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Hot Renovations

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 11073354941281134504
  • Book Genre: Erotica
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Hot Renovations Book Summary

WARNING: This book is sizzling hot, with strong language and explicit sexual content.


I knew I had to have him.

Right now!

Here of all places

… in the back of his burgundy Rolls Royce.

No strings.

No attachments.

Just sweet sexual bliss.

Enough sizzling friction to make me forget all my problems.

Why this man?

I knew nothing about him.

Only that he was steamy hot!

The kind of hot that hooked me by the panties—shook the flashing neurons out of my brain and sent me into orbit..

He reminded me of a firefighter in his bright orange rugby shirt. Not a firefighter exactly—but a model from a calendar I'd once seen. December! That was him. Shirtless. Seated upright with long muscular legs— creased at the knees on a bearskin rug. Arms perched against muscular thighs—large hands— like he was praying—clasped between his legs, concealing….



When I kissed her, my brain numbed.

I couldn't form a complete thought except …

"Sweet Jesus, she tasted like frozen custard on a blistering hot day. My thermostat broke the minute I laid eyes on her."

 I wanted nothing more than to come all over her t**s.

It's all I needed.

All both of us wanted.

Until she disappeared.

Dive into this erotic steamy read with rich billionaire, Sam and the once prim and proper Quinn as they discover each other in one mind-blowing sexual adventure after another. But wait! There's a story here too.

This is book 1 of the Doyle Sisters Series.

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