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. The site's critic consensus reads: "Broad stereotypes, clumsy social commentary, and a failed attempt at wokeness make Insatiable hard to swallow." Metacritic reported a score of 25 out of 100 for the series, based on 15 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable" reviews.In negative reviews, Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter called the series "trite", "unfunny", and "a hot bloated mess", while Jen Chaney from Vulture called it "an equal opportunity trainwreck" replete with bad jokes about rape and pedophilia, and offensive stereotypes of African-Americans, Christians, Southerners and gay people.Reviewer Linda Holmes of NPR said the show willfully misunderstood the realities of fat-shaming and the concerns of fat people like herself; arguing that being fat should be respected and treated with kindness: "Let me assure you: It is not satire. Insatiable is satire in the same way someone who screams profanities out a car window is a spoken-word poet."Writer Roxane Gay called the show "lazy" and "insulting" in a Refinery29 piece, saying "Insatiable's greatest sin is that it suffers from a profound lack of imagination. The show cannot imagine that a straight man could truly love pageants and mentoring young women and be secure in his masculinity, or that a young lesbian could love herself enough to not fall in love with her straight best friend, or that a fat girl could be happy, healthy, and thriving without losing weight. Never does this show dare to imagine that maybe it was everyone else who had the problem when Patty was fat, not Patty herself. The show cannot imagine that perhaps, the most profound way Patty could seek vengeance would be to love herself at any size, to be seen by a love interest as lovable at any size, to see herself as beautiful because of, rather than despite, her fat body."In an interview with Variety, star Debby Ryan stated that she listened to the body-positive podcast "She's All Fat" in preparation for the role. Responding via their Twitter account, hosts of the podcast Sophia Carter-Kahn and April K. Quioh stated: "We're not sure how our show could inspire a thin actress to don a fat suit as we've discussed at length how this very act is incredibly harmful to the fat community." References External links Insatiable on Netflix Insatiable at IMDb . Discover the Coralee June popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Coralee June books.

Best Seller Coralee June Books of April 2021

Tell Me a Truth book summary, reviews and downlod

Tell Me a Truth


Maybe if we met at another time—another life—he could've been mine.Maybe if I were older. Maybe if he wasn't my brother's best friend. Maybe if he wasn't my teacher.

Knocked Up: A Secret Baby Romance Collection book summary, reviews and downlod

Knocked Up: A Secret Baby Romance Collection


What happens when you're left with more than just the memories of an incredible night together?Settle in and get your fill of sixteen NEW secret baby stories where hidden secrets...

Summer and Smoke book summary, reviews and downlod

Summer and Smoke


Summer Bright is just a name on a tombstone. A whispered mystery on the long-forgotten Woodbury Lane. Her ghost teases me with fear and perfection. She knows I'm not strong enough to do what...

Love and Lead book summary, reviews and downlod

Love and Lead


One. We're alive, for now.Two. Gavriel's totally lost control.Three. Santobello is hunting us.Four. Someone will die.

Aggro book summary, reviews and downlod



From International Bestselling Author Duo, CoraLee June and Carrie Gray, this raw, forbidden, angsty romance has a jaw-dropping twist you won't see coming. Aggro was voted best Romantic S...

A Lovely Obsession book summary, reviews and downlod

A Lovely Obsession


From International Bestselling Author, CoraLee June, comes a twisted, age-gap, stalker romance. Let your damage breathe...My guardian a...

Bitter Pills book summary, reviews and downlod

Bitter Pills


I'm on the run.I'm a ghost. A nobody. A man longing for two people he can't have.When the Ringleaders captured me, my life ended.I've seen the world. I've killed innocents....

A Lovely Confession book summary, reviews and downlod

A Lovely Confession


Sometimes, I wondered if he was real.Our time together was short, but it left a lasting impression on me.I'm older now. Wiser, too.Five years have passed, and I still...

Sunshine and Bullets book summary, reviews and downlod

Sunshine and Bullets


Sunshine.It's a nickname I haven't heard since I lived on Woodbury Lane, where the houses were pretty but the secrets? Deadly. It was a pet name known only to the Bullets. Rough,...

Best Seller Coralee June Audio Books of April 2021

Wings of the Walker MP3 Audiobook

Wings of the Walker


Josiah Stonewell dug his hands into the filthiest parts of my soul and molded a perfect little Walker. I don't know the exact moment I fell in love with him, but I do know that if anyone fou...

Love and Lead MP3 Audiobook

Love and Lead

Mysteries & Thrillers$19.99

One: We’re alive, for now. Two: Gavriel’s totally lost control. Three: Santobello is hunting us. Four: Someone will die.

Sunshine and Bullets MP3 Audiobook

Sunshine and Bullets


Sunshine. It’s a nickname I haven’t heard since I lived on Woodbury Lane, where the houses were pretty…but the secrets? Deadly. It was a pet name known only to the Bullets....

Burnout: A Dark High School Romance (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Burnout: A Dark High School Romance (Unabridged)

Kids & Young Adults$21.99

Maybe, if we met at another time - another life - he could’ve been mine. Maybe, if I were older. Maybe, if he wasn’t my brother’s best friend. Maybe, if he wasn’t my teacher.

Heart of the Walker MP3 Audiobook

Heart of the Walker


It's been a month since Josiah took what was left of our dying relationship and extinguished its embers. Making my home in Dormas, I'm finding my true self. I've settled into my job at the B...

Summer and Smoke: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance MP3 Audiobook

Summer and Smoke: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance


Summer Bright is just a name on a tombstone. A whispered mystery on the long-forgotten Woodbury Lane. Her ghost teases me with fear and perfection. She knows I’m not strong enough to do wh...

Void (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Void (Unabridged)


I was born of nothing.  I’m a void, a rare supernatural capable of absorbing powers at the brush of my skin.  Feared. Hated. Untouchable.

Aggro: An Emotional Forbidden Romance (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Aggro: An Emotional Forbidden Romance (Unabridged)


Two boys. One tragedy. Grief bonds us. The mystery of this murder will break us.My best friend was brutally ripped from this wo...

Looking to Score (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Looking to Score (Unabridged)


He’s, like, literally the worst. Oakley Davis is the star running back at our university and the reason I’ve broken my vow to avoid the college party scene. Thanks to a ...

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