Wasted Words

Wasted Words by Staci Hart Book Summary

Some universal truths refuse to be ignored.

Peanut butter and jelly are a match made in heaven. Spaghetti and meatballs are best friends
forever. And guys like Tyler Knight don’t go for girls like Cam Emerson.

She knew from the second she met him that he didn’t belong on her bookshelf, the six-foot-six
ex-tight end with a face so all-American, it could have sold apple pie. So she shelved him next
to the supermodels and rock stars and took her place on her own shelf — the one with the
flannel-clad, pasty-faced comic book nerds. Most of her boyfriends have existed between the
pages of books, but rather than worrying over her own lacking love life, she puts all her energy
into playing Cupid, using her job at the book bar, Wasted Words, as her stomping ground.

Tyler Knight always looks on the bright side. His career-ending injury turned into a job as a
sports agent. A horrible breakup led him to Cam, his quirky, smart roommate who is far more
beautiful than she realizes. She’s made it perfectly clear she’s not interested in him — not like
that at least — but if she ever changes her mind, he won’t hesitate. Because he doesn’t see the lines she’s drawn between them, as much as she insists that they’re there. 

Deep down heknows that despite their differences, they’re a match well made.

*A standalone romantic comedy inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma*

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Wasted Words (Staci Hart) Book Reviews

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- Didn’t finish2 star

I really tried to tough it out, but Cam annoyed me too much. I understand her anxiety relating to being in a relationship with someone who she thinks is out of her league. But what I can’t get behind is her obsession with forcing that way of thinking onto other people and their relationships. Her obsession with getting Bayleigh with Greg got so annoying that I stopped reading at the bowling alley scene. Yikes. I just couldn’t take any more of her projecting.

- Emalee n5 star

Love it!!!it is so good beginning is confusing burst if you keep reading it gets 10 times better

- ✨ 5 STARS!!! ✨5 star

This book was sooooo good. I just love the story. I think it’s going to be a new favorite for me.

- Wonderful!4 star

I could not put this down! It has a few grammatical errors, nothing too bad. Other than that it was wonderful! Can’t wait to read the others!

- Wasted Words2 star

This author’s strength lies in her vivid descriptions and exploration of sex, and is the only thing going for this book. Words are also missing in places and redundant in others in addition to a couple random blank pages. As an Asian woman, artist, feminist, and long time member of the geek community who studied Japanese for three and a half years this book was very trying. The character research was not evident. Although Cam is supposedly a long standing member of the community, she believes hentai is exclusively “tentacle porn” and fails on multiple occasions to differentiate between manga and western comics, cosplay and costume et al. The most telling attribute as to whether someone is an outsider or insider in any community isn’t how many references they can shoot off, it’s language, which in this case wasn’t there. At times the author attempts to paint Greg and Tyler as “woke” but ends up doing the contrary. I.e. Greg criticizes the lack of diversity in commercial Halloween costumes for women, which is valid, but presumes that women make their choices for men rather than themselves, and in shaming them for choosing less conservative attire he polices their bodies. While the author does a decent job of illustrating some of the challenges that come with being in a relationship with someone who suffers from anxiety, she reveals a lack of understanding of mental health when every character seems to believe the problem can be willed away whenever they so choose and ultimately ends with yet another woman having to apologize for her feelings. There is also a moment of casual racism that results from the apparent need to flaunt the fact that Cam is multilingual for no real reason outside of patting this character’s resume. When problematic behavior is displayed without being addressed, it is reinforced and perpetuated.

- So good!5 star

I couldn’t put this book down! I wanted to find out what was going to happen next. I was happy when I found out there was more books to follow. ❤️

- She’s a hot mess underneath the self containment.4 star

It’s a good read about a quirky gal who runs a book/comic shop that also contains a bar. Her roommate is in love with her and they are both blind to it until she fixes him up with a genius goddess. Read along to see the confusion and love form.

- Seemed like it was going to be amazing3 star

Honestly, I really struggled with this book. I downloaded it twice in hopes of getting into it. Cam was so difficult to deal with and looked for so many reasons to not be with Tyler but there was no reason for that. I really couldn’t get into it

- Relatable!4 star

Found myself relating to all the characters (except Kyle)! Cam is so genuine and I found myself having thoughts similar to hers. And Tyler is a dream

- Learning so many things now5 star

One of the best books I’ve read lately, inspired me to be just like Cam and invest in myself and skills not just looks

- Love this book5 star

I read this entire thing in less then 24 hours, couldn’t put it down. 100% recommend for any teen girl that wants a good book

- Hated Ending4 star

I loved everything about this book except the abrupt ending and the free bonus content you can download goes way to far into the future.

- Surprisingly Delightful5 star

So well written and well developed. I loved this.

