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Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) was an American architect, designer, writer, and educator. He designed more than 1,000 structures over a creative period of 70 years. Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. This philosophy was exemplified in Fallingwater (1935), which has been called "the best all-time work of American architecture." Wright played a key role in the architectural movements of the twentieth century, influencing generations of architects worldwide through his works.Wright was the pioneer of what came to be called the Prairie School movement of architecture and also developed the concept of the Usonian home in Broadacre City, his vision for urban planning in the United States. He also designed original and innovative offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, museums, and other commercial projects. Wright-designed interior elements (including leaded glass windows, floors, furniture and even tableware) were integrated into these structures. He wrote several books and numerous articles and was a popular lecturer in the United States and in Europe. Wright was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as "the greatest American architect of all time." In 2019, a selection of his work became a listed World Heritage Site as The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Raised in rural Wisconsin, Wright studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin and then apprenticed in Chicago, first with Joseph Lyman Silsbee (1887) and then with Louis Sullivan (1888). He opened his own successful Chicago practice in 1893, and established a studio in his Oak Park, Illinois home in 1898. His personal life made headlines: leaving his first wife, Catherine Tobin, for Mamah Cheney in 1909; the murders at his Taliesin estate by a staff member in 1914; his tempestuous marriage with second wife Miriam Noel in 1923; and his relationship with Olgivanna Lazović, whom he married in 1928. Early years Ancestry Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867, in the town of Richland Center, Wisconsin. In 1987 a biographer of Wright suggested that he may have been christened as "Frank Lincoln Wright" or "Franklin Lincoln Wright". No birth certificate or other record supporting either of these assertions is known to exist. Wright's father, William Cary Wright (1825–1904), was a "... gifted musician, orator, and sometime preacher who had been admitted to the bar in 1857." He was also a published composer. Originally from Massachusetts, William Wright had been a Baptist minister, but he later joined his wife's family in the Unitarian faith. Wright's mother, Anna Lloyd Jones (1838/39–1923) was a member of the well-known Lloyd Jones clan who had emigrated from Wales to the town of Wyoming, Wisconsin (south of the village of Spring Green). One of Anna's brothers was Jenkin Lloyd Jones, an important figure in the spread of the Unitarian faith in the Midwest. Childhood According to Wright's autobiography, his mother declared when she was expecting that her first child would grow up to build beautiful buildings. She decorated his nursery with engravings of English cathedrals torn from a periodical to encourage the infant's ambition. In 1870, the family moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts, where William ministered to a small congregation. In 1876, Anna saw an exhibit of educational blocks called the Froebel Gifts, the foundation of an innovative kindergarten curriculum. Anna, a trained teacher, was excited by the program and bought a set with which young Wright spent much time playing. The blocks in the set were geometrically shaped and could be assembled in various combinations to form two and three-dimensional compositions. In his autobiography, Wright described the influence of these exercises on his approach to design: "For several years, I sat at the little kindergarten table-top… and played… with the cube, the sphere and the triangle—these smooth wooden maple blocks… All are in my fingers to this day… "The Wright family struggled financially in Weymouth and returned to Spring Green, where the supportive Lloyd Jones family could help William find employment. They settled in Madison, where William taught music lessons and served as the secretary to the newly formed Unitarian society. Although William was a distant parent, he shared his love of music with his children. Soon after Wright turned 14, his parents separated. In 1884 William sued for a divorce from Anna on the grounds of "… emotional cruelty and physical violence and spousal abandonment." William left Wisconsin after the divorce was granted in 1885. Wright said he never saw his father again. Education (1885–1887) Wright attended Madison High School but there is no evidence he graduated. In 1886 he was admitted to the University of Wisconsin–Madison as a special student and worked under Allan D. Conover, a professor of civil engineering, before leaving the school without taking a degree. Wright was granted an honorary doctorate of fine arts from the university in 1955. Early career Silsbee and other early work experience (1887–1888) In 1887, Wright arrived in Chicago in search of employment. As a result of the devastating Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and a population boom, new development was plentiful. Wright later recalled that while his first impressions of Chicago were that of grimy neighborhoods, crowded streets, and disappointing architecture, he was determined to find work. Within days, and after interviews with several prominent firms, he was hired as a draftsman with the architectural firm of Joseph Lyman Silsbee. Wright previously collaborated with Silsbee—accredited as the draftsman and the construction supervisor—on the 1886 Unity Chapel for Wright's family in Spring Green. While with the firm, he also worked on two other family projects: All Souls Church in Chicago for his uncle, Jenkin Lloyd Jones, and the Hillside Home School I in Spring Green for two of his aunts. Other draftsmen who worked for Silsbee in 1887 included future architects Cecil Corwin, George W. Maher, and George G. Elmslie. Wright soon befriended Corwin, with whom he lived until he found a permanent home. Feeling that he was underpaid for the quality of his work for Silsbee (at $8 a week), the young draftsman quit and found work as a designer at the firm of Beers, Clay, and Dutton. However, Wright soon realized that he was not ready to handle building design by himself; he left his new job to return to Joseph Silsbee—this time with a raise in salary. Although Silsbee adhered mainly to Victorian and Revivalist architecture, Wright found his work to be more "gracefully picturesque" than the other "brutalities" of the period. Wright aspired for more progressive work. Adler & Sullivan (1888–1893) Wright learned that the Chicago firm of Adler & Sullivan was "looking for someone to ma.... Discover the David W Wright Avery Blake popular books. Find the top 100 most popular David W Wright Avery Blake books.

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