Revenge by Laurelin Paige Book Summary

Edward and Celia’s relationship changes once again when his focus for the future includes a past she wants to leave behind.

Revenge is the third book in the Slay Quartet.

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Revenge (Laurelin Paige) Book Reviews

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- My favorite installment of the Slay Quartet so far!4 star

4.5 STARS NO SPOILERS! Wow. Wow. Wow. Revenge was a sexy, riveting, and suspenseful third installment in the Slay Quartet, and has been my favorite of the series so far. A lot transpired in Revenge, and I was captivated from beginning to end. I once again loved Laurelin Paige’s writing style, and that she finally gave readers more chapters from Edward’s perspective. I loved delving deeper into his character and discovering what motivated him to be the man he is today. Some of the questions I had from the previous two books were answered in Revenge, but there were still several things left up in the air (which I obviously expected), and I very much look forward to continuing/finishing Edward and Celia’s story in Rising.

- Edward and Celia’s Story is a Must Read5 star

I love this couple! Edward and Celia started off rocky in book one. Twists and turns of the story bring Edward around to avenging people in his and Celia’s life. I once hated Celia’s character, and now I understand why she was so awful. Edward is her match at playing games and they have been playing with fire the whole series. This is book three of four in her series I cannot wait for book four to see where this ends!

- On the edge!5 star

So far this is the book that really had me on the edge, and that's saying something. The first two books were not a walk in the park. I'm actually really glad the author is taking her time telling Edward and Celia's story. These characters are so complex. We need to see their story fleshed out and not rushed. Both Edward and Celia have a long journey to go from where they were when they first met to what I'm hoping to be their happily ever after. That takes time and we need to see their growth taken seriously which I believe the author has accomplished to this point. I gotta admit, because of how much we are seeing in their journey, I think this couple may have Hudson and Alayna beat with the level of writing that this author is putting into their story. I can't believe I'm saying that. Trust me, I never thought I would say that. I love Hudson and Alayna. I still do, I just can't get over how much I'm impressed with how fleshed out these characters are. I feel like I'm right there with them as they grow and become a newer version of themselves. This last and final book to come will have a lot riding on it. There is just so much more that needs to happen and I'm nervous with how Edward and Celia will get there. This series is not an easy series to read. This isn't a feel good story. Both Edward and Celia have things in their past that have shaped them to be the enemy in so many peoples eyes. Their past is not pretty and Celia's in particular was pretty disturbing. It was very hard to read certain parts of this book and in book 2 when we learn what happened to her. I want them both to finally be free of all that have weighed them down and I want to see them happy. Yes, that manipulative, conniving woman in the Fixed series is the same woman I want to see have some happiness in her life.

- Intense and gripping5 star

An intense and gripping story. Celia and Edward’s story continues to captivate you and keep you on the edge of your seat as their journey continues to unravel. The emotional roller coaster and intense feelings as their revenge continues. I absolutely love reading the passion and growth of the characters. Looking forward to reading more.

- Amazing!5 star

The continuation of Edward and Celia’s story. The series must be read in order. Beautifully plotted and dark. I liked how Edward sets up his revenge that aligns with Celia’s past. Plenty of steam and conflict. Great book and I can’t wait for the end game!!

- Love their relationship5 star

I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. I am so glad it did. This book is amazing. I love reading about Celia and Edwards relationship. I am falling more in love with the both of them. This was a nail biter. I didn’t know if there was something that was going to go down or be a happy ending. I love reading the younger Edward and the older Edward. Absolutely love it. I highly recommend this book/series. Kind of saw a glimpse at what Marion is like too. Another great read. Definitely won’t be disappointed. Can’t say much without giving too much away. I can’t wait for the next one.

