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The first season of Shear Genius aired on Bravo from April to May 2007. Contestants Episode progress   (WINNER) The stylist won the series and was crowned Shear Genius.   (WIN) The stylist won that episode's Elimination Challenge.   (HIGH) The stylist was selected as one of the top entries in the Elimination Challenge, but did not win.   (LOW) The stylist was selected as one of the bottom entries in the Elimination Challenge, but was not eliminated.   (LOW) The stylist was in the bottom two for the Elimination Challenge.   (CUT) The stylist lost that week's Elimination Challenge and was out of the competition.   (IN) The stylist neither won nor lost that week's Elimination Challenge. They also were not up to be eliminated.In Episode 3, Lacey was eliminated after receiving the lowest score in the Shortcut Challenge. In Episode 6, the contestants worked in pairs for both the Shortcut and Elimination Challenge. There were 2 Shortcut winners, 2 Elimination winners, and 2 people eliminated.Episode recaps Episode 1: The First Cut First Aired April 11, 2007 The 12 stylists are introduced to the host, Jaclyn Smith, and judge Sally Hershberger for the Short Cut Challenge. The Short Cut Challenge consisted of the stylist showing their signature style on a mannequin head. Tyson, Daisy, and Paul-Jean were in the top three, and Evangelin, Lacey and Tabatha were in the bottom three. Called in order from worst to best, Tabatha was called as 12th place, while Tyson won the Short Cut Challenge. The stylists chose their models according to their rank. The Elimination Challenge was Hair-Art theme, which was judged on creativity and technical execution. The Shortcut Ranking (from 12 to 1): Tabatha, Lacey, Evangelin, Ben, Jim, Theodore, Anthony, Danna, Dr Boogie, Paul-Jean, Daisy, Tyson. Theodore, Daisy and Tabatha were called out as the top three, but it was Theodore who won the challenge with his treasure box hair style; besting Daisy's Marie Antoinette wedding hair, and Tabatha's glorified feather mohawk. Tyson, Lacey and Paul-Jean were in the bottom three, a surprising bottom 3, considering two of the stylists in the bottom 3 during the Elimination Challenge were in the top 3 during the Short Cut challenge (conversely, Tabatha was last place during the Short Cut Challenge, but in the top 3 during the Elimination Challenge). In the end, Tyson was sent to safety, leaving Lacey and Paul-Jean in the bottom 2. Lacey, who was in the bottom 2 during the Short Cut Challenge, was sent to safety next, leaving Paul-Jean to be sent home. Episode 2: You Have Every Reason to Cry First Aired April 18, 2007 The Short Cut Challenge was for each competitor to color a black-haired mannequin head to a specific blond hair color, using a level 8 blond hair swatch for reference. The Shortcut Challenge: Top 3: Ben, Tabatha and Evangelin. Winner: Tabatha The Elimination Challenge was to style a client's hair in the fashion of a celebrity selected by that client. The top three winners were able to select clients along with the target celebrity haircut the evening prior to the challenge, with the winner able to make the first pick; other competitors had to then select only from the pictures of the clients en masse, and would learn of the target celebrity haircut at the challenge. Jim, who turned his client's hair bright orange/pink, was eliminated from the competition. Episode 3: Show Me Your Genius First Aired April 25, 2007 The Shortcut Challenge was for each competitor to replicate the "Sally Shag" on provided mannequin heads, named after Sally Hershberger and made famous by Meg Ryan. As a surprise to the competitors, the worst cut would be eliminated from the competition after this challenge. Sally demonstrated the Shag cut to the competitors prior to the start of their own time. The Top 3 was Tyson, Tabatha, and Ben, with Tyson winning. The Bottom 3 was Danna, Evangelin, and Lacey. Lacey was eliminated. The Elimination Challenge was to take a long-haired client into a short hair cut using only one non-traditional hair cutting tool such as hedge clippers, safety scissors or box cutters. The winner of the Short Cut challenge was not only able to select which tool and model he would use, but would also select the order the other competitors selected their own tool and model. Tyson chose the order putting his "competition" at the bottom of the list. Tyson's order was Dr. Boogie, Danna, Evangelin, Theodore, Ben, Daisy, Anthony, Tabatha. Tyson admitted that he considers Tabatha his biggest competition. Evangelin, who styled her client with hedge clippers, won the Elimination Challenge. Although the judges were heavily disappointed in Dr. Boogie for playing it safe, Theodore was sent home. Episode 4: I'm a Hair God First Aired May 2, 2007 The Shortcut Challenge for the stylists was to prepare a style for their client that would work for both day and night. Accessories were available for this challenge. The client themselves had to convert the style from day to night within 5 minutes without any help from the stylists. Although the Top 3 is not announced, it is implied to be Danna, Daisy, and Ben. The winner is Danna. This was her first win in the competition. The stylists were then treated to an afternoon at a day spa, during which Evangelin stated she would try and use her hedge clippers on as many of her clients as possible. Tabatha lets it known to Anthony that she does not want Tyson to win the competition. At the loft, Evangelin gets into a screaming match with Danna and Tabatha over Evangelin's choice to use hedge clippers for the second competition in a row. The Elimination Challenge was to create a red carpet style for Vanessa L. Williams (of Ugly Betty fame) that would go along with a dress presented to the stylists. The winner of the Shortcut Challenge was able to select their model first, and then chose the order the other stylists picked their model. Danna based her order on Tyson's Episode 3 order but reversed it (so the order was Tabatha, Anthony, Daisy, Ben, Evangelin, Dr. Boogie, Tyson). Evangelin insisted on using her hedge clippers in this challenge, although the other stylists disagreed with her decision. After the judging, Jaclyn Smith called Danna, Ben, Daisy, and Evangelin to the center of the salon. This group contained both the Top 2 and the Bottom 2. Danna won the challenge, and Daisy came in second. Ben and Evangelin were the Bottom 2. Evangelin, who styled hair "that would get you on the worst dressed, worst hair list," was eliminated. Episode 5: The Competition Gets Hairy First Aired: May 9, 2007 The Shortcut Challenge for the stylists was to give longer-haired male clients a haircut in the style of Matt Malinowski, while still showing off their styling skills. A surprised Tabatha won this challenge and Dr. Boogie took second. The elimination challenge was based on each stylist's interpretation of their assigned era. Tabatha, being the winner of the first c.... Discover the Tabatha Kiss popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Tabatha Kiss books.

