Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald Book Summary

‘Absolutely brilliant… I devoured it in a few hours because it was impossible to put down… Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions… Packed full of laughs… Had me laughing all the way through… Perfect.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Is this all there is? I scraped the last dregs of Caramel Chew Chew ice cream out of the bottom of the tub with my finger and licked it. It left a sticky smear on my phone’s screen when I typed into Google, “How to find love, sex and happiness.”

Charlotte has always been a good girl. But being good is getting boring… 

She’s not just stuck in a rut – she’s buried in it up to her chin. The only company she has in bed is the back catalogue of Netflix and falling in love feels like the stuff of fairy tales. So when she stumbles across a popular podcast, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, which challenges women to embrace their inner bad girl, she jumps at the chance to shake things up. 

Old Charlotte would never ask for a stranger’s number, go on a blind date or buy lacy lingerie… But New Charlotte is waving goodbye to her comfort zone (with a side order of margaritas). And it turns out that good things happen to bad girls…

A fabulously feel-good novel that will make you laugh till you cry and leave you living life to the full, margarita in hand! If you’re a fan of romantic comedies by Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk or Matt Dunn, and love TV shows like Girls, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin, you won’t be able to put down this hilarious read.

Readers are absolutely loving Sorry Not Sorry:

‘OMG THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ROMANCE BOOKS I’VE EVER READI literally laughed out loud because it is just too relatable and too funnyReminds me of Sophie Kinsella… CANNOT wait to read more books from this author!!’ Bookish Bibliophile, 5 stars

‘I don't know how much my review will do justice to this book with my sleep induced brain, but my excited heart won't allow me to rest until I have posted this. Have you ever felt that particular urge to share your excitement just after reading an amazing novel? Ever experienced that bubbling happiness that won't be subdued?... There is only one thing I can shout at you: READ IT! … An excellent light read that is hard to put down. It cost me a night's sleep, but that was so worth it. Happy reading everyone!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘I am sitting on a bus leaving New York and I couldn’t even wait to get in front of my laptop to write a review... This book was THAT. GOOD… I took this book slowly because it was one of those novels you know you’ll be sorry to see end. Hell, I even slacked on some finals to read instead of working on my dissertation. I’m not sorry that’s for sure ;)… That last minute twist???? I was screaming.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

FantasticSo good I binge read it overnight… There was no way I was putting this book down once I started… The twists and turns kept me hooked It had me laughing out loud, cringing and falling in love with the characters… So so good and you really have to one-click it as soon as you can.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars

I adored this book… It made me laugh, crave margaritas... Funny, empowering, and has all the feels.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘The perfect pick-me-up… DelightfulPacked full of laughs… A good old giggle!’ Goodreads Reviewer

Wonderful!... I have never read any Sophie Ranald books but I am now going to be working my way through them. With the suggested margarita in hand, of course!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

I couldn’t put it down!’ Goodreads Reviewer

I devoured this book in one sitting and felt very connected to Charlotte (which is a must-have for me)… I loved this to pieces.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

I really loved this book!... Drew me in and didn't let me go.’ NetGalley Reviewer

Well what can I say!!... From the moment I started this book I was captured by the characters and their lives… Just when you think you know what is coming next Sophie manages to surprise you with an unexpected twistI haven’t enjoyed a book so much in a very long time.’ NetGalley Reviewer, 5 stars

I laughed, cried, and laughed some moreHILARIOUS.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Really loved this book!... Had me hooked!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

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Sorry Not Sorry (Sophie Ranald) Book Reviews

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- Nope1 star

Sorry but i can’t read a book when the heroine is compared to Ivanka Trump. Just no.

- bored1 star

i purchased this book based on such positive reviews and i have to say..... i want my money back. this book bored me! i had zero connection to any of the characters. i wanted to stop reading but i am one of those people who cannot stop mid book.... i just torture myself till the end.....and i do mean torture.

- As expected in a great way4 star

I love to read. I love to think about what I would want to happen. Like give me that ‘Goldilocks and the three bears “just right” feeling and fall sleep in my little baby bear bed’ sense of closure. (If that makes any sense?) Anyways... I thought about how I wanted everyone to end up or how I’d feel “right “ about it ending up. And it was exactly as I thought. The guesses I made were right on the money and it was a good feeling they were. So when I say it was foreseeable, I mean that in the best way. Not that it was so predictable it was boring, but that each characters storyline felt authentic to me, and I was happy to have read it.