- Cutest Love Story Ever4 star

I absolutely love this book. It is so cute and sweet and adorable. I enjoyed reading this so much. The Novella link at the end of the book was the perfect ending to a perfect ending!! Now I know a book is what ever the author wants it to be and it can be as wild as they want it to be. And with saying this I still love this book to death. But the only thing I didn’t love about this book was how cam acted at the bowling alley. Now maybe some people might actually have done that in real life (I hope not) but I think it was just a little over the top. You’ll know what I mean if you decided to read this book. This is an amazing book and I think if you want some feel good vibes you should defiantly read this. Staci Hart did an amazing job with this book and I will probably read it again in the future!

- Wasted Words4 star

A completely entertaining read. I had hard time putting this book down It ended much too quickly!

- Wasted Words1 star

The author somehow managed to formulate a sentence with ‘ghetto, gangster lean and Kanye.’ I, not seeing the relation, was immediately turned off.

- Wasted word2 star

I couldn’t make it through even had the book, the writing is good but the main character is obnoxious and the guy completely unrealistic.

- Matchmaker5 star

As a 69 year old still single man, why couldn’t there have been a Cam Emerson to meddle in my nonexistent love life?

- It needed some work...2 star

I really wanted to like this book. I’m a sucker for the whole friends to lovers storyline, so I was definitely looking forward to this. But the characters didn’t really deliver for me. The male character was just plain old boring, and the female characters was kind of annoying. Rather than add some additional plot elements to justify its length, it just repeated the same conflict over and over, so that by the end I was over it completely.

- Funny & Heart Jerking5 star

I was laughing on back patio within the first few pages, loved the book and the characters, I would say Cam being so back and forth was a bit draining but overall this book is now one of my favorites!

- Exactly What I Needed to Read4 star

I’ve very rarely left reviews for things I’ve enjoyed, let alone for books, but this story did something to my feelings. Cam & Tyler’s relationship was so pure & good natured that it made me want to see them through to the end. I loved their storyline & every character that helped bring them together. As I was reading it, I imagined who would play Cam & Tyler in a movie. I absolutely adore Olivia Cooke & instantly thought of her while reading Cam’s part. For Tyler, I immediately thought of Matthew Noszka. This was the first book I’ve read from Staci Hart but seeing how much I loved this one, I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer. If you’re thinking of getting this book, DO IT!

- interested in the book5 star

I loved the book.I always enjoy reading Staci Hart's books.

- Truly “Wasted Words”1 star

I wish I could take back the time I spent reading this book. Truly a waste.

- Wasted, Not!!5 star

Loved the smart mouthed main character, her friends and everyone’s dream boat Tyler. Our formative years in h.s. can really traumatize us and this story points it out and how those teenage silly years affect our future. Definitely recommend, fun read and several HEAs.

- Decent Read3 star

The ending was predictable. I didn’t enjoy reading another book where the female main character is insecure. Though you do learn the reason why in the book, wish she could have communicated her feelings better.

- Love it5 star

I loved everything about this book even though a couple parts were a little cheesy. Read it in one sitting and would read again in a heartbeat!

- oh. my. DAYS.5 star

Honestly, I’ve been in a rut trying to find a book that makes you want to just sit and binge for hours. THIS BOOK IS IT! It has everything a feel good book needs. Love, heartbreak, friendship, sex, etc. Tyler and Cam’s story makes me want to reread over and over until my brain hurts. This is Rom-Com movie material y’all. Like the type of book that makes you wish there were three more books continuing their story. Take the time, enjoy their love story. I mean it. Seriously. READ THE DANG BOOK! side note: will be buying more of her books, I’m officially a Staci Hart stan.

- Love!5 star

I love this book!! I will be buying Staci Hart’s other books to read in the future. I think she’s my new favorite author!

- Wasted Words4 star

Good read. Cute story Enjoyed the romance. Made me think about how high school trauma continues to effect many people’s lives.

- Lack luster at best.1 star

I really wanted to like this book but ultimately I couldn’t really get into it. The main character was such a terrible person and the male lead was absolutely one dimensional. Really all the characters except maybe one fell flat. Even the novella thy follows just illustrated how the leads didn’t change at all.

- Where to start?1 star

This book is awful. Poorly written, unrealistic characters, poorly written, ridiculous and annoying plot, poorly written.

- Loved it!5 star

This is different than the books I usually read. I really enjoyed this one though! It was a different perspective I’ve never gotten to read.

- Best book ever5 star

This book is amazing!!!

- Decent Read3 star

This wasn’t that bad of a book. Funny at times, genuine in others. Tyler was the dream guy and Cam was the girl that we all wish we were like. Parts of the story really dragged on and needed extra attention on editing. Moments neither one of the main characters seemed realistic. Cam was a gorgeous girl who didn’t know she was pretty. She could eat 6 cupcakes, yet was super tiny. Tyler was the big hunk, with a great job, but still needed to live with a roommate. He did everything right, always. There is potential with the writer, but I’m just glad this was a Free read. It really wasn’t that bad, but it needs a little help.

- Wasted words5 star

I wonder sometimes as I read a authors words that carry me on adventures outside the walls of my world. To characters that capture the heart and soul with words that speaks to so many different emotions. Within this book, Wasted Words, I experienced many emotions and came away knowing that I had been touched by an author who knew the meaning of words. Thank you Staci

- Interesting4 star

Beautiful character development for both Cam and Tyler which was executed brilliantly. It's definitely a good read. I loved every word I read.

