Dangerous Personalities

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Dangerous Personalities Book Summary

What makes a narcissist go from self-involved to terrifying? Joe Navarro, one of the leading FBI profilers unlocks the secrets to the personality disorders that put all of us at risk.  

“I should have known.”
 “How could we have missed the warning signs?”
”I always thought there was something off about them.”

When we wake up to new tragedies in the news every day — shootings, rampages, acts of domestic terrorism — we often blame ourselves for missing the mania lurking inside unsuspecting individuals. But how could we have known that the charismatic leader had the characteristics of a tyrant?  And how can ordinary people identify threats from those who are poised to devastate their lives on a daily basis--the crazy coworkers, out-of control family members, or relentless neighbors?

In Dangerous Personalities, former FBI profiler Joe Navarro has the answers. He shows us how to identify the four most common "dangerous personalities" and how to analyze the potential threat level: the Narcissist, the Predator, the Paranoid, and the Unstable Personality. Along the way, he provides essential tips and tricks to protect ourselves both immediately and in the long-term, as well as how to heal the trauma of being exposed to the destructive egos in our world.

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