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No Option

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 11762728251404176702
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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No Option Book Summary

Diana is in a fix. Having lost her job in a company merger, she was down on luck and on her last bucks. When an unconventional job offer comes her way, she keels over. Because, let’s face it, she has no other options.

Kade, John and Brad are billionaire CEO’s shopping for their next submissive. Diana is a front-runner, provided she submits to their whims during a series of tests to determine her potential. It’s easier said than done. 

They want to take her three-ways.
At the same time.
Most of the time. 

What’s a girl gotta do, when three gorgeous hunks want to lay her bare and have their wicked way with her luscious body, in every way possible?

Poor Diana. Here, have some wine.

This is the first book in the Their Sub Series by Linzi Basset.

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No Option Book Comments

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No Option - Linzi Basset Book Reviews

  • Hot Hot Hot (lovebooksmeryl)

    This was a great read. I can’t wait to find out what happens with them!!
  • Eh (straighttalker198)

    Not impressed
  • WOW (JJavidreader)

    Intense read that catches your attention and Does Not Let Go! Can a down on her luck female attract and hold the attention of three men? Undoubtably one can and a family can be the culmination of all of the efforts. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
  • No Option by Linzi Basset (Musiclady always)

    Awesome book great story line
  • No Options Their Sub Series by Linzi Basset (Fancy nights)

    Well written, good story, great ending. I liked the fact that the story didn’t leave me hanging. There could have been a bit more detail of how the characters moved from the beginning of their relationship to 6 month later and then another jump to the final part of the story, but it was good and didn’t get bogged down in to much unneeded detail either. Good Book fasted I’ve read a book in the past month.
  • Three??? (? RLP?)

    No Option by Linzi Basset. This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I enjoyed the storyline. I found the characters to be very interesting. I wouldn’t mind reading more by this author.
  • The book is awesome (BaharaJr)

    I finished reading the first part of the series 'No Option' from the book series their sub book. Diana is such an amazing character who opened up to the new world she wasn't introduced to because she had no option and realized she was part of that world she had never uncovered. I think I am getting addicted too Linzi Basset's writing and I love it.
  • Wow (futuredoctorg)

    Their sub was shocking, but a great read that I couldn’t help but finish in one night
  • LOVE ALL 3 BOOKS!!!! (MsPrinny)

    I purchased all 3 books...& I love them...& then I bought the complete series book without realizing that it was the same 3 books in 1!!!! Is it possible that I could get my money back for the 3 books while I keep the other book...the complete series?? I’m not sure who I need to contact for this matter!?!
  • Their Sub Book one by Linzi Basset. iBooks (Jjjwis)

    Good ending but would like to know what happens next. Will read the whole series.

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