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This list of stages lists names used by those in the entertainment industry, alphabetically by their stage name's surname, followed by their birth name. Individuals who dropped their last name and substituted their middle name as their last name are listed. In many cases, performers have legally changed their name to their stage name.Note: Many cultures have their own naming customs and systems, some rather intricate. Minor changes or alterations, including reversing Eastern-style formats, do not in and of themselves qualify as stage names, and should not normally be included. For example, Björk, whose stage name appears to be an original creation, is part of her full Icelandic name, Björk Guðmundsdóttir. Her second name is a patronymic instead of a family name, following Icelandic naming conventions. "Björk" is not a stage name but how any Icelander would refer to her, casually or formally. People are not listed here if they fall into one or more of the following categories: Those who have more than one family name, provided at least one is represented in the professional name. This is especially common with people from Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries and in the Philippines. Those who changed their name to perform a character or alter ego, including drag performers and professional wrestlers. Those who changed their name to undertake an alias, rather than a name with which the subject will public identify by. Those who changed their surname due primarily to marriage, even if the marriage has since been divorced. Those who changed their surname due to adoption or legal name change prior to entering the entertainment industry. Those known by nicknames both privately and professionally. Those who may be popularly, though not professionally, known by a nickname. Those who changed their name(s) due to realized change in sexual/gender identity, or other recognized gender-related issue. Those who changed their names for religious reasons. Those who adopted a matriname: List of people who adopted matrilineal surnames Those who changed their name(s) due to other or unknown reasons unrelated to show business of any kind.The following exceptions are listed here for the following reasons: Tupac Shakur is listed here, but under the stage name 2Pac. He was born either Lesane Parish Crooks or Parish Lesane Crooks, depending on the source, but his name was changed in early childhood to Tupac Amaru Shakur. Elton John is listed here because he used the name professionally before he legally adopted it in 1972. List A B Cardi B – Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar Cheryl B – Cheryl Burke Derek B – Derek Bolland Eric B – Eric Barrier Jazzie B – Beresford Romeo Jon B. – Jonathan David Buck Katy B – Kathleen Anne Brien Max B – Charly Wingate Mel B – Melanie Janine Brown Lída Baarová – Ludmila Babková Bob Babbitt – Robert Kreinar Alice Babs – Hildur Alice Nilson Lauren Bacall – Betty Joan Perske Michael Bacall – Michael Stephen Buccellato Barbara Bach – Barbara Goldbach Catherine Bach – Catherine Bachman Sebastian Bach – Sebastian Philip Bierk Irving Bacon – Irving Von Peters Erykah Badu – Erica Wright Barbara Bain – Millicent Fogel Cheryl Baker – Rita Maria Crudgington Fay Baker – Fay Schwager George Baker – Johannes Bouwens Josephine Baker – Freda Josephine McDonald LaVern Baker – Delores Williams George Balanchine – Georgy Melitonovich Balanchivadze Josiane Balasko – Josiane Balašković Marty Balin – Martyn Buchwald Bobby Ball – Robert Harper Kaye Ballard – Catherine Gloria Balotta Carl Ballantine – Meyer Kessler Finn Bálor – Fergal Devitt Charli Baltimore – Tiffany Lane Afrika Bambaataa – Kevin Donovan Jamie Bamber – Jamie Griffith Eric Bana – Eric Banadinovich Anne Bancroft – Anna Maria Louisa Italiano Honey Bane – Donna Tracy Boylan Billy Bang – William Vincent Walker Advent Bangun – Advani Rangua Briana Banks – Briana Bany Darrell Banks – Darrell Eubanks Elizabeth Banks – Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell Lloyd Banks – Christopher Charles Lloyd Peter Banks – Peter William Brockbanks Vilma Bánky – Vilma Koncsics David Banner – Levell Crump Jill Banner – Mary Molumby Buju Banton – Mark Anthony Myrie Theda Bara – Theodosia Burr Goodman Joan Barclay – Mary Elizabeth Greear Roy Barcroft – Howard Harold Ravenscroft Ben Bard – Benjamin Greenberg John Bardon – John Michael Jones Lynn Bari – Margaret Schuyler Fisher Griff Barnett – Manley Griffith Candy Barr – Juanita Slusher Julia Barr – Julia Rose Buchheit Kathy Barr – Marilyn Sultana Aboulafia Leonard Barr – Leonard Barra John Barrard – Jacob Koppel Isaacson Barrelhouse Chuck – Charles Goering Lawrence Barrett – Lawrence Brannigan Majel Barrett – Majel Leigh Hudec Rona Barrett – Rona Burstein Wade Barrett – Stuart Alexander Bennett Alicia Barrié – Sara Ramona Alicia Masriera del Campillo Amanda Barrie – Shirley Anne Broadbent Barbara Barrie – Barbara Ann Berman Chris Barrie – Christopher Jonathan Brown Mona Barrie – Mona Barlee Smith Wendy Barrie – Marguerite Wendy Jenkins Alain Barrière – Alain Bellec Blue Barron – Harry Freidman Chris Barron – Christopher Gross Red Barry – Donald Barry de Acosta Gene Barry – Eugene Klass Jeff Barry – Joel Adelberg Joan Barry (American actress) – Mary Louise Gribble Joan Barry (British actress) – Ina Florence Marshman Bell Joe Barry – Joe Barrios John Barry – John Barry Prendergast Len Barry – Leonard Borisoff Merna and Claire Barry – Minnie and Clara Bagelman Ethel Barrymore – Ethel Mae Blythe John Barrymore – John Sidney Blythe Lionel Barrymore – Lionel Herbert Blythe Maurice Barrymore – Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blythe Michael Barrymore – Michael Ciaran Parker Lionel Bart – Lionel Begleiter Eddie Barth – Edward Bartholetti Freddie Bartholomew – Frederick Llewellyn March Dewey Barto – Stewart Steven Swoyer Eva Bartok – Éva Márta Szőke Ivanovics Gregg Barton – Harold Wilson Barker Billy Barty – William John Bertanzetti Süphan Barzani – Franco Battiato Baby Bash – Ronald Raymond Bryant Sheik Abdul Bashir (akas: Daivari, Shawn Daivari) – Dara Daivari Toni Basil – Antonia Basilotta Bat for Lashes – Natasha Khan Florence Bates – Florence Rabe Jane Bathori – Jeanne-Marie Berthier Stiv Bators – Steven John Bator Beryl Baxter – Beryl Ivory Jane Baxter – Feodora Kathleen Alice Forde H.P. Baxxter – Hans Peter Geerdes Nora Bayes – Leonora Goldberg Aisling Bea – Aisling Cliodhnadh O'Sullivan John Beal – James Alexander Bliedung Orson Bean – Dallas Frederick Burrows Paul Bearer – William Alvin Moody Guy Béart – Guy Béhar Allyce Beasley – Alice Tannenberg Beau Jocque – Andrus Espre Bebi Dol – Dragana Šarić Michael Beck – John Michael Beck Taylor Becky G – Rebbeca Marie Gomez Barbara Bedford (actress) – Violet May Rose Kenny Bee – Chung Chun-to Molly Bee – Molli.... Discover the Traci Tyne Hilton popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Traci Tyne Hilton books.

