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Power Book Summary

Tanner Akecheta, whose last name means warrior in Sioux, is part of a highly skilled Dark Ops group  known as the Special Tactical Units Division—STUD for short. Tanner’s mission: he’s to be dropped into the jungle in a small, war-torn Central American county, find kidnapped Alessandra Bellini Wilde and return her to the States and to her father, four-star General John Hamilton Wilde. Tanner expects to find a spoiled rich girl. What he finds instead is a smart, independent-minded woman, and a passion so hot it threatens to consume them both. The dangers they face in the jungle are almost insurmountable, but the dangers they’ll face back home will be even more daunting. Can their love survive what Fate deals them?

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Power - Sandra Marton Reviews

  • Power

    By SeymourSue
    Great read. Hard to put down!!
  • Power

    By wild widow
    Excellent, well written book. Kept me interested from the beginning to the end. A must-read

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