- Really enjoyable5 star

I rarely leave reviews and have never left a 5 star one. I don’t care for Austin’s writing as a general rule, but I really enjoyed this story that’s intending to be based on it. It was well written and well edited! There weren’t plot holes I could drive a truck through. The main characters were all people who I’d like to hang out with and who are kind and careful with each other. They have human moments like all of us, but work to treat each other well. And did I mention it’s well written? Like with real grammar and proper word usage?! I highly recommend this read.

- LOVED IT!!4 star

omg i love this story! it’s so cute and it’s very relatable to me and shows a really interesting depiction of cliques and belonging in a certain society which i found very intriguing. definitely recommend.

- ❤️5 star

Really enjoyed this book, cant wait to read more of this authors other books.

- So funny5 star

As a ‘tall girl’ I utterly can’t stand when I see really tall guys with little midget ladies. Leaves us with the midget guys. That being said I loved this book anyway. Lots of the humor had me laughing pretty hard. I’m even keeping it in my favorites in case I’m feeling down and need a good read.

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- Cute!4 star

The story is easygoing for the most part, and tense at some points, but there were a few moments when I wondered if the details were necessary. Still, an excellent read!

- Loved4 star

The suspense and drama is attention grabbing. I sat to read three sessions and was finished; the novella was the cherry on top.

- Loved5 star

I fell in love with the story, the characters and Wasted Words. I loved this book. As soon as I finished it I couldn’t stop smiling. I really love it.

- Amazing5 star

I really loved how you portrayed every character and it really kept me interested! I loved it so much!

- Not good2 star

I purchased many books in the rom-com genre to binge read over my two-week holiday. This was book #4 on my list and it took me a very long time to get to the end. Although the characters were likeable, the beginning was slow and dragged on, and the story line became too predictable. On a side note, there were a number of typos and other errors that seemed to have slipped through during the editing stage.

- Really liked it!4 star

Was very well written with great characters. Would read more from this author.

- Slow burner, but by the end I loved it!3 star

Found it a little bit tricky to get into the flow of the book. Cam’s character was likeable but was also irritating at times. I really loved Tyler’s character, he was so patient and kind. There nothing hotter than a guy that treats his girl right but who isn’t afraid to stand up to her when she’s wrong. I felt that the book captured the internal monologues really well. Mid way through I found myself constantly wanting to continue to read which is always a sign of a good book. I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of Jane Austen and anyone who loves a feel good romance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Sure3 star

It’s a really sweet story and there are some awesome parts of this book that just make the characters romance,personality’s and lives so realistic and a lot of fun! But I’ve got to say, Cam’s character got to be pretty irritating after a while! it soon felt as though you’re anticipating what she’ll say next,solely to prove you already knew it. The love story in a love story is adorable and a neat addition that really does enhance the plot. I just think the story dragged out just a little too long. Still worth a read though, you might end up loving Cam and Tyler instead!

- Oh Cam...2 star

Very well written, had a happy ending of course, but Cam is just soooo unlikeable it’s cringe worthy in parts. That being said I look forward to reading more from this author, her writing style is genuine and captivating and spicy!

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5 star

@ryuuknowskay: half a chapter screentime after being out for months nd she's already snuck in her signature brand of sass & quick, effic…

5 star

Attagirl! Nice writing. Clear, forceful, no wasted words. Amal Clooney quits UK envoy role over 'lamentable' Brexit…

5 star

@bitchpakfriend Thank you so much for doing this! ❤️ My fave lyric is: “They told me all of my cages were mental, s…

5 star

e pensar que em 2017 eu ouvi/vi wasted youth pela primeira vez. foi o 1° clipe mostrando uma relação entre mulheres…

5 star

words cannot express how badly i want to go to a club or house party and just get wasted in a sea of bodies

5 star

Ozo is too nice for words, if it was me I wouldn’t have wasted my time #BBNaija

5 star

@maomango_doodle oh thank you i definitely was hesitant at first but i figured I've wasted too much time putting m…

5 star

@Rockyskelshaw @Debbie_abrahams Wasted words . . . there is no sense of shame in that one!

5 star

@ryuuknowskay: half a chapter screentime after being out for months nd she's already snuck in her signature brand of sass & quick, effic…

5 star

@ryuuknowskay: half a chapter screentime after being out for months nd she's already snuck in her signature brand of sass & quick, effic…

5 star

@ryuuknowskay: half a chapter screentime after being out for months nd she's already snuck in her signature brand of sass & quick, effic…

5 star

half a chapter screentime after being out for months nd she's already snuck in her signature brand of sass & quick,…

5 star

they told me all of my cages were mental so I got wasted like all my potential and my words shoot to kill when I'm…

5 star

Lol yea sure I gaslitghted you dipshit. If by gaslighting you mean actually listening to the words you say and ho…

5 star

@devailica that's true kak. it's really sucks and wasted my precious time. iya kak, I'll try semoga insecure enggak…

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