Galdoni by Cheree Alsop Book Summary

“This is the Arena, and here we live to die.” This is the motto of genetically-altered gladiators, the winged humans called Galdoni. Kale, nursed back from the brink of death by students, is given the chance to experience life as a human. When he is captured, he has to use what he learned in the world outside the Academy in order to free the other Galdoni and return to the human girl he loves.

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Galdoni (Cheree Alsop) Book Reviews

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- Excellent book5 star

I read part of it a while back and I loved it I finally finished it

- Touching5 star

I read this a year or two ago and still think about this book every once in awhile. It makes me so sad, but sends a greater message about how people change. They can go from broken and heartless to whole and kind it really touched me. I'm currently 15 and this still reverberates with me today

- Magnificent piece5 star

A beautifully prepared gory book that is actually also very good mentally. The character setup is amazing I find myself repetitively reading it due to the fact that I'm too lazy to buy the second one anyhow bravo.

- Faldo I5 star

Great read for an old man. I've recommended it to my 14 and up granddaughters too.

- I have no words to explain..5 star

This book was so well made it felt like I was in the scenes itself. Cheree, you did amazing on writing this book. I can't put my feeling or amazement in words but all I could say was that I felt like I was Kale, when I was reading it I felt every emotion in ever character you put in this book. You have inspired me to continue working on the books I have been working on. Thank you for everyone such an amazing book to read.

- Loved it!4 star

Well written and different from anything I've read. I love the idea and the characters. I just wished it was longer and I was sad to find out book two didn't continue the tale. Fun read!

- Captivating!5 star

A thrilling read from start to finish, i highly recommend reading it and the rest of the series

- It Was Okay3 star

Great idea for a story and very imaginative, but lacked a bit of realism. Some plot material felt forced and the romance seemed to develop a little too quickly. But other than these things it was an okay book.

- Amazing and compelling story!5 star

This was a masterpiece of story writing and I got lost in it's words easily! The world it created was no challenge to fall into, I found myself immersed and skipping meals, staying up late, and reading at stop lights as if the book wouldn't be there if I put off reading it for any long periods of time. To me, the action and romance were both "soft" enough not to get confused or put off by either and just allow the reader to hear the story as if it was told to you from a witness's perspective. I would love to hear more about this world and it's characters if there is to be anything more to tell.

- Amazing!!!!5 star

This book was amazing, I among many others loved it. It captured the intensity of fighting, the struggle of segregation, the journey of love, it was all so amazing. How the author made the characters come to life was just great. This book came to life to me.

- Eh3 star

I really enjoyed it in the beginning but then it just became a repeated cycle. Getting into one fight with a bunch of guys, win, then 5 minutes later in another fight between a group of guys. I enjoy the creativity of the plot but this book just isn't for me.

- Best book I've read!!!!5 star

I love this book so much and I am going to post it on Facebook so all my friends can read it, too! I just wish that people in books were real. I love to read and I would download the next book, but I don't have any money😔! But I love this book! Thank you soooooooo much for writing it!!!!!!!!!!

- Okay4 star

The book was good but definitely not to the full scale it should have been. A good read but not enough information background or facts to make it great

- Unexplainable5 star

I can't even express in words how much this book is not just heart warming but so true to every day life .....and how so many people take things for granted ....being 13 and having more than my fare share of somewhat this feels justs steals me undoubtedly the best book I've ever read ...and I v read a lot of books!!..😉

- Love it5 star

It awesome and fun

- Fabulous. Buy it. You won't be sorry.5 star

A remarkable story for young adults and younger teens that makes one think about what it means to be the best example of a human. And, it touches perfectly on the desire for flight that so many of us have and yet only experience in our dreams. Well edited, a joy to read!

- The struggle is real... I wanted to like it.2 star

I have a few things to share about this book because I hoped that it would be great and it simply could have been a better book. The plot gets 3 stars because it was interesting and kept me moving in the book because I did end up wanting to know how it ended. Also, I commend the active bystander stance they took in certain conflicts plus the idea of a major political plot has a lot of potential. Thanks for taking such an active stance against intimate partner violence! However, next time it would be a good idea to put in a hotline for someone who actually knows of a friend who is going through this... Beating someone to a pulp can't be the only solution... An ok read but again, I struggled in some areas, here's why... 1. I struggled most with perception and connecting to the true feelings of a teenage boy trying to figure out where he fits in the world. I mean this kid has literally lived in a prison his entire life yet I found it hard to believe their mindset for most of the days they experienced freedom. Symptom of disconnect? Most likely, but often I felt like I was reading too critically because it is obviously written in consideration of how a 11-14 year old would view a love story. I had to keep reminding myself that I was reading young adult because it feels like a double grilled cheese sandwich at a teenager's sleepover with the girls at times. Phrases like "daggers into my soul" are not uncommon and I'm guessing it was to create that overly dramatic view of the world but I just kept thinking, dear lord child what happened to the steel hardened prisoner of the academy? I kept trying to justify it but I felt that too much time was spent trying to force emotions into a character that naturally had potential if the right care was taken just to describe them in the moment instead of after the fact. 2. Timing, you don't fall into believably desperate head over heels love without some real character development which was half written at best. 3. I became frustrated when the main character commented on how often something had been done when you never read them doing it past one time, if at all... This was a huge part of my disconnect from the character. Ps: no one leaves work without telling their boss they got into a massive brawl with strangers and if you do, you're probably fired on the spot. 4. What high school has a campus armed with teenaged security guards at night? 5. Why in the world are these teenagers alone most of the time and why does the only supportive parenting adult seemingly work 24 hours a day and rarely comes home? Scratch that... Im taking another point. 2 points. I really did have hopes for this series for the kids I work with, maybe it gets better?