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    She walked into my bakery and my dough wasn't the only thing rising... Long legs, a big chest, and perfect, round buns. I'd give anything to roll with her and that adorable muffin ...

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    Two things I didn’t expect to happen to me over Spring Break at Chicago North University: 1. Getting knocked out by a baseball. 2. Getting knocked up by a baseball player. Hunter N...

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    He was my friend. My lover.  My ultimate undoing. I'm exiled. Banished from the concrete jungle I call home and forced to spend my summer on my uncle's farm. That's where I me...

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    He was my friend. My lover.  My ultimate undoing. I'm exiled. Banished from the concrete jungle I call home and forced to spend my summer on my uncle's farm. That's where I me...

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    He would kill for her. Luka Lutrova gets his hands dirty for a living. The second son of the Lutrova Crime Family, he wants nothing more than to keep his family safe by any means ...

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    When my football coach father transferred me to Chicago North University, he asked for two things:  1. Pretend to be one big happy family to shine up his tarnished public imag...

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    This was supposed to be our happy ending. But one last fight stands in our way. I've been given a choice. Return home now or live with the blood of Dames on my hands. Tobias made a...

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    Two weeks on the road with my boss? Business as usual. Two weeks on the road with my newer, hotter boss that I had a onenight stand with four years ago? A disaster waiting to happe...

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    Fox Fitzpatrick has blood on his hands. After betraying his employer, Fox is on the run, hoping to hide in the shadows for the rest of his days. Then, they went after her.  Da...

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    Boxcar is a drifter. A powerful hacker, he never stayed in one place for too long. Then, they went after her. Caleb Fawn, his estranged wife. A soldier as beautiful as she was stro...

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    Lance Tyler. A man on a mission. Strong, smart, and charming. A single dad. And more than a little offlimits. A girl can't date the lawyer trying to put her father in prison. That...

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    We broke all the rules to be together. Now, we have to live with the consequences. For the first time, I finally feel like I belong. Tobias and I have a chance at a better life now...

