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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 8527921651435009043
  • Book Genre: Erotic Romance
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4 star
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Bad Book Summary

True power is never held by good men, only the most perfect of villains. And she and I are both villains... 

I stole her, and she's so very angry. The cartel princess doesn't like being a pretty little pawn. She fights me when she should fear me. But oh, how her defiance excites me. 

She would kill me if she could, and I'd ruin her if I had an ounce less control. What a twisted game we play with sweet threats and cruel promises. I crave her madness in the most depraved ways because I know she'll be so beautiful when she bleeds.

A queen who could set the world on fire and a king who would call it rain. Two very bad people who want very bad things are never safe together. 

Some love stories have no heroes…

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Bad Book Comments

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Bad - Stevie J. Cole Book Reviews

  • Not my cup of tea, not your typical love story for sure (CandaceCC)

    First let me say this author has a great writing technique. Very descriptive, well written story but not what I was looking for at all. The character are both morbid and yes I can understand this is their lifestyle but they are also very morbid to each other and I found this to not be my kind of story. Too much blood and guts when I like rainbows and butterflies. I also can't find ANY affection in the characters when all they are is bloodthirsty. This book is completely different than any other book I have read and that's not in a good way. Some may like their love interest to be cruel, abusive, and downright psycho but nope, not me. So I just wasted a few hours of my life on this one.

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