- Surprise ending !5 star

It was a fun fast read. I feel in love with Charlotte and was cheering her on from start to finish!

- Sorry...3 star

Not... the best, but entertaining.

- Sorry Not Sorry5 star

First time reading this author, and very glad I did. I have to say, every time I read a British author I really enjoy their writing.Everybody got an ending they deserved except Tansy and of course I feel compelled to read her story. I do know I found an author I will look for in the future and go back to read others she has written.

- Very enjoyable & funny5 star

Loved it!

- Loved it!5 star

Not a big fan of romantic comedies but this one took this cake!!!! Loved loved loved it. I’ve never related to a fictional character as I have with Charlotte. It’s amazing. Give it a read

- love!5 star

fun read! thoroughly enjoyed the book :)

- Ehhh... Kinda blah.2 star

I really wanted to like this book, but there were too many parts that seemed pointless to me. Couldn't get past 100 pages or so. Decided to just read the last chapter, and it told me all I needed to know.

- Tried, but not a fan1 star

Despite some of the reviews I was determined to finish this book. However, I couldn’t get through chapter four. The book rambles way too much.

- Loved it!5 star

I stayed up all night. I had to know all the juicy details!

- Breezy, easy read5 star

This was exactly the type of easy, fun book I was looking for. Looking forward to the next one!!

- Bloody hell5 star

Holy smokes. I was glued to this book for four days. I even noticed I started talking from my down south accent to how British folks talk. This book was so well written and had my attention from the first page. I haven’t read a book this long since Highschool. I look forward to more books written by this author!

- Relatable Romance!5 star

Loved this story. Such amazing characters all going through live changing events. While some friends are terrible others step up when it’s least expected, just like real life. This is great for fans of the movie The Wedding Date and other self discovery, empowering, romances.

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- Binge read5 star

Perfect easy read

- Loved5 star

A lovely book, full of ups and downs and totally relatable. If you like a good rom com then definitely read this 😍

- Ummmm1 star

Please make less romantic books I do not like them 🤮🤮💩

- Light hearted and full of escapism5 star

This book is funny and easy to read. After a long day it provided the perfect escapism. You come to care for all the characters. Sad that I’ve finished reading it. Can’t wait for the next one

- It s alright3 star

Not a bad book but not the best. The story is good and well written but the character are too cliché.

- Light hearted and an easy read5 star

I finished reading this in a week, easy to read and fun. Looking forward to more from this author. If you like Sophie Kinsella I don’t doubt you’ll enjoy this too!

- Sorry not sorry5 star

Read this in a day. Totally loved this from start to finish. Definitely reading more of her books

- Fun, easy read that provides both a laugh and an important message5 star

I am sooo fussy when it comes to books- or rather, my attention span is. I can like the sound of a book and story, but if I’m not drawn in from the get go it can take me longer to read the book than it took to write it. ‘Sorry not Sorry’ was everything I was after when I stumbled across it over my holiday - a super easy read that had me from the first chapter, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. One of those perfect relaxing reads, enough of a story to make me want to keep reading and excited to pick it up every day, but not so intense that I couldn’t put it down when it was bed time. Insightfully written, with relatable characters and a fun but meaningful plot. Would recommend!!

- Great read.5 star

A lovely read, with well rounded characters and some laugh out loud moments. Looking forward to the next one.

- Entertaining read4 star

Sophie Ranald is a new author to me and I’m really not sure why I haven’t come across her before now because Sorry Not Sorry made me laugh, made me cry and left me with some great feels. Charlotte has come to a crossroads in her life all her friends seem to have settled down but she is still stuck in the same ruck she has been in most of her life but will her life be about to change as she looks into podcasts that are meant to empower woman.... This story certainly gave me a few giggles as I watched Charlotte find herself, it was entertaining, it was easy to read and it had characters I loved. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

- So many twists!5 star

This really is a book that is hard to put down. As soon as one twist happens shortly after another one does. Would recommend!!

- Best book😍😍5 star

I don’t regret buying this book at all. It is the best book that I’ve read and I’ve read quite a lot. I love how she almost makes you feel like your the third wheel and you are following every characters steps. I almost finished the book in a couple of days. I can’t wait to read another of of hers and I’m very keen on “Its not you it’s him” 😍🥳🤪🤗

- Fun Story.4 star

I thought it was a little slow to begin. But it was just leading up to a great story. Really enjoyed it by the end, didn’t want to put it down. Now looking forward to reading Tansy’s story.

