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Patricia Gibney

The Missing Ones by Patricia Gibney Book Summary

The hole they dug was not deep. A white flour bag encased the little body. Three small faces watched from the window, eyes black with terror. 
The child in the middle spoke without turning his head. ‘I wonder which one of us will be next?’
When a woman’s body is discovered in a cathedral and hours later a young man is found hanging from a tree outside his home, Detective Lottie Parker is called in to lead the investigation.  Both bodies have the same distinctive tattoo clumsily inscribed on their legs.  It’s clear the pair are connected, but how? 
The trail leads Lottie to St Angela’s, a former children’s home, with a dark connection to her own family history.  Suddenly the case just got personal. 
As Lottie begins to link the current victims to unsolved murders decades old, two teenage boys go missing.  She must close in on the killer before they strike again, but in doing so is she putting her own children in terrifying danger? 
Lottie is about to come face to face with a twisted soul who has a very warped idea of justice. 
Fans of Rachel Abbott, Karin Slaughter and Robert Dugoni will be gripped by this page-turning serial killer thriller, guaranteed to keep you reading late into the night.
What everyone is saying about The Missing Ones:
'I had been looking forward to reading this book and I was not disappointed. I will certainly be reading more books in this series.' Angela Marsons
'This debut novel from Gibney is just EVERYTHING!!! This was THE BEST book I have read in quite some time. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would!' Butterfly's Booknerdia Blog
‘Totally riveting and 100% engrossing.’ Books From Dusk Till Dawn
'A gripping read from beginning to finish.' Deja Read
'AMAZING! Really well written and kept me itching to read the next page. It was unputdownable! Cannot wait to read book two when released.' Goodreads Reviewer
'I was immediately grabbed by the opening paragraph and was so enthralled that I read it in two sittings. I only put it down when my eyes refused to stay open!' Goodreads Reviewer
'It's one of those stories where you look at the clock and you think just a couple more chapters, and then you look again and hours have gone by. It was well worth the lack of sleep.' Goodreads Reviewer
'A phenomenal read for a debut novel – when I say good, I mean gooooooooood.' Page Turners Nook
‘Gibney definitely is a writer to watch and an exciting new voice in crime fiction.’ But Books are Better
'This story has it all, compelling characters, a strong plot, a lot of action, suspense, and tension. Reading this novel was fascinating and totally engaging.' Carol's Place
'I have found a new crime author to add to my must read list. I find it incredible that this is a debut novel, as it's polished, well plotted and gripping.' The Book Review Cafe
'Thrilling ... filled with twists and turns that surprise you out of nowhere; it is dark, mysterious, and gripping.' The Reading Lodge
'Wow! Thrilling and tense, with so many twists. A page-turning, unputdownable read. The suspense builds up throughout the book and the pace never lets down. And the ending - wow! I did not see it coming! I am in awe of this author. Five amazing stars.' Renita D'Silva
'If I had to describe this debut thriller in just one word, I'd choose engrossing.' Book Reviews by Monnie
'Every now and then something good comes into your life. Well in this case two things have. Detective Inspector Lottie Parker and her team; and the author Patricia Gibney who has written a brilliant page turner of a crime thriller. Let’s hope we hear a lot more from both of them.' Nigel Adams Bookworm

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Book Name The Missing Ones
Genre Police Procedural
Language English
E-Book Size 2.73 MB

The Missing Ones (Patricia Gibney) Book Reviews 2023

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Liked. This book is interested

Missing ones. Great story I read it in 1 day going to get Book 2

Amazing series. Kept me questioning till the end!!!

Awesome book. This was an awesome read, so many twists and turns I couldn’t put it away

Much better books. I did not like this book much at all. Lottie, the main character is a bully and she seemed to have so many problems that interfered in the story, at least for me. There were many times the book just dragged on. There were also numerous mistakes in the procedures from the police. Sorry, but I doubt I will read this author again.

