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Fighting Envy Book Summary

Some people get a tattoo - a piece of art that enhances or reveals something about them that they like. Other people, like me, are branded by something - actions or words. "No one will ever love you, Rowan, you're not worthy." Those are the words that created my blemish, my scar, my mark upon my soul. They were words whispered by the woman who should have loved me most. But in the darkest moment of my life, one where I stood abandoned and alone, one man proved to me that she was wrong. 

When I desperately needed someone, MMA fighter Jackson Stone crashed into my life. He wasn't the one who should have been there, but he was exactly the person I needed He believed that only fools live in the past. He showed me that a real relationship is full of dreams, faith, trust and passion. He taught me that love is worth fighting for - even when it's unexpected and more of a collision of hearts and souls. He proved that the wrong man at the right moment can heal everything.

*This book does NOT end in a cliffhanger.  Due to language and sexual content recommended age is 18+

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Fighting Envy - Jennifer Miller Reviews

  • Fighting Envy

    By Olderheart
    There aren't many guys like Jax out there... I truly admire his character and his ability to love.

Jennifer Miller - Fighting Envy E-Book

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