- Revenge was sweet for Edward & Celia!4 star

I loved that we learned more about Edward’s past in this book, because it informed his present. He needed revenge on people who wronged him in the past, so in the present he wants vengeance for those who wronged Celia. Celia was rebuilding herself in this book after her truths came out in the last book, yet she was still feisty and strong. Edward was just as ruthless and dominating as always, but his love, need and possessiveness of Celia was endearing. It was fascinating to read Celia and Edward navigate and build a real marriage with trust, loyalty, adoration, love and lust. I kept turning pages, because I wanted to see how their revenge and marriage would unfold. Revenge was sweet for Celia and Edward when it happens to the people who hurt them, but what happens when they have different opinions on who deserves their revenge? A cliffhanger is what happens, and I can’t wait for the 4th and final book! *I received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review.*

- I need an Edward!5 star

Laurelin Paige is a goddess of words. Edward and Celia’s story continues and it does not disappoint. I love Edward, he is fiercely protective and dominant but sweet and loving. I can’t wait for the next book!

- “We are sinfully beautiful together.”5 star

After being isolated on the island and alone with her thoughts, Celia returned to London to truly begin her life as Mrs. Edward Fasbender. His sister Camilla didn’t like her and the staff wasn’t sure what to do with her, but all that mattered was that she was reunited with Edward, the man that she loved. I love this side of Celia, and at last she was the woman I knew she could be. Standing up to Edward, making her own decisions, and leaving her past behind. As I turned the pages of “Revenge” my heart was pounding as Celia and Edward worked together to chase away her demons by punishing those who had wronged her. Every page held a new revelation and I was intrigued by the steps that Edward would take to ensure that Celia would never have nightmares again. His relentless and meticulous pursuit for justice was ingenious and diabolical. What more can I say about this remarkable book except that Laurelin Paige is an accomplished and brilliant author whose prowess is unmatched in the literary world. I have no idea what to expect from the final book “Slay Four: Rising,” but I am confident it will be as intense and surprising as the rest of the series.

- Love this series!5 star

This story just gets more and more interesting. The reader gets to dive more and more into the psyche of both Celia and Edward. The way that Ms. Paige writes brings the reader into their world is amazing and feels so genuine.  The atrocities and damage that has been done to Celia, the need for vengeance and revenge for Edward burn up the pages and I couldn't put it down until the end. This brings Celia's past to the forefront, I continue to empathize with her and how she is evolving into a more relatable character.  I continued to understand why she was so cold and calculating and how Edward had to break her down to help her build herself back up again.  I also admired how even though all that she still has steel in her spine and isn't afraid to fight back for what she truly believes in. Edward continues to be a man you almost hate to love, but he continues to surprise me and I am seeing some real redeemable qualities to him.  He truly wants Celia to come around to his way of thinking concerning his need for revenge. This third book was amazing and the ending!!! Oh my me, I cannot wait until May!

- Gets better and better5 star

This series gets better and better with each book. Revenge picks up where Ruin left off. Edward and Celia’s relationship remains explosive. Edward is exacting revenge on the people who has hurt her. Deep emotions are involved. I found this book more intense then the first two. The story is fast paced, always something going on. Revenge does end in a cliffhanger. Waiting patiently for Rising, the next book. Copy was received for a honest review.

- One fabulous read!5 star

This third book in the Slay Quartet is the continuing story of Edward and Celia. I’m blown away by the depth of this story, it’s intriguing plot twists,the heartbreaking past Celia fights to overcome,the overwhelming need for revenge that Edward seeks, it all leads to a emotionally charged, totally captivating, edge of your seat thrill with heart, heat and Revenge!

