Part-Time Lover

Part-Time Lover by Lauren Blakely Book Summary

It was only supposed to be a marriage of convenience...
Let me just say, this whole part-time lover thing was her idea. I’d have gone all-in from the start, but hey, when a gorgeous, brilliant woman invites you into her bed, and only her bed…well, I said yes.
But then, one hysterical phone call from my brother later, begging me to find myself a wife so grandfather’s business stays in the family, and I need a promotion with Elise. Turns out a full-time husband suits her needs too, and a temporary marriage of convenience ought to do the trick, until we can simply untie the knot…
As long as no one finds out…
As long as no one gets hurt…
As long as no one falls in love…
But our ending was one I never saw coming.

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Part-Time Lover (Lauren Blakely) Book Reviews

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- ❤️5 star

Saucy story that kept me wanting to read! Thoroughly enjoyed

- Another Wonderful Read5 star

Copenhagen, a riverboat tour featuring a hot hand standing flasher, and a case of mistaken rendezvous points all lead to a seriously hot and often humorous romance. Christian and Elise have some serious chemistry.

- As usual Blakey hits another home run!5 star

I love this sweet, funny, and oh so sexy story of Christian and Elise! From their very first meeting (wow) to the story of two individuals who believe they will be single forever and the fate that brings them together.

- 4 stars4 star

Fun, fun, fun!

- Part time lover / Lauren Blakley3 star

Good read. Held my interest.

- Part time lover1 star

Couldn’t finish it. Drug so badly that I was ready to delete it the quarter of a way through I forced myself to read thinking it might get better. Never did!

- Consumed5 star

Christian and Elise consumed me from the beginning.. it was fate that got them together after being away for a year. There story made me laugh at there ideas there chemistry was off the charts and how deeply and secretly u can fall.. loved it

- Part-Time Lover5 star

Once again Lauren Blakely delivers an emotional yet funny HEA!

- Grandstanding Christian5 star

Christian and Elise "meet" under some unusual circumstances-I enjoyed that this was set in another country and the way that Christian and Elise's relationship transpires. They both are individuals who have experienced some great pain with previous relationships and try to overcome this to be together.

- Dynamic First Impression5 star

Hero with a British accent! Do I need to say more! Lauren Blakely gives us all the feels plus truly laugh out loud moments. Christian and Elise join Griffin and Joy as memorable couples. Highly recommend the Audible version to listen while you read.

- 4 Swooning Stars!4 star

Lauren Blakely does it again as she has readers like myself swooning hard in her latest release, Part Time Lover. British accent. Check. Sexy storyline. Check. Charismatic characters. Check. So yes, you can say I am big fan of this book. It had everything I wanted in a light sweet, romantic and playful storyline. With sexual attraction brimming between the two characters, readers like myself are emotionally invested as Christian and Elise morphed their friendship into something more than a marriage of convenience. So if you are looking for a book and audiobook that will pull heartstrings and have you swooning like crazy then Part Time Lover is the book for you this summer.

- Part time lover5 star

Great! I cried a few times.....happy tears. Love this story.

- Part time Lover5 star

This book is the best. Elsie and Christopher are perfect. Christopher knows what he wants and goes after it barring any inhibition. Else is the same only doesn’t proceed as risky. Throughout the entire story both of these characters make you laugh, love, and ponder happiness. There Friday night arrangement is comical and there dedication to their careers make them very down to earth and relatable. This is a book I’ll read again.

- Sexy and Romantic5 star

Part-Time Lover is a sexy and swoony romantic story. It’s starts out with a missed connection but fate has other ideas. After some bad experiences, Elise is not looking for love or a long term commitment but she can’t deny the chemistry with Christian. What starts out as sort of a friends with benefits type of arrangement turns into a temporary marriage of convenience. These characters were introduced in a previous book, but the story can definitely be read as a standalone. This was actually my very first Lauren Blakely book (but will not be my last!)! The audiobook narration is just amazing, swoony accents and all! A great ‘credit-worthy’ listen! -4.5 Stars!!-

