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Man of Matrimony

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 13021206431477484402
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Man of Matrimony Book Summary

It’s illegal … But only if you get caught.

Brianna Winter was a high-flying executive for a hot start-up until her company collapsed in scandal. Now, her reputation in tatters, she's left with mounting debts and nowhere to turn for help. 

Enter Liam McGuire.

The laid-back Irishman can to California in search of fun and sun. But with his visa about to expire, his sand and surf days will soon be over if he can’t find a way to stay in the country. 

As far as Liam is concerned, they’re a match made in immigration heaven: he’ll support her until she finds a new job; she’ll be his wife until he gets a green card. All they have to do is stay married for a year, but neither is prepared for the sparks that fly when Liam moves in.

What starts as simple attraction begins to deepen into something more. When suspicious immigration officials begin asking awkward questions, though, their relationship is put to the test. Brianna risks arrest if they stay married, but Liam will be deported if they don’t. 

Can they find a way to stay together … without going to jail?

This is the first book in the Man of Matrimony Series by Thea Dawson.

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Man of Matrimony Book Comments

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Man of Matrimony - Thea Dawson Book Reviews

  • Man of Matrimony By Thea Dawson (Rachelth!)

    Cute story and characters, makes you want to find out more
  • Man of matrimony (Baumgas)

    Brianna’s job is in jeopardy. Liam’s work visa is about to expire. Introduced through a dating service, but do they have more in common...or chance a fake marriage for Liam to stay in the country?
  • It is good (Sam I Am 123)

    I enjoyed the book but it was predictable. I enjoyed it enough to read the remainder of the series to get the entire story.
  • Great book! (This app is getting annoying)

    It’s funny to see a super independent woman go against her natural instincts and rely on a man. But this isn’t done in the super cheesy way where she looses all sense of self and molds into a trophy wife. All in all, a good and fun read!

Man of Matrimony - Thea Dawson Book Reviews

  • Man of Matrimony (RIrving123)

    Fun book! Easy read and likeable characters! Interesting storyline! Can’t wait to read the next one!

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