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A Tale of Two Cities

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 2671774411519197
  • Book Genre: Classics
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A Tale of Two Cities Book Summary

One of the most famous works of fiction ever written, A Tale of Two Cities presents a portrait of Paris and London in the years before and after the French Revolution. It follows a pair of protagonists, the French aristocrat Charles Darnay and the British barrister Sydney Carton, as their lives are dramatically altered by the wrath of the revolutionaries. A Tale of Two Cities addresses the fundamentally dual nature of humanity, and a reflects on what it means to do the right thing, regardless of how the world perceives it.

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A Tale of Two Cities Book Comments

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A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens Book Reviews

  • BORING! (Stoner 76)

    The language doesn’t translate well to the 21st century, for starters. Second, I made it 200 pages into the story, and the plot is basically “girl loses father, girl finds father, and the other characters are incredibly dull and useless to the storyline.” Idk how this is a “classic” or masterpiece. More like good outhouse wallpaper.
  • Good book (lady bird 10)

    Good book
  • Tale of two cities. (Avelina's)

    Great read.
  • G (ofk k)

    F you ofr
  • test (Tadonley)

  • The Tale of Two Cities (Chris0023)

    Truly touching. A classic. Makes me want to appreciate the loved ones around me in the present. Great read.
  • Best book I've ever read (Jed Wiant)

    Absolutely amazing.
  • Nice watch, run it! (Andrea Duran ;))

    Hands in the air now. Hands in the air!
  • A Tale Of Two Cities (Soccerlover1428)

    The book is great!
  • Dickens was a hack (JohnBike)

    Sorry, but I have to protest the obscure and twisted passages that prevail in this so-called Classic. Having read other offerings contemporary to Dickens, I found them more descriptive and understandable. Like M. Hugo, Dickens seems to delight in run-on sentences and highly unlikely dialogue. After reading the Cliff Notes version, which is in honest English, more nuances came to light then were intelligible in Dickens' telling. I am astonished that this book was recommended to me when I was merely 12. It was hard enough to understand 50+ years later.

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