The Cinderella Arrangement - Vanessa Waltz - Vanessa Waltz

The Cinderella Arrangement

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 8759282401186148139
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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The Cinderella Arrangement Book Summary

Fake Cinderella. Real Romance.

Luke Pardini is many things: playboy, tabloid fodder, ridiculously attractive billionaire. He’s the Prince Charming every woman dreams of. 

And he wants me to be his fake girlfriend.

I don't want a relationship, even a make-believe one, but I do need the money. Writing isn't paying the bills, and I hardly have time for a second job, let alone a romance. But he's offering me a dream-come true.

I'll get the fancy dresses, the formal dinners, the full Luke Pardini experience. I get to be Cinderella for a few weeks, then I'll trade in the shoes. No problem, right?

Except I don’t have to pretend when he touches me, but he’s made it clear I only get to play his girlfriend for a few weeks. When midnight strikes, our Cinderella Arrangement is over.

He promised the arrangement would be simple. 

I promised I wouldn’t fall in love.

Author's Note: The Cinderella Arrangement was previously published as Break and Crash. The books have been re-edited and some elements of the story changed. Both stories are standalone novels with HEAs.

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