Folktales from Japan

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Folktales from Japan Book Summary

A glimpse of Japanese lifestyle, morals and principles can be seen in the various folktales that the people of the country have been enjoying since years. Humorous and peculiar characters and situations are as much a part of the stories as is the people's prominent culture. The present book gives the young readers a glimpse of the affluent culture of Japan through a handful of folktales. Gripping in every context, they make an enjoyable possession for collectors of great stories.

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Folktales from Japan Book Comments

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Folktales from Japan - Vidya Devi Reviews

  • Not worth the money

    By Kawaiianigel
    The stories are good and its well written, but theres only four tales and two illustrations each. I coulndt hold my daughters attention for even five minutes. Not worth my 3 dolars.

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