Codex: Astra Militarum (Enhanced Edition)

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Codex: Astra Militarum (Enhanced Edition) Book Summary

The Astra Militarum are the mighty Hammer of the Emperor, an army so vast that it has never been fully recorded by the scribes of the Administratum. Drawn from a million worlds, its men and women are the thin line between Humanity and the void. On hundreds of thousands of warzones across the galaxy the armies of the Astra Militarum hold back the advance of alien empires, heretic warlords and daemonic gods. Armed with trusty lasguns and backed up by ranks of battle tanks and artillery, to them falls the task of protecting the Imperium from destruction; a duty that will only end in death.

Codex: Astra Militarum is your guide to the armies of the Imperial Guard, most numerous of all the God-Emperor’s soldiers. This book covers the glorious history of the Astra Militarum, detailing their ten thousand year history and many of their greatest victories and legendary commanders. Also inside you will find rules for creating and organising an army of the Astra Militarum for your games of Warhammer 40,000, from massed ranks of Imperial Guardsmen to powerful Leman Russ Battle Tanks, as well as an impressive showcase of the Astra Militarum model range. 

About This Edition:
The Enhanced Edition of Codex: Astra Militarum contains a range of interactive features unique to iBooks including Quick-links to special rules and a combined bestiary and miniatures gallery featuring 360 ° shots of key units.

Also includes Force Requisition, an interactive collection manager. This handy tool will help you arrange your collection of Astra Militarum into a battle-ready force ready for the tabletop.

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Codex: Astra Militarum (Enhanced Edition) Comments

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Codex: Astra Militarum (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop Reviews

  • Possible bug.

    By SnazzyWombat
    Is anyone else unable to add Knight Commander Pask in the Force Requisition? No matter what I do, his option is not available.
  • Downloading error

    By mattlindner
    I bough it when it was released in iBooks but it would not download. Apple was kind enough to refund my purchase and so I waited and my iBooks still shows it as pending a download. I cannot repurchase it and cannot download it. It just sits there in my library and in the store. It's been several months and it still hasn't cleaned up for me to be able to buy it digitally.
  • Avoid until fixed

    By Orin Dean
    I bought the book and shortly after there was an update, after the update the book was unusable. I have attempted to delete the book and reinstall it, but it will not uninstall. The enhanced edition is currently unusable.
  • Big fan

    By Mr.psyker
    I am having the time of my life. Having my codex,data slate, formations, painting, and books in this format makes me feel elite. I haven't played any games but when you invest this much in something it can't be a rip off... I love GW and the Emperor and Steve Jobs.
  • Handy but needs some bug fixes

    By Grath
    Love the new Codex-- as always, GW have made it super useful with hyperlinks throughout. I was a little sad to see some of my favorite Forge World pieces made obsolete-- no Griffon, Medusa, Bombard or Leman Russ Annihilator to be found here-- but otherwise still a great codex. Force Requisition is an excellent army list/collection manager but requires some fixes-- Special Weapons Squads don't have all of the actual weapons options available to them (sniper rifles and demo charges are missing) and there are other minor oversights, such as Command Squad veterans not being able to have a Vox and also swap their lasgun for a pistol and CCW: the rules allow it but Force Requisition does not. And a few of he hyperlinks in the Reference section link to the wrong rules. Minor errors aside, it's still a worthy Codex and a great tool.
  • I like the army, but enhanced edition is a disappointment

    By WafflesMan
    The new Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard book puts forward a well-balanced army with a greater emphasis on infantry forces and cuts down on the artillery. There are a few units that could have used a bit more thought, for instance, the Wyrdvane Psyker squad is inferior to the Primaris Psyker in almost every way, but costs more points. Most of the other developments are positive, including a streamlined artillery section that is more complementary and less of a crutch for the army. The new wyvern and the returning basilisk can dish out wounds against poorly prepared armies, but lack the unforgiving firepower of the medusa and colossus that could ignore cover with AP3 or deal long-range demolisher blasts. On the other hand, infantry are more affordable and more effective through the new orders and their command system. The redone specialists are a great change, they’re cheaper and potentially more powerful (though less reliable): astropath, commissars, priests, etc. While the army list is good, the “enhanced edition” isn’t. First of all, for its cost over the ebook version, one would expect a well put together book. However this book has its share of typos, unless my rough riders are supposed to have 7 attacks and 5+ hull points. The formatting is generally poor, the reference section (which in 5th edition was compiled onto a single page) is frusteratingly spread out over 16 pages at the end of the book, making it almost useless as a reference section. This is complicated by how slow the book is when flipping pages. I love the linked text, which will take you right to whatever rule you’re interested in, but just flipping pages you will notice the lag (even on my brand new Mac). There are other choices that are annoying, for instance the choice to incorporate the named special characters in the main army list (rather than in a separate section). As someone who doesn’t much care for the named characters, this design choice makes navigating the army list that much slower. This book also oddly removes some of the most popular named characters (namely Sly Marbo and Al’ Rahem) without adding any new ones or even any old favorites (like Solar Marcharius). This book also incorporates a rudimentary army builder, and I do mean rudimentary. The “requisition” section allows you to put together an army list but it is very sloppy. It allows you to create illegal units, and won’t stop you from spending points on items that units already have (every Chimera comes with searchlights and smoke launchers, but the army builder offers them as choices). The army builder also doesn’t let you edit your units once you’ve attached them to your army, making it very frusterating when you have built a list but are trying to cut back to a certain points level. You will have to remove the entire unit, and then add a new copy of a unit and select all the same options. So far I like playing the new army list, but after buying the enhanced edition I’m having serious regrets considering I could’ve bought the hardback and supported my local store.
  • Dr

    By Backward clueless
    Will not load. First book to do this.

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