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Consume Me

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 8708578141450087612
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Consume Me Book Summary

I was born a royal. She made me a king. 
I can't find my way out of the darkness. Without her, it consumes me. There's nothing I won't risk to reach her—my crown, my family, my life. 
Because some love is worth dying for. 
They can come for me. They can come for my throne. But I'll take back what's mine if I have to burn this city to the ground... 
Experience a breathless race against time in the stunning third novel in the Royal World from New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee.

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Consume Me - Geneva Lee Book Reviews

  • Absolutely Amazing! (dani-c2019)

    I started off the series nervous to find what the books would include. I loved the first series with command me but I couldn’t imagine the books getting any better. I was completely wrong! This series sucked me in and I couldn’t stop reading! I loved the intensity and the twists at every corner. The ending brought the perfect closure to my favorite power couple!! Totally a must read!
  • This book consumed me! (starstacy)

    What a stunning, captivating conclusion to this trilogy! I was heart-broken in the beginning of this book, then there were the jaw-dropping twists that had me stunned and consuming the book as fast as I could! The end left me with a smile on my face, because it was a captivating conlusion. Clara and Alexander went through hell in this book, and they came out the other side stronger together although with some everlasting scars. I highly recommend this Royal World trilogy, and in fact recommend you go all the way back to the beginning with Command Me!
  • Review: Royal World 3: Consume Me (@LisaHines711)

    Consume Me by Geneva Lee is the third book in her Royal World series. A stunning end to the story arc of Alexander and Clara. The culmination of the plot against the throne, the realization that not everyone is who you think they are and that you can't trust anyone. We ended book two with the queen in danger, no one knew where she was or who took her - and the details and twists are exquisitely written. There is so much I am addicted to with this entire series. Not just the Royal World series but also the place it all started, Royals Saga . I love this author and I love this book. Enjoy!
  • Get ready to get sucked deeper into this book world! (Samantha B. Sokol)

    This story world keeps getting deeper and sucking me in with each book! In particular, this book gave us a big secret drop and questions about the fallout that I am dying to get answered! This book picks up right at the end of the last one in which Clara is kidnapped and Norris is shot. It gives us some revealed secrets about Clara, Norris, Sarah, and a few other royal family members that I completely didn’t see coming, and ends on a happy note with the arrival of the newest royal baby. Spoiler alert – my jaw was constantly dropping throughout reading this book and I’m pretty sure I still haven’t picked it up! Per usual, Geneva gives us some answers but really leaves us with more questions at the end of this book, and the anticipation for the next royal book is so high! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • MUST READ!!! (ilovereadingJO)

    Consume Me was filled with heart throbbing suspense entwined in the ultimate love story. Consume Me's story begins after Clara has been forcefully taken and the grandmother of the King has been murdered. Clara is being held against her will as she awaits the arrival of the newest Royal family member. Clara soon realizes that those that have taken her are only concerned for the health of the baby. She must, while in captivity, devise a plan, if she can, to get herself and her baby freed without any harm to either of them. While she is being held, Clara learns of betrayals that have been planted and have been growing for years. While we see Clara fighting for her baby and the return to her family, Alexander is frantically trying to piece together the abduction and find those that are behind it. Some unwanted alliances need to be made in order to gather information that helps to find his Queen. Alexander, Price, Brex and Georgia race against time to find Clara. Once they do, many decisions need to be made about the Royal families future. This is a must read!
  • Consume Me, Yes Please! (RoyalLove92)

    This latest installment in the Royals World series, is truly a masterpiece. Consume Me has so much going on and yet it is wrote with such ease and will definitely consume each reader, to wanting this story to never end. Loss. Betrayal. Traitors. Love. Family. Strength. I was dreading this story to continue, with how the last one ended? However, I came to terms that in order for characters to grow, there has to be loss. While lives do hang in the balance, that is not the only thing that is lost along the way. The haunting words, From Within, hang in the readers mind throughout the story, foreshadowing the worst kind of betrayal, that no one could see coming. I guess that is why Geneva Lee is the Queen, she builds up her readers interests and then, makes our hearts bleed for the characters that are shattered from the secrets that are unveiled. Traitors are not uncommon in Royal history and they often come by people that we keep close, I guess that is why they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer-only how do you determine the difference, that is something all the characters will have to learn! While Consume Me is thrilling and emotional, Geneva elegantly stitches in love, and how you never truly lose it, you just simply have to look for it in different forms. These books are built upon Alexander and Clara’s love. It is their love that has brought all of the pieces on the chess board together, and it will be their love that will mend the family and give strength back to the people of England! Long live the King, Long live the Queen!
  • Amazing Ending (Embell0830)

    A solid 4.5 star read. First it should be noted that this isn't a standalone, books one and two of the Royal World series need to be read first. This book was an amazing conclusion to this story. I thought I had things figured out, I thought I knew who the villains were, but wow, just wow; I didn't see any of that coming. The twists and turns of the plot had me fully engaged. Once you start, you will not want to put this book down. This is all about the suspense, the drama, and the angst; the steamy times aren't there, but then again I wasn't really expecting them. The ending leaves the door wide open for future stories. This book didn't get the full five stars because there were a couple things that didn't add up for me, maybe I missed something, maybe I didn't. I plowed through the book so quickly, I'll probably do a re-read. I can always come back and update my review.
  • Blew me away! (~Mindy Lou~)

    What a stunning conclusion! I was not expecting any of that. The secrets uncovered in this book blew my mind. There were so many twist and turns that I practically devoured this book. The love that Alexander and Clara have for each other shined. You could feel it in all three books but this one, Alexander learned that protecting Clara meant trusting her to handle every obstacle together. The lengths he was willing to go through for her proved how much she meant to him. This was a pretty exciting trilogy. I'm hoping the author will do more with some of the side characters. There were a few things that can be expanded on, so fingers crossed we get more!

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