I’m confused. It doesn’t really make any sense and its all over the place

Like this book. Liked

Marsha20. I read this book and loved it, sorry it so long to finish it but can't wait to start the others. Trying new authors. All your books are on my iPad, I live in USA. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading.

Awesome book!. I could not put this book down! I am excited to read the next book about Detective Lottie Parker.

The Missing Ones. Such a sad book. They mystery is solved she just keeps going no matter what till she finds out what’s happens to everyone.

The Missing Ones. Good. Intriguing . Was interested until the end. Nice twist to the ending.

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The missing ones. I really enjoyed this book it was fast paced and I liked the character Lottie. I have preordered the next book.

Great read!!. Really gripping story, one of those books you can't put down!

Great novel. Couldn't put this down, a great read for crime thriller fans

The Missing Ones.. Phenomenal debut novel, hooked from the very first page until the last. Endearing characters, solid well written plot. This author is up there with the best of Crime fiction writers. Roll on book two.

Dark secrets. Really enjoyed getting to know the characters in The Missing ones.. very clever plot and terrible consequences.. but had to keep reading! An excellent book!

Gripping. Found the first couple of chapters a bit stilted but the rest of the book is superb. Emotional, gritty and real. Really became attached to DI Parker and it's been a very good read. On to the second book now.

Loved it. What a great read could not put it down

The Missing Ones. Fantastic page turner ! Probably the best book I've read in a while. Looking forward very much to the second in the series.

Good read. I thought this was a great book. Sad really but kept me hooked.

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The missing Ones. Brilliant debut novel. Well worth a read.

The missing one. Great book - well written and enthralling

Fabulous ...gripping. Couldn't put it down, gripping - can't wait for the next one to come out

A good read. It’s a good read and I’ve just purchased the second book. Looking forward to it ☺️

Great read. This is my second book and again totally hooked. I love reading but can’t seem to put these books down, very addictive.

Amazing. I read this in 3 days as soon as I had a spare minute, heart wrenching and well written. Yes it was fiction but a homage to the real missing ones

Excellent. A real page turner already I love this author and. And can't wait to read book two I feel another addiction coming on for Lottie&her team beautifully written and at a easy fast flowing pace loved it thank you.

The Missing Ones. Brilliant! A truly gripping tale and believable characters. I'm pleased that I'll be able to follow Lottie in more of her cases! Already pre-ordered Book 2. Thank you and don't stop at Book 2!!

The missing ones. Absolutely riveting read. Couldn't put it down from start to finish. The author describes the characters in a way you can actually visualise them. The pace of the story speeds up page by page. Must say this book would make a corking film. Can't wait to read the Stolen Ones, the second Lottie Parker Novel.

The Missing ones. Fantastic! Totally gripping!

Muddled. I enjoyed reading this book.But,I don’t like books that move backwards and forwards too much.

Missing ones. Fantastic book very intense very emotional at times ,there are places where you know what your about to read but you don't want to but have to ,if you understand very good ,I hope the next book is as good

Just wow!. I'm a bit of a reluctant reader (not out of choice!) but this gripped me from the first page and I couldn't put it down! Absolutely brilliant!

All about Lottie Parker. I read her 3rd book before I read this one. Which was probably a mistake. I now will read her second one. A lot of crime novels are about a man trying to solve the mystery which I do not have a problem with. However the character of Lottie Parker is irresistible she is every bit as interesting as the story. A great read and highly recommended.

Gripping, well written and vivid characters! Loved it.. Gripping, well written and vivid characters! Loved it.

The Missing Ones. Couldn’t put it down, can’t wait for the next book.

Gripping. Loved this debut from Patricia Gibney, was gripped from start to finish. Can't wait for the next one in the series

QKJX2. Loved it. Can't wait for the second book.

✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️. Loved this book felt a real connection to the characters Going the start the next book straight away!!

Missing ones. Excellent book.Couldn't put it down.cant wait for next one.

Very good. Excellent book, really looking forward to the 2nd.

