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B******t? Book Summary

In B******t?, Rodney Ohebsion wastes his and your time by asking such questions as:"Why do we use the world 'b******t' to say that something is untrue?" "How come we call pickles 'pickles,' and not 'pickled cucumbers?'" "Shouldn't a person named Mr. Miller do something in the way of milling?"and "How come philosophers all have names that aren't pronounced like they're spelled?"

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B******t? Comments

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B******t? - Rodney Ohebsion Reviews

  • Great

    By KnldvkefbsvlknlhilS
    Funny but short.
  • Very funny

    By Master B.C
    It makes me think about all of these topics
  • Love this book

    By FrannBynes
    Loved this book; written proof of some of the things I've also questioned. The name of this book usually sums it up.....
  • Awesome

    By Udlinger
    Laughs on every page. My only complaint would be that I wish it was longer. Awesome read, a must for anyone needing a laugh on reality.
  • I actually laughed. Not just breathing extra wind through my nose, but really laughed

    By Pieguy221
    Wow, this was actually funny. The sarcasm and general pessimism is great!
  • Really funny

    By Antonos2000
    Kinda like Dave Barry

Rodney Ohebsion - B******t? E-Book

B******t? - Rodney Ohebsion E-Book coming soon..