- Second Chance Romance5 star

Part-Time Love is told in DPOV by Elise and Christian, this is a sweet Second Chance Romance! "He's built for sin, yet safe for my heart." Christian and Elise captured each others hearts while was on a boat tour and he was doing handstands naked on the canal. They were suppose to meet up, but each went to the wrong place since there were to places in town with similar names. Elise was flying home the next day, and as "fate" would have it Christian also happened to be on that same flight, but thought there was no way the girl in first class could have been his Elise, or could it? Fast forward..."Little did I know I'd meet him again, a year later, at a secret garden bar in the heart of the city, where I'd learn that his mind and his mouth were even more captivating. But given the way my heart had been trampled, I wanted only a simple deal - No strings. No expectations." Elise and Christian came to an agreement, which worked out well, until they both realized they needed a lot more from each other. Elise doesn't like to mix business with pleasure, but she needed some expert advice from Christian and he needed her to marry him in order to help his brother save the company their grandfather built. Elise agrees to the marriage and Christian keeps telling her it's all because of fate that things are happening. Elise doesn't believe in fate, yet they find themselves falling in love with each other. "Love is a terrifying choice. That's why I've built walls. He wasn't suppose to tear them down. I wasn't supposed to let him knock them to rubble with his kisses, and his tender touches, ans his sweet and dirty and thoughtful ways with me." The chemistry between Elise and Christian is hot until his brother decides to open his mouth. This pushes Elise away and she feels that her heart is breaking, yet she doesn't know the truth about how Christian really feels. "I need to give her a chance to figure out what I've already learned; we could be more than a deal." Lauren has a fabulous writing style and you'll love this second chance romance filled with chemistry and flirty sexy banter from Elise and Christian!

- Perfect Summer Read!5 star

Blakely writes terrific summer reads, light romances that are funny and sexy, with swoony, lovable characters. Part Time Lover is one such story. Elise and Christian first encounter each other when she is on a sightseeing tour boat in Copenhagen and Christian is doing naked handstands on a dock. Seemingly fated to be together, they meet again a year later in Paris. Both are guarded due to hurtful past relationships. Will they be able to move on and find their happily ever after?

- 4.5 fated stars!4 star

Christian is ridiculously swoony and I just love him! I love the back and forth that him and Elise have. They have a very enjoyable connection and one of the funniest first meetings ever. They connect well on so many levels and have such a bond. I really liked the way fate was brought into the story a lot. They do have to kind of relationship that is plain old fate. They make too much sense to not be. Both of them were really interesting to read about and the storyline was so enjoyable. The book has great sexy time and some really cute moments between them. Such a great read!

- A 5 star romance filled adventure!5 star

Who else but Lauren Blakely could dream up a storyline where the hero and heroine meet when he’s flashing his stunning family jewels for her and a boatload of tourists on a canal in Copenhagen? I absolutely adore everything Lauren writes because she has such a vivid imagination and because she’s so prolific I don’t have to wait long to find out what else is brewing in her orgasmic imagination. Christian is a very confidant man with tons of charisma and even though Elise wants nothing to do with love, fate is determined to play its part by bringing them together. Expect lots of flirtatious banter and sexy shenanigans with a European flair that guarantees a 5 star romance filled adventure. I read an early copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.

- Glorious!!!!!5 star

With her every book, I believe more and more that Lauren Blakely is a wizard. The stories that she creates and the chemistry that she conjures between her characters is pure magic. Her newest release Part-Time Lover is a perfect example of that. From the very first word, I fell under the spell of this glorious book and remain so now. This is a temporary marriage of convenience story (my catnip) between two people who share a yummy friendship and the best of intentions. What ensues is every bit of swoony goodness that you will want in your romance. Set in Paris, we get to see the city of light through the eyes of Elise and Christian, who we got to know in Wanderlust (Joy & Griffin’s story – another must-read). While neither is looking for a relationship, the universe seems to have other ideas — It’s pure kismet. Elise is determinedly focused on strengthening her business and is actively resistant to romance of any kind. Well…. Love has a funny way of finding you when you aren’t looking. I absolutely adored Elise. Not just for her determination, but her dedication to her aesthetics. She saw the beauty in the world and we experience every detail through her in 3-D. Most of all, I loved watching her fall in love. Opening her heart was not easy and I felt a great deal of joy seeing it happen with a man who appreciated Elise for every bit of the amazing woman that she was. At first glance, Christian is a man child, but getting to know him, you see he is far from it. This is a man who with an emotional intelligence beyond his years. He loves his life and those in it. I loved that he was sort of knocked off balance by not only his attraction to Elise, but also how quickly that ignited into more. Sigh. What else I do love about Part-Time Lover? This book was a wonderful travelogue. Not only do we get to go back Paris and New York (my fave), but also Copenhagen, where we get to experience a little bit of hygge. It’s not just that Lauren Blakely can bring us to these cities, but it’s that she gives us a tour that makes it feel like we are there experiencing it with all five senses. Like I said…. Magic. Make this book yours and prepare to not only fall in love with Elise and Christian, but also in each corner of the world that makes their story all the more enchanting. Happy Reading!!! Laurie’s Rating: 5++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ STARS

