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No Scone Unturned

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No Scone Unturned Book Summary

Why would someone kill Olive Pendleton and hide the body?

When bakery owner Lexy Baker and her posse of iPad toting grandmas witness a murder remotely through the camera of a drone, they go straight to Lexy's homicide detective husband, Jack, to report the crime. But with no body and no crime reported, Jack can't do a thing, leaving Lexy and her grandmother no alternative than to solve the murder themselves.

Armed with nothing but their gigantic patent leather purses and a dogged determination to see justice done, the ladies dodge a pack of overzealous Pekeapoos, nosey neighbors and an ornery husband in order to flush out Olive's killer before he kills again.

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No Scone Unturned - Leighann Dobbs Book Reviews

  • No Scone Unturned (Grannie Karon)

    Having read Leighann Dobbs books before; I enjoyed this one immensely. There is nothing about her stories no to like. She holds interest right to the last word. I can seem in my minds eye; all the little ladies getting up to their shenanigans with Levy trying to keep them in some sort of order. Thank you for another enjoyable read.
  • No Scone Unturned (NAW 64)

    Fun read.
  • NO SCONE UNTURNED (Senior1935)

    An enjoyable whimsical page turner Keeps you guessing with a surprise ending !!!
  • Hungry for more (Donbon004)

    I enjoy the interaction with Lexy and the grand and friends. Cute...

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