The Alphas

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The Alphas Book Summary

Jonathan Drazen. Antonio Spinelli. Deacon Bruce. Dash Wallace.

Meet these powerful, passionate, possessive men in this exclusive, limited time bundle from NY Times bestselling author, CD Reiss.
Four first in series full length novels will have you begging for more.

This bundle includes - 

Submission - Will Monica be able to resist sexy billionaire, Jonathan Drazen? Or will she submit to her desire and kneel for him?

Spin - Theresa and mob capo Antonio fall hard the minute they meet, but will their white hot love get them killed?

Kick - Fiona is a celebutante with a sex addiction. Can she prove to her therapist she’ll kick the habit? Or will he make her indulge.

Hardball - Dash Wallace is the sexiest player on the field and the hardest player off it…until he meets Vivian, a simple school librarian and all bets are off.

With a special BONUS from the NY Times bestselling Marriage Games.

Thirty Days. That’s all Adam Steinbeck demands of his wife. Thirty days in a remote cottage doing everything he commands. Then he’ll sign her divorce papers and give her their company.
She thinks this is his pathetic attempt to save their marriage.
She’s wrong.

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The Alphas Comments

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The Alphas - CD Reiss Reviews

  • Love CD Reiss

    By Corymia
    I would've given this a higher rating because the Jonathan story is really hot. Plus I love how the author doesn't make her female characters some fumbling idiot. They may have their shortcomings, but they are witty and strong. The only reason this story wasn't a 5 star was because of the ending. It hit too close to home and was just too much heartache for me right now. But definitely give this book a chance. Also read the marriage and separation series. That's one of my favorites!!
  • Hard to follow

    By Halloween Lovah
    I tried to like this book, I really did. But it's written in a style that I can't follow along with. I don't know why or how I'm not getting it, but I'm a big reader and can normally make sense of what I'm reading yet couldn't with this book.
  • Too Hot to Handle!!!

    By JustJess73
    Dangerous passion that burns (and burns and burns). Flames of love that cannot be extinguished. CD Reiss's leading men - Jonathan, Antonio, Deacon, and Dash - are together in this amazing collection, with a scorching introduction to Adam from Marriage Games. FIVE SMOKING HOT ALPHAS!!! I challenge you to pick a favorite!
  • 5 stars for the Alphas!

    By Annazmom
    I thought this was gonna be another billionaire story where he was a player, then meets her and becomes a changed man, but nope! Not this one. Well that happens, but it is way more believable in this series. Jonathan and Monica are in a league of their own. Yes, Jonathan is a Dom billionaire. Yes, Monica is not sure about him, but this author knows how to write so that you feel the internal struggle as they journey through to find a way into each other's lives. He's bossy. She's feisty. Their interactions are simple, hilarious and honest. And HOT!! I bought the rest of the series and had to come back to write a review. I am now a huge fan of CD Reiss!
  • HardBall Review

    By Deanna PinkLady
    Equal Parts Sweet + Equal Parts Sexy = Loving This Book Hard!!! This book is incredibly perfect. During my entire reading bliss, this book just kept me smiling and perfectly happy. There is the right amount of drama, there is the right amount of sass, there is the right amount of tenderness and the right amount of love. This book is a book that every lover of romance should read- where the "Prince Charming Baseball Player" falls for the the sweet, kind, cute librarian!!! It is just a Super Sweet Sexy Read and if you are a fan of beautifully written contemporary romance then this book will meet exceed every wonderful and magical thought possible. Dash Wallace is the All American Baseball God. He has his superstitious ritual and has ADHD. He's perfect in the outside but inside he's a mess. Vivian Foster is a sweet, caring, cute librarian. She's not flashy and family is important to her. They are not a perfect pair but they are a pair who make each other laugh, who can talk to one another and ignite a fire in each other. Love isn't always perfect, you have to work and make sacrifices and in the end, if you can think of the other person first, then you know you have found that special love. The journey of Dash and Vivian is very fun, sweet, kind, sexy and spot on. It's a journey that felt real and wonderful. Christine Reiss writes beautifully loving words. They are cute, sassy and sexy. All together, they create a magical story of new beginnings and one that makes you believe that happy ever after school do come true!!! I loved and if you are a fan of exquisitely well written love stories, then Hardball will be a home run for you!!!!
  • Don't waste your time.

    By Theswankyamy
    This book is brain rotting filth. I'm not saying that because of its content, but because if I didn't know better I would think a third grader wrote it. There were an exorbitant amount of typos for starters, this usually doesn't bother me, but they were so bad I would have to re-read a sentence to figure out what the author was saying. There were two incidents where obviously deleted a paragraph she should have kept, because the character begins talking about, or having thoughts, about something completely out of the blue. It's like that friend that has been talking about pizza for the last 5 minutes then suddenly says "I hung it up in the closet". You think your friend hung pizza in her closet, but in reality she hung her jacket in the closet. Complete cluster BEEP... this book is exactly that. What is more absurd is the story never really gets anywhere, and there's a sequel so you don't even get any sense of closure. I guess I could read book 2, but I'd rather have a root canal.

CD Reiss - The Alphas E-Book

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