- Sometimes Fate knows what’s best!5 star

Another fantastic book from the Queen of Steam! Seriously, Blakely can write some very sexy and enticing men. I want them all! Each with their own uniqueness but with the same qualities I love in a leading man. Christian takes the cake though. I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued by the naked hand-stander on the dock? I know I am and would totally be interested in seeing him right side up, and up close and personal. Elise is intrigued with hm and snaps his photo while on a boat tour. She brazenly yells out to him, which in turn make him do something he’s never did with a tourist before, asks her out on a date. But yelling across the water and strew things and they got their signals crossed and never did get to have their meeting before going home. Such a shame. Until a year later when fate has them in the same city and they each have a mutual friend and they meet again. She remembers her sexy naked handstand er and he remembers his “Little Mermiad” and Christian is determined to not let her get away again. Problem is, Elise has had bad luck in love and has swore on serious relationships. But a fling with the sexy man just might be something she’d consider. ***There’s nothing messy about Christian. Nothing risky. He’s built for sin, yet safe for my heart. ****I want him. He entertains me. He makes me laugh. He keeps me on my toes. But he also hasn’t asked more of me than I’m willing to give. I won’t scoop out a portion of my heart or mind that can be stolen again. As a woman who slid into the full-blown madness of a wild, dangerous love not so long ago, I don’t know that a fling could be enough. But I also know it’s all I’ll allow. I want borders, and I bet he’s a man who respects the boundaries on a map. It was fun watching these two come together and get over the hurdles that has held them back from letting someone close to them. Watch them take something that mutually benefits them both and then nurture it and turn into into something more. Something they both so desperately need. Blakely really has a way with story telling and makes you fall in love with all aspects of her book. The characters, the setting, the joys of falling in love, forming a friendship and the witty banter between the characters, and let’s not forget all the steamy times, after all that is why I call her the Queen of Steam *wink*. Blakely doesn’t just create a story, she creates an entire world these characters live in and I love feeling like I’m a part of it. Sights, smells, friendships, heartaches, love, all the feelings - you get to experience it all right along with the characters.

- Another 5 Star Rom-Com5 star

Blakely has delivered another stellar rom-com! Christian and Elise are perfect characters. I loved everything about this! I received an advanced copy for an honest review.