- Excellent5 star

Brilliant book, read another book in this series & annoyingly it was the one before this so I knew too much about this one. Make sure you read ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ FIRST. Still loved it anyway. Sadly the next one isn’t available until January, but I will be reading that too!

- Addictive!5 star

Fantastic, feel good and completely relatable book. Loved the story line and characters so much that as soon as I finished this book, I down loaded her other books.

- Brilliant Read5 star

Loved this book and couldn't put it down. Very funny in many places, heartwarming and relatable with some surprising twists. It's much better than your usual rom com type. Can't wait to read Sophie's next book!

- Good holiday read4 star

Easy going... perfect for a good holiday read x

- Very enjoyable read!5 star

I found this book very entertaining, light hearted and very enjoyable, I do not normally write reviews, but I read the authors notes at the back which made me write this and tell everyone to read this book! It’s a proper girly book and takes me back to my younger years when I was single lol.. well done Sophie, now I’m looking forward to reading about what happens with Tansy..

- Highly recommend5 star

Easy and funny read! Throughly enjoyed reading this book!

- Perfect holiday fun5 star

Just read the whole thing in a few days on hols and I loved it. Fun to read with likeable and relatable characters. Some inspiration from the ‘bad girl’ and Charlotte to sort out my own dating life too, hehe. Thanks!

- Amazingly Funny5 star

I absolutely loved this book. For sure a must read this summer and I cannot stop recommending the book to all my friends! Very believable characters and stories. Thank you

- The best5 star

Once I got into it, I could not put the bloody book down. It was so relatable, so real, I thought about Charlotte as my own friend and I couldn’t wait to get home and hear more about her life. It’s hilarious, made me giggle there and then. I was extremely disappointed when I checked Sophie’s Instagram out, how unappreciated she is as a writer. I really hope this changes really soon and Sophie keeps writing so I can keep reading!

- Entertaining3 star

Not the best, but not the worst either.

- Loved it5 star

A brilliant read! You won’t want to put it down. Can’t wait for the next book.

- So much yes4 star

Just brilliant!!! So addictive and hilarious all at once. A squish’s predictable BUT that does not make it any less of a great book!

- Loved it!4 star

This book is a great read, I do think sometimes the author over explained certain things which made it somewhat boring at times but overall I loved the book! I 100% recommend this!

- Amazing book5 star

One of the best novels I have read. Couldn’t put it down! Very well written. Can’t wait to read the next one.

- Silly2 star

Very underwhelming

- Sorry, I’m definitely not sorry.5 star

I can never find a book that gets me so drawn in that I actually finish it. My attention to books is very sparse. This book has given me dry eyes and serious fatigue at work, I stayed up late each night and finished it in less than a week!!! It gets you hooked, you can’t put it down. I loved each character and how the story developed their personalities. Start it when you have no other plans!

- Great and would recommend5 star


- Couldn’t put it down!5 star

Absolutely loved this book, definitely one I will reread time and time again!

- Fantastic4 star

What an amazing read, couldn’t put it down! Fantastically written, and so funny!

- Great read5 star

Genuinely couldn’t put it down!! Loved the twists and the turns, I think I finished it in about three days 😅

- Absolutely loved!5 star

First book in so long that I haven’t been able to put down. So relatable to a modern age. I would definitely recommend

- Romantic, cute and very funny5 star

really enjoyed reading this book and like other reviews I read I managed to finish the book in 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down and laughed out loud more than twice. Recommend if you love chick lit

- Funny light hearted book5 star

I loved this book I usually read psychological thrillers but this cover caught my eye. As twenty something woman in the dating scene this book really resonated with me. Sophie is a great writer and I can’t wait to read more of her books!

- Great book with fabulous characters5 star

From the eminently relatable Charlotte to the overbearing boss in Colin, this book was filled with delightful moments, entirely relatable storylines and some great ideas for singletons wanting to date. I loved this book and I’d love a follow up story to catch up with everyone’s lives!

- Enjoyable and relatable5 star

Brilliant book. I liked how the characters and storyline weren’t too far fetched. I also felt that I could really relate to some of the heroines adventures and mishaps throughout. This book is written from a true, modern, British perspective, unlike most of the books that I read these days that are so beyond reality. Thank you for writing something worth reading, I eagerly anticipate your next novel.

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