Imperfections Come to Light

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Imperfections Come to Light Book Summary

After years of wanting her and fighting against myself, I finally had her. For one brief weekend I was whole, looking into the eyes of the woman I've always loved. The one person I'd do anything for.

Catherine Reed is the love of my life, but I blew it when she discovered her sister and I were engaged. But things have changed.

I know she doesn't want anything to do with me, she needs time. Time to heal and repair the damage the discovery of our relationship did to her and her family. I'm willing to give her time, but I will not give up on us. She is my one true addiction and a love as strong as ours is worth fighting for.

Coming back to New York to be with my family and the man I’ve always loved seemed like the perfect plan. Little did I know that I’d be living in a kind of hell after my family turned against me. In the end, I had no choice but to let go of the love of my life, Nicholas Alexander.

I'm not sure if I can ever truly recover from losing a once-in-a-lifetime love and I know things will never be the same with my family. I didn't think my life could get more complicated, but I was wrong.

Consequences for the choices we've made may cost me everything.

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Imperfections Come to Light Book Comments

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Imperfections Come to Light - Shaniel Watson Reviews

  • Loved the books

    By Tin barn
    Yes, I loved reading this book and book number one , I loved the story line and the characters and just a few word errors but on the whole a very good read. I would read and recommend this author.
  • Diminishing returns

    By iunfold
    I was disappointed by this book. Cat turned into a doormat and Nick became a hypocrite. While reading the first book I found their story interesting, but this time around they were bland archetypes (the rich, domineering alpha and the too stupid to live Mary Sue, maybe?) who were too one-dimensional for me to get very invested in. I'm definitely not going to read the next book in this series.
  • Imperfections

    By #1lovetoread!
    Loved this series. Totally hot! Couldn't put it down. Can't wait to see what comes next
  • Beautiful

    By Oohlala25
    Predictable but real, and a beautiful story. All the highs and lows Couldn't put it down loved it. You won't be disappointed in part 2 of Nick and Cat's passionate love story. Part 1 left me in tears and angry till I found out there was a part 2. Some grammatical errors that a good edit could've easily fixed but they didn't detract from the story. Lots of great hot steamy scenes just like in part 1. Can't wait to read Ava and Chris' story.
  • Incredible

    By Micclove
    Love Love LOVE this book. This series was so incredibly written, the story is raw and real. Tears of joy and sadness will follow with this book!
  • Love this Series 💕

    By Askme2
    This is the second book of the Imperfect book series. This book is an excellent follow up to the first novel and the cliff hanger of the unresolved love triangle of the main characters. Some book lovers may find the main heroine a little weak for the charms of her first love but; who doesn't have unresolved issues with the loves of their lives.

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