Knife Skills

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Knife Skills Book Summary

After a stupid but funny mistake, impulsive news reporter Trudi Wells is reassigned to her struggling paper’s food desk, forced to write cuddly features about restaurants and recipes. 

Smart-mouthed Trudi is definitely no foodie: she knows nothing about fine dining, surviving happily on peanut butter and breakfast cereal. But the murder of the most famous chef in town — killed with a cooking knife — presents an opportunity: if Trudi can prove her skills as a reporter and solve the case, she can return to the news desk where she belongs. 

In a tight-knit California foothills community of cooks, caterers and wine snobs, can Trudi make her way through a new world of delicious food and drink? And can she track down the murderer — or will he find her first?

"Knife Skills" is the first mystery starring Trudi Wells. It is followed by "Murder and Pestle."

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