- Her Friday-Night Guy & His Little Mermaid4 star

How could Elise not be smitten or at least quite a bit intrigued when her first ‘encounter’ with Christian is of the naked variety?!? I mean…it’s not every day that someone exploring the sights of a city finds herself ogling a man who just so happens to be doing a naked handstand on the shore. I would have definitely taken a picture for posterity or late night ‘moments’ as well! But their ‘Kodak moment’ was all Christian and Elise had until quite some time later, but now that they’ve reconnected and realized that their attraction is worth pursuing, Elise’s strategy to not let her heart factor into another relationship is adamantly tested by a flirty Danish Brit who has a ‘head for strategy and a body for sin,’ and while Elise can’t quite attest to the first statement yet, what she can attest to is the package that Christian is sporting underneath his clothes, not only because she has the visual reminder of their first interaction but also because a man like Christian can’t have a body that is anything but physical perfection. I adored Christian and Elise’s banter throughout the course of their story. They are both intelligent people and that shows through their savvy business sense as well as their practical natures. The fact that neither of them believes in marriage bodes well for the new partnership that they embark on as does the fact that there is an ‘expiration date’, but it’s still a dicey situation for both Christian and Elise because there has not been too many pairs who enter into a deal of this nature who don’t end up becoming attached, especially when the chemistry between them is as electric as it is when it comes to Christian and Elise’s mutual attraction. I do have to admit that I didn’t really connect with Elise, but it’s not for the reasons some may think. I understand why Elise doesn’t want to venture into marriage or love again; Lauren Blakely clearly illustrates Elise’s feelings of shame and embarrassment when she found out the truth about her husband of six months, and even though it clearly had nothing to do with her being naïve because her husband was clearly a convincing liar, I even get the fact that she blames herself and won’t allow herself to be fooled by another dishonest man. What didn’t quite work for me was how contrary she seemed…almost like her head says one thing while her heart and body say something completely different, and while that kind of thing happens all the time in romance stories, for some reason, Elise’s contrariness annoyed me more than most. I will say, though, that the small glimpses into Elise’s past from her Perfume blog definitely shed much needed light into the woman she was when she was being wooed by her now deceased husband and the woman she became because of his betrayal. Stop and Smell the Days blog is a fitting title for Elise’s musings and through them, her walls made a lot more sense, but it also made me believe that the romantic inside of Elise is still there and Christian is the perfect man to bring down her walls and prove that not all men are like Eduardo. I adored Christian’s playfulness, his intelligence, and his ability to go with the flow when it came to Elise’s obsessive need to remind him and her that their ‘arrangement’ had an end date. His mind for business and language impressed the heck out of me and his relationship with his brother made him the perfect hero for this story. The settings of Lauren Blakely’s stories play such pivotal roles in the story lines and that idea holds true in Part-Time Lover. Readers get descriptions of several historical and beautiful places and those areas create a fantastic atmosphere for the characters to find one another, get to know one another, and find a way, despite their pasts, to make things work, perhaps forever. 4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

- Part-time Lovers is a Full-time Masterpiece5 star

Part-time Lover is a full-time masterpiece that captures your heart and is created for readers who enjoy romantic comedies that combine sexy and sweet in one delicious package. A Buffet Boat Tour in Copenhagen serves up more than architectural landmarks when Elise snaps a photo of a naked man doing a handstand on a nearby dock. Flashing canal tourists means Christian’s mates will be buying his drinks that night. But just a 30 second conversation with Elise across 50 feet of water is enough to spark his interest and ask for a date. Unfortunately they don’t actually meet for another year but the attraction is still there. These two divorcees are not interested in a commitment and bite off more than they can chew when they agree to a sham marriage to help save Christian’s family business. When their pretend partnership produces real feelings for each other they face a much bigger dilemma than just rescuing a company. In true delightful Lauren Blakely style, she seduces her readers with her descriptive detail, witty one-liners and captivating chemistry between her main characters. Part-time Lovers is pure entertainment at it’s best!

- An amazing read about fate and second chances...5 star

An amazing read about fate and second chances at love... Christian is definitely swoon worthy, his personality is so sexy and flirty you can’t help but fall in love. A read you’ll devour from their first encounter until the last page. I laughed as my heart melted and fanned when the heat turned up. I highly recommend this read!

- Fantastic!!5 star

Let me tell you, Lauren Blakely just keeps writing swoon worthy, sexy romantic comedies that really pack a punch. Christian and Elise were so fun to fall for. I could definitely make Part-Time Lover a full-time binge read over and over. Lauren Blakely had me at hot Danish doing naked handstands. But more than that, it was the person behind the handstand. The no expectations and no strings attached arrangement was way harder than either Christian or Elise expected. Two people who give of them selves to help others may just end up hurting them. I loved throwing myself into their story in the city of love. You know a book is good when you find yourself talking to the characters. Let’s just say, I did a lot of talking!

