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The Swap

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 9946457771148879625
  • Book Genre: Women Sleuths
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The Swap Book Summary

”Full of page-by-page surprises" –Kirkus Reviews

When Nicole Graves arranges a summer-long swap of her Los Angeles condo for a London couple’s house, she thinks it’s the perfect arrangement. She’s always dreamed of seeing the real London; she’s also hopeful the time away with her husband Brad will be good for their troubled marriage. But things don’t turn out the way Nicole expects: The Londoners fail to arrive in L.A. and appear to be missing. Then people begin following Nicole and making threats, demanding information she doesn’t have. Soon, Nicole realizes she’s in serious trouble––but she can’t get Brad or the police to believe her. When the confrontations turn deadly, Nicole must either solve the case or become the next victim.

"a hold-onto-the-bar roller coaster of a mystery”RT Book Reviews

Nicole's evolution places her amongst the most intriguing leads in the genre.Foreword Reviews describe her action as "expertly combining menace with bling, making the heroine's adventures both nightmarish and dreamy." .

The Nicole Graves Mysteries

1. The Swap
2. The Bequest
3. Liar Liar

All Nicole Graves Mysteries can be read as stand-alone novels.

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The Swap Book Comments

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The Swap - Nancy Boyarsky Book Reviews

  • The Swap (catlvr49)

    It took me a couple of chapters to get into it; then I was hooked.
  • The Swamp (Pins4)

    The book was very suspenseful. I most definitely would recommend it as a good read. Can’t wait to read all of her books!
  • The swap (hjdube)

    Very good book. I read it in two days. I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book
  • The Swap (glasslady17)

    This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I had a hard time putting it down. The plot and story line was so well crafted, I would love to see this made into a movie. I can’t wait to read the sequel
  • Good mystery novel! (Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader)

    The Swap: A Mystery by Nancy Boyarsky is a fun mystery book. It is not quite a cozy mystery but it is also not a suspense or mystery thriller. Nicole and Brad Lewis are flying to London for the summer. Brad’s office has sent him across the pond to handle an acquisition. Nicole insisted on going with Brad because she felt that they need the time together, not apart, to work on their marriage. They arranged to swap houses with a couple named Lowry. The Lowry’s would live in the Lewis’ condo in LA while the Lewis lived in the Lowry’s home in Cheswick. Nicole starts having trouble from the moment they land at Heathrow. First she is missing a suitcase, then someone breaks into the house and locks Nicole in the bathroom, and then she is attacked at the museum. This is just the beginning of Nicole’s adventure in the United Kingdom. Nicole is determined to find out what happened to the Lowry’s and why someone keeps trying to kidnap her. Read The Swap: A Mystery to find out what happens to Nicole and the solution to the mystery!

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