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Stealing Lives

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Stealing Lives Book Summary

A mansion, an empty safe, and a murdered couple. For Major Crimes Sergeant Brad Braun, it's the first day back in the field after taking a bullet.

The second that Braun steps foot on scene, he banishes any thoughts of this being a home invasion gone wrong. Whoever entered the home appears to have done so with the intention of killing anyone in sight.

But the first home is just the beginning. Within twenty-four hours, the sergeant is staring across a similar blood-soaked scene. An undesirable trend begins to emerge.

As Braun circles in on his suspects, he quickly realizes the kind of people he's dealing with—aggressive, ruthless, and incapable of showing regard for human life, even for one of their own.

The closer Braun gets, the more that disregard for life may apply to him.

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