- Fate, flowers, and naked handstands, Lauren Blakely delivers once again!!4 star

4 stars! Lauren Blakely never lets me down!!! Part-Time Lover is cute and sexy marriage of convenience story I just could not get enough of. I loved this book. It had everything I've come to expect with a Lauren Blakely book - humor, an entertaining storyline, amazing characters, steaminess, and a lot of heart. Add in the bonus of naked handstands from a hot Danish/Brit, and obviously this is not a book you want to miss. We first met Christian Ellison and Elise Durand in Wanderlust as Griffin and Joy's friends and right away you could tell they had a connection. They are absolutely delightful. Elise has such a big heart. Yes, most of time it's guarded behind a self erected wall after being hurt in a previous relationship but she's easy to lend a hand or shower a friend with a just because gift. The way she was so quick to help out Christian and his family is proof alone to her kindness. And then there's Christian. Christian is another Lauren Blakely hero that I've fallen head over heels for. He's so funny and charismatic, a bit perverted but in a lovable, flirty, charming way. He makes me laugh and swoon all at the same time. Together…gah!…perfect. You can't go wrong with a Lauren Blakely hero or heroine. I can't recommend this sexy, sweet book enough. Although the characters were introduced in a previous book, this book can be read as standalone.

- Blown Away!5 star

Anytime I pick up a Lauren Blakely novel my expectations for heat and romance are blown away, but Part-Time Lover takes it to an all new level. Quoting Nigel from the movie Spinal Tap, “Put it at an eleven.” Part-Time Lover is by far Blakely’s more romantic and adventurous book to date! If you love romance, travel and heat, and who doesn’t, this is the book you’ve been longing to read!

- Sweetly sexy romance5 star

I have been anxiously awaiting this book, I can't lie. The cover, the blurb and the fact that it was written by Lauren Blakely had me counting down the days until it appeared on my kindle. When it appeared...I may have (ok, I did) squealed out loud. I absolutely fell in love with this book. There were moments that made me cry, moments that made me smile and I was positively captivated from start to finish. I smell another best seller for Ms. Blakely with this book! Elise is such a kind, sweet, protective and giving woman. I absolutely loved her personality. She was funny and smart but she had walls built up. I understood those walls and sympathized with why she had them-even though I was dying to see Christian break through those walls. Elise had such personal growth through this book and I loved getting to experience that with her. This is a woman I would enjoy being friends with in real life., just wow. Am I used to falling in love with Lauren Blakely's heroes? Yes, absolutely. So I wasn't shocked to discover myself swooning for Christian. But there was something just a little different about him. He had a wonderful sense of himself which was so appealing. He's sexy, smart and definitely has a sweet side when it comes to family. I absolutely adored him. I loved how these two met. I love how they learned about one another, with all of this attraction bubbling under the surface. Their first kiss? One of my absolute favorites. To be honest, I don't know how Lauren Blakely comes up with so many perfect first kisses, but she does. The pace of their relationship felt so right and so authentic. I believed in these two as a couple. They had scorching sexy times countered with fun and flirty times. Does it get much better than that? Read the book because for these two? It absolutely gets better. I loved the setting here. The writing transported me to a place I've never been and made me feel like I was there, like I was experiencing it right along with the characters. The pacing of this book just flowed and I didn't want to see the book come to an end. Now, this book is a standalone. But I can't review this without saying how much I loved getting to see some of the Author's other characters/popular places mentioned. For me, it's like catching up with an old friend to see these character names, or familiar locations. If you haven't read any other book by Lauren Blakely you can absolutely start here, but if you have read her? I hope you catch the same things I caught with a smile. This book was the perfect balance of sweet and sexy, like lemon gumdrops and cinnamon sticks. I 100% fell in love with these characters and I know you will, too. I can't wait to see what this Author gives us next. I absolutely highly recommend this book.

- Fate and Love4 star

Part-Time Lover was a lovely read. The premise of a marriage of convenience especially between two people with intense attraction to each other was fascinating to read. Christian and Elise were wonderful characters. They were definitely strong apart but when they were together they were fierce. They brought out the best in one another. They were sweet and passionate as well as fun and delightful. I enjoyed seeing the progression of them individually and as a couple when they would spent time together. Christian was such a flirt and had many swoon worthy ways. I loved it when he would play with Elise and really get to her. The banter and interactions were pleasant. I also loved seeing the bond that they had with others in the story. One of my favorite parts of a Lauren Blakely book is the connection she incorporates with her other books and series. There are several in Part-Time Lover and it was just the best. I definitely enjoyed those parts. Overall, this book was very entertaining, sweet, and sizzling. Lauren always gives an awesome read.

