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River's End (River's End Series, #1)

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6708344051397590087
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
River's End (River's End Series, #1) - Leanne Davis Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
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River's End (River's End Series, #1) Book Summary

When Erin Poletti pulls her car into the thousand acre Rydell River Ranch in River's End, Washington, looking to stay with her hated brother Chance, she never intends for it to be anything more than a pit stop on the way to the rest of her life. After her mother's suicide, Erin has no choice but to seek out her brother where he works as a ranch hand, as she is left penniless, homeless and for reasons she will share with no one; without the basic skills to navigate her life. Ranch owner Jack Rydell watches her pull onto his ranch and knows that trouble has come to his ranch, his three brothers, his two sons, and most of all: to himself.

Erin has a short lived relationship with Jack's youngest brother until circumstances eventually leave Erin nearly destitute on the ranch, and finally reveals the secret Erin has desperately hidden. And only then, does Jack finally begin to know the woman whose presence has so altered his life. Eventually, Erin finds a job, and starts to work with Jack and his horses in order to repay the debts she feels she owes him. But the longer Erin is there Jack begins to wonder if he can resist the woman he now knows, despite everything that stands between them.

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River's End (River's End Series, #1) Book Comments

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River's End (River's End Series, #1) - Leanne Davis Book Reviews

  • River’s End (Cmae19)

    Characters were believable and developed well, allowing the reader an emotional connection with the characters and their setting. The word “weary” was used instead of “wary”.
  • River’s End (NAW 64)

    Touching story! I cried through much of it! So heart wrenching!
  • Good-believable (Dkirkha)

    This book was such a believable story. Not a fairy tale,just ordinary people who are not perfect but keep trying.
  • River’s End (Chaucerette)

    I enjoyed reading your well written story. The character development was well timed and thought provoking. I look forward to reading more of your works. The inclusion of family interactions for characters of different age levels and family positions showed a sensivity which is sometimes omitted, or given less importance. Thank you for the free book, Yours are really worth paying for.
  • River’s End (peg Duerr)

    Very well written. I as impressed with the views of the emotions from so many of the characters. Would recommend highly.
  • Rivers End (Glada65)

    Liked - good read
  • Loved it (bre1540)

    I really enjoyed this book. Different that I expected but better! I’ll continue buying the others in the series if they stay as good as this book was!
  • Magnificent (Montanafilly73)

    What a wonderful story about two people doing their best to overcome the hell life has handed them in their pasts. The only thing I wished would have been in there was Erin’s brother getting caught for his mess. I loved the vulnerability the characters showed and how they all evolved in the story. Can’t wait to read book #2.
  • Rivers end 1 (Reva9526)

    Best story I’ve read ina long time - unable to link to next book

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