Bare in the Bar

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Bare in the Bar Book Summary

Bear Reid is a grizzly bear shifter. He’s miles of ripped, protective male who knows what he wants. That would be Kelly McKenna, the luscious redhead with curves that won’t quit, who waits tables at his bar. 

They’ve craved each other since day one, and when Bear rescues Kelly from a hyena pack, months worth of sexual tension explodes. The encounter is wild and untamed. The connection so visceral, they can’t stop. 

But Kelly’s determined to guard her heart, convinced that if she were Bear’s mate, he’d have claimed her already. Bear’s not one for negotiating. No need, when you’re the most dangerous man in town. But Kelly re-writes all his rules and soon enough, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Now he’s going to prove it…

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Over the pounding sound of Lonely Boy pouring from the jukebox, Bear detected the sound of shattering glass. Not uncommon in the bar, though this time is sounded like a whole tray had gone. It came from the pool room where Kelly had disappeared a minute ago.

He was surprised. In the six months he’d been working the bar over, Kelly had never broken a glass. She was comfortable in her body and that made her graceful. Most of the other waitresses lost one or two every so often. Sweet, sexy, redheaded Kelly, who preoccupied his thoughts and made him hard with every shy peek from under her lashes, had proven herself his best waitress. He expected her to emerge at any second needing a broom and dustpan, and grabbed them out from under the counter in anticipation.

But there was something wrong.

His wilding was nudging him. He heard someone ask for a Coors but ignored them, straining to hear. Stretching senses he usually kept tamped down in the noisy environment. And that’s when he detected it, under the white noise from the rowdy crowd.

A whimper.

He didn’t think, just vaulted the bar between two surprised patrons who flinched when his big body came flying past. Not that they need have bothered. He’d been well clear of them. Bear cut through the crowd as people automatically cleared a path for him. In seconds he was in the doorway, Grizzly raging.

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Bare in the Bar - Novalee Swan Reviews

  • Short and sexy

    By Yaya8603
    Good for a short, hot read. I love shifter romances. Love the interplay of the instinctual beast and the logical human, and the assurance of the “mate.” The story’s characters are engaging, and I am very much contemplating buying the sequel. A few typos that interrupted the flow of the reading kept it from being 5 stars.

Novalee Swan - Bare in the Bar E-Book

Bare in the Bar - Novalee Swan E-Book coming soon..