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- Wil not download1 star

I bought the book but it won’t download onto my phone :( all others download fine. I don’t know who/how to contact someone to help me with this

- 4.5 stars-revealing, emotional , provocative5 star

4.5stars--REVENGE is the third instalment in Laurelin Paige’s contemporary, adult SLAY dark, erotic, romance quartet focusing on businessman/billionaire media mogul Edward Fasbender, and Celia Warner. The SLAY Quartet is a spin-off from the author’s FIXED series, and falls in the timeline before Fixed Forever and a few years after Forever with You. REVENGE should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately after the events of book one SLAY: RUIN. NOTE: Due to the nature of the story line premise, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers. Told from dual first person perspectives (Celia and Edward) SLAY:REVENGE focuses on the ongoing relationship between our leading couple, and Edward’s need to seek vengeance against the men he believes destroyed his father. Years earlier, Warren Werner and his brother Ron took over and dismantled his father’s business, and in the ensuing time ruined the lives of Edward and Camilla Fasbender. Fast forward to present day wherein the time has come for Edward to take down the Warner family, starting with Celia, then Warren and Ron. Months will pass, and Edward and Celia’s relationship will become one of power, control and ultimately love until Celia reveals the truth about what happened years before. To get his revenge, Edward works alongside the local police in an effort to take down the man that destroyed Celia’s life. What ensues is the building romance and the Master/submissive relationship between Celia and Edward, and the potential fall-out as Edward refuses to reveal the secrets about his past but demands all of Celia’s secrets in return. Edward Fasbender and Celia Warner are ultimately game players who often target the vulnerable and the weak but Edward’s latest targets are anyone and everyone who has ever threatened or abused the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Edward is desperate for Celia to reveal the man who introduced our heroine to the world of The Game, the long con that destroyed so many lives. The relationship between Edward and Celia continues to develop towards a more romantic lifestyle but Edward is a Dominant by nature, and Celia, although somewhat submissive refuses to bow to Edward’s every command. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate but I dislike the use of a certain four letter word in my romance story line. It was only used twice-more for shock value than anything else. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Edward’s children Hagan and Genevieve; his sister Camilla, and her son Freddie ; Celia’s father Warren, and his brother Ron, as well as several other Edward targets in his need for revenge. SLAY: REVENGE is a story of power and control; of vengeance and retribution; determination, relationship, romance and love. The premise is raw and engaging; the romance is gritty and intense; the characters are wounded, determined, broken yet strong. SLAY: REVENGE is a revealing, emotional and provocative instalment that ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned.

- Great story5 star

Firstly if you haven’t read the first two books in the quartet then I suggest you do so before you continue with Revenge. Edward Fasbender and Celia Werner both know how to manipulate people and circumstances to suit themselves, they know the game, they play to win and take no prisoners. The question is who will come out on top? It is an intense, emotional and gripping story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are moments that may challenge you as a reader so you have been warned. The chemistry between Edward and Celia was intense as the Dom/sub relationship develops. However it was interesting to see him more vulnerable with his love for Celia which also strengthens their relationship. The writing was strong and I loved how Laurelin Paige drew us in with the story she wove. It was gratifying to watch Celia coming in to her own. Edward is certainly not a man I would want to cross particularly since he has become focused on exacting revenge. A roller coaster of a read that is a fast paced story that will draw you in and keep you riveted from the first to the last chapter. Be prepared it does end in one heck of a cliffhanger and I cannot wait for more.

- Captivating5 star

I want to first say please don’t pick this book up without reading the first two in the series because this is a continuation of those stories. Edward Fasbender and Celia Werner know how to play the game, they know how to manipulate people to get what they want and it’s not always pretty. Problem is when you play games you sometimes end up playing the person you don’t expect to.... This series has captivated me, I needed to know the background of Celia and Edward I needed to know why they play the games that often hurt people who get in their way and once again book 3 has given me another insight into Edward and Celia and in this book we see their relationship start to change. We see their relationship and chemistry become more intense as they move into a Dom/sub situation and truth be told this is exactly what Celia and Edward need to show they can both be vulnerable and they are both capable of love with the right person. Will this mean this couple have found their HEA I’m sure there will be more twists and turns in the next book because this love has been anything but straight forward. An emotional roller coaster that kept me on the edge of my seat and what can I say about that massive cliffhanger apart from I can’t wait for the next instalment of the Slay Series.

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@Paula_White: Forgiveness is not a forgotten memory, it's a memory without revenge!

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