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Drained Book Summary

Drained, book one in the Agent Hank Rawlings Series of FBI Thrillers

A known serial killer is once again taking lives in Chicago. Bodies drained of blood are being strewn across the city.

For former Tampa homicide sergeant, Hank Rawlings, tracking down the man responsible for the killings becomes his first assignment at his new position, agent in the FBI's homicide division of the serial crimes unit.

Almost before the ink dries on the new job’s acceptance papers, Hank finds himself in Chicago, knee-deep in an investigation with a mounting body count.

While every lead brings him and his partner closer to the killer, the one that puts them directly in front of him threatens them most.

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Drained Book Comments

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Drained - E.H. Reinhard Book Reviews

  • Wanted to like (Kk rozaro)

    I wanted to like this book, but I just can’t. Everything seems short and clipped which made it hard to read.
  • A fast paced story with lots of action (Bookworm Sue)

    I thought the book was well written with developed characters.
  • Drained (Sandune54)

    Fantastic book- I may read it again at some point!
  • Drained (getlt)

    Nice read !!!!
  • Drained (can't stop reading!! Mary)

    Good book one you can’t put down!
  • Good read (quallybear.usmc)

    Kept you coming back again and again enjoyed reading
  • Great read (wtalley22)

    I love how you brought Hank to the forefront. As much as I miss him and Kane together, I'm really digging the new series. Keep up the great work.
  • Best read this year! (Lova g. Book)

    Fast paced and well written. Really enjoyed it!
  • Outstanding 5 stars (NanaJNurse)

    Fast and I read at one sitting loved it
  • Drained by EH Reinhard (AngellBoo)

    I took a vantage of a couple of these free downloads. The books are relatively straightforward, formulaic and an okay way to waste some time. Personally I think having both the Rawlings and Kane series speak in the first person ends up sounding like the same voice, which of course it is, being that of the writer. It's also quite sexist even though the writer tries not to be. That ridiculous scene at the end of Drained was pure sexist set up. If Beth was truly a well trained FBI agent, she would've been smart enough to wait for back up. Unless he had a gun on her, which he didn't, she was stupid to go into his house. That's just bad writing. There's nothing I hate worse than getting angry at a book for mistreating it's characters. I don't think I'll read anymore of these they're not worth my time.

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