Codex: Tyranids (Enhanced Edition)

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Codex: Tyranids (Enhanced Edition) Book Summary

From the cold darkness of the intergalactic void comes a race of ravenous aliens known as the Tyranids, a numberless horde of super-predators governed only by the instincts to hunt, kill and feed. Each Tyranid is a living weapon, perfectly adapted to its designated function, but each creature is no more than a single cell in a vast gestalt entity controlled by the will of the monstrous Hive Mind. As the Tyranid hive fleets drift through space, they strip all life from the prey worlds in their path, leaving nothing but scoured rock in their wake.

Codex: Tyranids brings the terror of the alien hive fleets to terrible life upon the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. Learn of their violent history, from their first contact with the Imperium to a galaxy wide invasion that threatens to consume Mankind, and about the warrior-organisms of the Tyranids, the living weapons and deadly biomorphs they use and the unique monsters they have created in their quest to devour humanity. Inside, you will also find a stunning showcase featuring the awe-inspiring Tyranid range of Citadel miniatures as well as a comprehensive army list allowing you to forge your Tyranid collection into a powerful army in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

About This Edition:
The Enhanced Edition of Codex: Tyranids contains a range of interactive features unique to iBooks including Quick-links to special rules and a combined bestiary and miniatures gallery featuring 360 ° shots of key units.

Also includes Force Requisition, an interactive collection manager. This handy tool will help you arrange your collection of Tyranids into a battle-ready force ready for the tabletop.

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Codex: Tyranids (Enhanced Edition) Comments

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Codex: Tyranids (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop Reviews

  • Not updating

    By SartorisSnopes
    The biggest complaint is this "enhanced" edition is not being updated. There have several new rules and units have been added but are not included here. Also, the force requisition feature is really cumbersome to use and really doesn't work correctly if you add more than five units. It's an interesting step in the right direction but not really worth the price.
  • Another reason to torrent?

    By The Brian (m merch)
    As a person who retails Games Workshop products, this is yet another staple of proof that we do not care about our customers, do not read the reviews and try to rectify ourselves, only care about money and people with it, and worst off, have made a mockery of small business people like me who have faithfully played this game for years.
  • Rushed Codex?

    By Frankencowx
    I don't know how they expect to sell cool new nid models with no cool new rules to go along with them. There is nothing to get excited about in this codex. This one was a big letdown.
  • Army went from bad to... Useless... Nerfed is too nice...

    By TheShadowLord
    So far I have yet to find a "gem" in this codex. A few points went down, many stayed the same, and many things went up. Models were removed, rules were simplified to the point of useless, special rules are gone or just made "vanilla"... If these are supposed to represent the horror and nightmare attacking the galaxy, then we are safe, since a couple of decent IG troop choices should be able to defeat a Tyranid army. Very disappointed, especially after the good work done on the last few codexs. If this represents the future of GW, I worry for the future of 40k. I already see less and less players, and this will not help. My only thought is that the goal is to get rid of this xenos army choice. If that was the goal, I'd say GW hit the mark !!!
  • Wrost Codex Ever

    By Arran kras
    The title says it all. I agree with all 1 star ratings and completly disagree with any rating above 3.
  • Great format

    By C.Bomb54
    I think the new "force collection"feature is great. Hope they add that feature to future codexes or updated older digital ones to add that feature -- that is a really useful and my favorite part of the codex
  • I'm Shocked

    By TheHiveMind
    I want my money back! This is the worst publication Games Workshop has released. Had I known it was so poorly balanced it's quite obvious this publication was simply "Change a few points; REMOVE useful special abilities and weapon features; ADD some negative modifiers; copy and paste stories from the previous codex; throw in some art*; call it done. The digital version does work except for the page with the Spore Mines as clicking on the special ablitiies on the left of the page actually takes you back a page. The Army Roster is a nice idea but is buggy. *OK I will admit the art work is good.
  • Only if you reallllllyyy want it

    By Caveman839
    Okay they take out some the most fun units you can field with nids...gonna miss saying "doom in spore pod" sigh. But good news, now nids have a cure for sky fire and mentioned already cheaper pt cost. Ima fan or a fool but get the book if your new.
  • Looks great, feels awful

    By EightLackArt
    Looks great, but the more you read the more mournful you feel for a once great army. A codex of lopsided, frustrating rules that leave you feeling not empowered, but castrated.
  • Are you serious?

    By Shindobad
    How someone can put so little of work into a product and still sell it at this price makes me sick. It is obvious that this was rushed, as the rules and writing are terrible. For those familiar with the game and the army, do NOT buy this codex.

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