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    Connor Morgan is all grown up. Like father, like son Connor's reputation as the Heartbreaker of Chicago North High follows him to Chicago North University, but there's one line he...

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    Robbie Wheeler. My muse. The classic bad boy with a leather jacket and a heart of gold. But I'm not making that mistake again. A girl can't keep banging her exhusband. That would ...

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    I used to think my sauce was the hottest thing in Boston. Then, I met her.  One minute, I'm minding my own business in my food truck and the next, I'm the prime suspect in a m...

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    Once upon a time, she fell for a boy she shouldn’t have. He said he loved her, then left town without saying goodbye. Then, he came back.  A guardian angel dressed in black wi...

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    2 in the Pink

    Tabatha Kiss

    I went home with the hottest guy at my high school reunion... and his best friend. Oops. One moment, I’m at my high school reunion and the next, they took me back to their place an...

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    On His Knees

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    5 Rules for my Best Friend’s Brother while he crashes at our place 1. He will not speak to me. 2. I will not pick up after him. 3. We will not, under any circumstances, hook up. 4....

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    From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tabatha Kiss comes a steamy and hilarious series of wealth, power, and brunch. Nora Payne, Beatrix Argento, and Melanie Ro...

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    Clive Snow. A man full of secrets. Tall, dark, and dreamy. Exmilitary.  And more than a little offlimits. A boss can't date her employee. That would be naughty. By day, he fil...

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    Mad Love

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    Archer Allen is a bounty hunter. Nothing gets between him and his target. Then, he found her. Lilah Hart, the assassin. Ruthless. Seductive. Some lines should never be crossed, but...

  • First Down Darling synopsis, comments

    First Down Darling

    Tabatha Kiss

    When I got the teaching assistant job at Chicago North University, I had to agree to two rules: 1. Follow the syllabus. 2. Don’t date the undergrads. Easy enough. I’m a science ner...

  • Just a Fling synopsis, comments

    Just a Fling

    Tabatha Kiss

    I knocked up my onenight stand. Well, it started as a onenight stand. Veronica left the morning after with a promise to come knocking on my hotel room again the next time she came ...

  • Tainted Love synopsis, comments

    Tainted Love

    Tabatha Drake

    Dante Hart is a hired gun. Trained to kill, he always finishes a job by any means necessary. Then, he saw her. Lucy Vaughn. The beautiful dancer. His mark’s only daughter. She’d d...

  • Just a King synopsis, comments

    Just a King

    Tabatha Kiss

    Las Vegas. October 1985. This is the story of how a King claimed his Queen… When I was a recent college grad, I had a dying hotel dropped in my lap. Between rolling up my sleeves a...

  • Cruel Love synopsis, comments

    Cruel Love

    Tabatha Drake

    Once upon a time, she fell for a boy she shouldn’t have. He said he loved her, then left town without saying goodbye. Then, he came back.  A guardian angel dressed in black wi...

  • Just a Touch synopsis, comments

    Just a Touch

    Tabatha Kiss

    I won't let her go this time. She was my first love. Everyone told me it would never work between us. We came from two different worlds. But I didn’t listen. I was young and stupid...

  • The Mechanic synopsis, comments

    The Mechanic

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    How could I forget Will Myers? Wrinkled shirts, ripped jeans, and a devil may care attitude. He was my teenage bad boy. My first real love. Until the day I left town and broke both...

  • On His Face synopsis, comments

    On His Face

    Tabatha Kiss

    5 Goals for a Perfect Freshman Year 1. Learn a new life skill. 2. Get a tattoo. 3. Pay off my car. 4. Enter the Art Fest. Win. 5. Fall in love with a stranger.  Yes, I know #5...

  • Just a Kiss synopsis, comments

    Just a Kiss

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    I’ve been a lot of things. A brother. An athlete. A sx god. A fake boyfriend? That’s a new one. I’ve never seen her before in my life. There I was, minding my own business at the h...

  • Just a Crush synopsis, comments

    Just a Crush

    Tabatha Kiss

    I’ve finally found my muse. She’s been right there this entire time, smiling and blushing behind the front desk at my family’s hotel. One look into her adorable eyes and I heard mu...