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Disappointed. Worst ever book of dribble around a story. Way too much emphasis on surrounding details.

A good read. I started this book and did not put it down until finished. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

The missing ones. I loved reading this story it gripped me right through out the story I felt part of the story so sad I felt like crying so much heartache I wfelt like part of the story it was great to read thankyou for a good book excellent

Awesome. Great debut novel, I really enjoyed it.

The Missing Ones. An excellent crime thriller. Believable and fast paced. Well and truly hard to put down. Will look for more from this author. Hope she writes a lot more.

Hard to put down. Enjoyed this even though the topic was grim! I liked how the present & past was weaved together, fleshing out the characters, lots of twists & turns as Detective Lottie races to the catch the villains

The Missing Ones. I loved this novel. The plot engaged me and kept moving well. I found the content topical and frightening. I enjoyed the strength and weakness of Lottie and the sexual tension between her and Boyd. I couldn't put it down. This is a great read providing the reader with a lovely distraction from a busy life. I can't wait for the next edition in the Lottie Parker series. Thank you. Helen - Australia.

Loved it, such a great read. Loved this book. It keeps you in so much suspense. Just when you think you have firgured it out, oh no, 180 degree turn. I couldn’t put it down. The characters are narrated so well. Great page turner

The Missing Ones. This is a terrific read and I was surprised to find it was a first novel. I hope it is the first of many further novels featuring Lottie and Boyd.

The Missing Ones. A really great read! It keeps you guessing until the end. Would recommend this book.

A really great debut. I will definitely look for more by this author. A clever ending & not one you see coming

Haunting tale that you can't put down. A haunting tale you can't put down until finished, and one that lingers in your mind for days. Will watch out for more from this author.

Definitely worth reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from many perspectives.

The Missing Ones. Gripping, page turning read all the way, with a real jolt at the end. This book is a "must read" and I can't wait for her second novel in the series to be released

Enjoyable read. I really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn't put it down and read late into the night. Looking forward to reading more by this author.

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The missing ones. Amazing book, couldn't stop reading!!!

Loved this. Couldn't put it down,read in three days!

Brilliant. I loved this book ... full of emotion and twists... I have preordered The Stolen Girls and can't wait to read it.

The Missing Ones. Absolutely brilliant !! Beautifully written, great story, could not put it down ! Going to start the next book in the series immediately!!

The Missing Ones. Spellbinding, hooked after the first page. Thoroughly wonderful, if a little dark. Already downloaded book two.

A great read. I'm an avid reader, and really enjoyed this book. I felt it kept drawing me back, needing to know what happens next. I felt for the poor children who had been abused as if they were real.

The Missing Ones - Patricia Gibney. Many have changed their names since that time in the orphanage. Children who witnessed the abuse and murder, it’s now decades later and some have returned looking for answers, but others are found dead. Inspector Lottie (named after Charlotte Bronte:) is searching for a killer and the truth about the orphanage. A long story that plays out with a lot of characters in a country town in Ireland. Keeps the Reader enthralled the whole way. It’s a very good story, 4/5

Bewildered. This story was so confusing all over the place

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Missing Ones. Great book! Loved it, looking forward to the next one in the series, five stars!

The Missing Ones.. I liked it alot. I’m not catholic so it was a bit hard to get into the headspace but it did a good job of church scandal. Pedo priests , the cycle of abuse goes on.

A true thriller!. This fast paced book was far from a disappointment! Twists and turns and throwbacks, I devoured this book!

Tell Nobody. I love this book! I have now read most of the books except for final betrayal. in the past I have just given five stars with no reviews but I want you to know how exceptionally well written they are. The settings, storyline and characters kept me up reading at night. I found myself stealing pages all day st different times. Patricia presents her characters with all their flaws and you still feel glad you got to know them.

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Summary of The Missing Ones by Patricia Gibney

The The Missing Ones book written by Patricia Gibney was published on 16 March 2017, Thursday in the Police Procedural category. A total of 776 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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