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Cutting Edge

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6454140441380846214
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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Cutting Edge Book Summary

A sexy and intense prequel to The Edge Series.
There's a war going on.
I need to pay attention to my job, not the surgeon. Not his sky-blue eyes or the confidence in his hands. Not the smile under his mask or the way it fits on his jaw.
And doctor or not, gorgeous or not, only a complete jerk would drop his pants in front of me just as a show of dominance.
But he's a force of nature, and I don't think I can resist him much longer. 
It's not until I'm the casualty and he's standing over me that I realize I love him.
I want to tell him before I go under. Just a few words before we're separated.
But it might be too late.
The Edge Series. 
Cutting Edge (prequel)
Rough Edge
On the Edge
Broken Edge
Over the Edge

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Cutting Edge Book Comments

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Cutting Edge - CD Reiss Book Reviews

  • Great peak into the beginning (~Mindy Lou~)

    This was a great peak into how the main characters met and started their whirlwind relationship while overseas. I did read book 1 and 2 before I even knew there was this novella. In a way, I'm glad I didn't read this first. I liked the mystery surrounding these two when I began the series. The author did state on her Facebook page that you will want to read this before you read book 3.
  • Places (Skittles1052)

    I absolutely love this author. Take a trip to another place and time. Explore the thrills of love, erotica and an avenue of twists and turns that will keep you suspended in a climatic state of arousal and hunger for things you never even knew you craved.
  • Awesome (Charolinda6798)

    The prequel to The Edge series. I loved reading about how Caden and Greyson met. Sets the tone for what is to come in this exceptional story. A must read!!
  • Great intro to the series (jnnfrgee)

    This prequel was a great introduction to Greyson and Caden and how their relationship started. It takes place in 2004 and is told from Greyson’s POV. I am a novice about pretty much everything that pertains to the US military. But, to me, it appeared that CD completed a lot of research to make this story as real as possible. I was really impressed with the amount of details she included pertaining to the military, Greyson’s rank/job responsibilities, Caden’s rank/job responsibilities, and the differences between their military careers (Greyson looked at her career as a lifelong commitment, where Caden’s career was time-limited). Their relationship progressed quickly, but I feel that is not abnormal when people are in those kinds of life and death situations. Both Greyson and Caden experienced so many things that reiterated the point that anything can happen at any time and we’re not always guaranteed to have a tomorrow. Because of that, their relationship skipped the “normal” progression of a relationship that is featured in most romance/erotica books. I loved how CD ended the prequel. Even though I knew that Greyson and Caden are married in the next book of the series, CD was able to make me question what happened between the end of Cutting Edge and the beginning of Rough Edge. I really enjoyed this prequel and am looking forward to seeing how some of the events in this book may play into the subsequent books of the series.
  • Mind Blown (idmadrigal)

    We are giving a quick glimpse of the new world CD is writing and I can’t wait for more. I wasn’t sure how I was going to connect to the story because ‘military’ reads aren’t my favorite but CD blew this prequel out of the park. Caden is a commissioned doctor and Greyson is a army psychiatrist who meet during a mass casualty come in. Caden sows then up while Greyson tries to put back together their minds. They are prefect for each other and so hot for one another. *fans self* I can’t wait to read more about Caden and Greyson!
  • Amazing (Izizwins)

    Can’t wait to read the entire series!
  • Read it! (reader - z)

    Riveting is the first word that comes to mind. Major Greyson Frazier and Captain Caden St. John are doctors that meet during the war. The scenes so descriptive and clear you are right there with them. It’s a captivating story. They know so much and hide it too, only allowing glimpses of their true selves. Yet there’s a connection so strong it comes off the pages. This may be a prequel but it packs a punch and I can’t wait to start the series.
  • Aaaaahhhhhh! (Picon13)

    Cd Reiss is one of the very best! How does she do it??? Loved loved loved this prequel. Can not wait for these stories to be released.
  • Greyson and Caden are already embedded in my heart (Wendy LeGrand)

    I was just getting ready to start reading an ARC of Rough Edge by C.D., the first book in her new Edge series, when she announced that she had a prequel available to read on iBooks. And being the OCD type of reader that I am, I immediately closed my Kindle and picked up my iPad and downloaded Cutting Edge. I know it isn't necessary to read it before starting the series, but dammit my brain would just be niggling at me the entire time I was reading, whispering to me that there's more story out there, that will possibly give us a little more insight to these two characters. Not gonna lie, some parts of this short story were hard to read. War is ugly and bloody and messy and there are consequences and casualties and it just tears your heart apart. And amidst it all are Caden and Greyson, doing their best to keep the soldiers alive, both physically and mentally, while trying to get through their deployments. The attraction is immediate, but can they even think about having anything more than a physical relationship? Guess you'll have to read to find out. All I can say at this point is Caden St. John is sexy and delicious and yeah, I'd spend time with him. Moving on to Rough Edge now!
  • Excellent! (Cermak00)

    Such an amazing start to the series and I am completely fascinated already!

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