- Flirty and Fun5 star

Lauren had me at mad naked handstander of Copenhagen. When Elise first sees Christian on the dock showing off for the tourists on the boat tour I laughed out loud and was hooked. I couldn’t wait to see how these two would end up meeting up and what kind of chemistry they would have together. Of course it was off the charts and the witty and hilarious banter continued between the two of them throughout the story. Part-Time Lover was a breath of fresh air and the perfect book to start off my summer reading list.

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- Sexy banter5 star

Christian and Elise were meant to be together. One day while cruising down the river in Denmark, she sees this guy doing his exercises in the buff. He invites her to a bar the same night and when she shows up he is nowhere to be found. The next day she learns that there are two bars with the same name in the city. Meanwhile, a year later they meet again and they clicked. Their funny banter makes this book so entertaining and fun to read. Both survived heartbreak, but will Elise ever be able to trust and open her heart to love again? Their chemistry is intense and when he needs help to save his family business, she will step up-to the plate, but can it be for keeps? It is a funny, sexy read that you wont be able to put down.

- Part time lover5 star

I love Elise , strong determined and a romantic at heart . Beautiful story .

- Loved everything about this second chance romance5 star

If you love second chance romance Part-Time Lover will be a must read because this story is all about fate and second chances. This book starts off in the past when Christian and Elise first met but it quickly moves onto the present when they meet again but this time it’s in a different country. Once again Lauren Blakely gives us another couple to fall in love with, this book has it all it’s full of sizzling chemistry, passion and just the right mix of funny banter, this book is everything we love in Lauren Blakey. This is a beautifully written love story that’s told in a dual POV and it will have you hooked from the first page where Christian is doing naked handstands on the side of the canal to the final line where we find we have come full circle. Loved every character, loved the story in fact I loved everything about this book and I can’t wait for my next fix from this amazing author.

- Part-Time Lover5 star

Part-Time Lover by Lauren Blakely We met both Christian and Elise in Wanderlust - the story of Joy and Griffin (totally not necessary to have read that, although it is packed to the rim with romance!) and I knew their story would be a delightful one - particularly given the circumstances of their initial meeting: naked handstands anyone?! And I was absolutely not disappointed in any way, shape or form. This book and these characters fixed a permanent smile on my face with their cheeky banter and I loved every word. Following the meeting in Denmark that never was, Christian and Elise meet again in Paris when Griffin and Joy plan a night out with their friends. Obviously the attraction is still there but having been badly burned in her previous relationship, Elise just wants to keep things casual and for playboy Christian that is no problem whatsoever so they agree to have a Friday-night affair. Circumstances eventuate and Elise agrees to marry Christian for three months in order to help him and his brother with their business. This, in turn, affords Elise access to Christian’s expert analytical skills that she hopes will help land her firm an important marketing account. I love ALL of Blakely’s characters! The men, the women, the men... but I don’t always say that a certain character is my new fave because really, it’s like picking your favorite child! However, I’m quietly confident that Christian is my newest favorite. He’s so cheeky and lovable and kept a permanent smile on my dial with his dirty mouth - and I don’t just mean that in a sexual way. Elise was an amazing woman! She had her own marketing firm, she knew what she wanted and importantly, what she didn’t want. She could banter with the best of them and she had the hugest heart. I love that she embraced Erik as much as she did Christian, even going into protective mode for him. As always, love the family connections. This is a superb, feel-good novel from the brilliance that is Lauren Blakely. *arc received in exchange for honest review. **Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.

- Read this :)4 star

Really enjoyed these sharp and witty characters..loved the story and loved the writing..definitely recommend giving this book a read.

- Part time lover5 star

sexy page turner had me hooked from the beginning couldn’t put it down , great writer!

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5 star

Favourite song? — I’ll say my recent one which is Stevie Wonder - Part time lover Old but gold 😎

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Stevie Wonder - Part time lover

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