Best Seller Traci Tyne Hilton Books of October 2021

Health Wealth and Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Health Wealth and Murder


Popular prosperity preacher Josiah Malachi teaches that God will make us healthy and wealthy, so why did he just drop dead with a knife in his back?Jane Adler, housecleaning coll...

Killer Heels: A Plain Jane Mystery book summary, reviews and downlod

Killer Heels: A Plain Jane Mystery


One woman wants Jane to prove her sister-in-law is a "prostitution whore"--a simple enough job for a detective worth her salt. But not so simple when following the accused leads to a man wit...

Good Clean Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Good Clean Murder


Adore Agatha? Love a good clean mystery? Jump into the world of Jane Adler, a young spunky house cleaner who's up for anything, even murder.Bible school student Jane cleans house...

Killer Honeymoon book summary, reviews and downlod

Killer Honeymoon


Love, honor, and investigate murder.After a stressful wedding full of surprises, Jane and Jake head off to a quiet honeymoon on the Oregon Coast where they receive a gift they ha...

Killer Calling book summary, reviews and downlod

Killer Calling


Newlywed Jane Adler has been waiting her whole life to be a missionary. But heading to Mexico to keep her eye on a rebellious heiress and her rock star boyfriend isn't what Jane had in mind,...

Bright New Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Bright New Murder


Homeless preschoolers, angry protesters, frozen yogurt, and murder.Jane Adler is keen to try on her detective hat, and the dead lady at the Christmas fundraiser is her perfect sh...

The Complete Plain Jane Mystery Series book summary, reviews and downlod

The Complete Plain Jane Mystery Series


The road to her dreams is cluttered with corpses. Can Jane clean these deadly messes before she's the next victim?Good Clean MurderDid a tragic a...

Spoiled Rotten Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Spoiled Rotten Murder


A missing groom, a dead gamer, and a woman who had the nerve to design a popular video game. A case of possible insurance fraud turns into a bloody mess for Jane Adler and her new boss at th...

Dirty Little Murder book summary, reviews and downlod

Dirty Little Murder


The road to her dreams is cluttered with corpses. Can she clean a deadly mess before she's the next victim?Bible school student Jane's dreams are at her fingertips. Her church is...

Best Seller Traci Tyne Hilton Audio Books of October 2021

Eminent Domain: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery, Book 2 (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Eminent Domain: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Mysteries & Thrillers$17.99

You can't fight City Hall. All Mitzy Neuhaus wants to do is get back to business as usual, but "The Worst Economy Since The Great Depression" has slowed her real-estate business to a near st...

Love and a Side of Chips: A Valentyne Novella (Unabridged) MP3 Audiobook

Love and a Side of Chips: A Valentyne Novella (Unabridged)


Never kiss your boss. That's a lesson Kylie Rossi isn't going to forget, not after losing her job. Now she's back home with her parents, mopping floors at a taco shop, and trying to figure o...

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