- Great Idea4 star

The plot captivated me. I enjoyed the alternative reality, especially the way it commented on our society's interest in live entertainment. The characters were all very endearing and distinct in personality. I especially love the relationships that grew over the course of the story. However, I found that the story's delivery was sometimes jarring (let me emphasize the word 'sometimes'). Instead of letting the reader create the scene themselves, the author described in depth how the reader should perceive the world and how to feel. It made for an unnatural read at times. You, the reader, were being instructed on how to think and feel; in those instances, the scenes and the actions of the characters were under used to organically produce the desired impression. Overall, I think that this was a very good book. It showed lots of potential for the author to grow and improve. I look forward to the next book.

- Galdoni5 star

This book is wonderful helps young adults to think outside of their own little world. The reviewer Travl32 sums up my thoughts in writing this review.

- I had to stop reading2 star

When they invited him to their high school. How do you hide wings?

- Good Plot3 star

I like the plot of the story, you can certainly tell the author is a novice, but it's still enjoyable if you are able to skip through the numerous overly descriptive fighting scenes.

- Gladoni5 star

So good guys the people that are geting this book trust me it is good and romantic.👍😎😎

- Terrific5 star

Loved it. Can't wait to read the next one!

- A-friggen-mazing5 star

I loved every word, finished it in all of a few hours. Has an amazing message and all around an epic story. I was tearing up at the end

- Brilliant4 star

Was hooked! Loved it and couldn't put it down!

- Worth Reading5 star

For all ages. A tale of hope.

- Better read than the second or third3 star

I did enjoy the first story and I think the premise could make a good movie but the author does jump ahead leaving gaps. The next two in the series are carbon copies. A struggling Galdoni tormented by what he is and saved by love. I almost didn't bother finishing the third book because I was tired of the wining torment in the galdoni's head. The author has also taken to ending the book suddenly leavening huge gaps in the story line. I have to do so much surmising I might as we'll write it myself.

- Galdoni5 star

Gal don't is a great book about a creature that is part human but is trained to fight and has wings one day he escapes the arena but is brought back when the troops find him in the high school.

- Galdoni.5 star

I couldn't stop reading this book it was so hard to put down. The imagery is amazing and tantalizing at once. You root for Kale and feel his pain and joy throughout the whole book because you can not help but wonder what is going to happen next to the Angel of the story. Definitely the BEST book I have ever read that has stirred so many emotions inside of me! I had goosebumps at the end. I can't wait for the next one!

- Galdoni4 star

I really loved it. Though there were a few typos and it was fairly short, it's a better story than Maximum Ride.

- Galdoni5 star

The book was awesome I assure you that you'll love it. There would be tears of joy and sadness :)

- Awesome book5 star

I liked the book I don't read much but this one caught my eye. I did not want to put the book down. I am looking forward to the next one. To those who said that this book was boring or ok they have their openion and we have ours. Great book I am going to own this book in paper back soon so I don't lose it when my electronics go out

- Awesome5 star

This book was trulely amazing, I can’t wait for another second for the sequel!

- Galdoni5 star

Fast easy reading. Good subject matter with a great plot that keeps moving.

- This is an amazing book!!!!5 star

Great story. I loved the rich detail and compassionate storyline. Book was a blend of a non-vampire twilight and gladiator story. Great non-series stand alone book which seems hard to find nowadays.

- A must read! <35 star

This book is amazing. I practically couldn't put it down since I started reading... I only wish it would never end. A book that can move you so deeply, pull your emotions along page to page... Simply fantastic. Someone needs to be paying the author big money to write a sequel... Or a trilogy... Or a series for that matter. All I know that is if they made a movie out of this (which the need to!) I would be first in line for the premier.

- I loved it!5 star

Couldn't put it down and dudnt want it to end! Good plot.

- Truly great! (:5 star

There are no words that I can think of right now to describe how much I really LOVE this book. It had me at the edge of my seat and at tears at parts that just pulled at my heart strings. And once I reached the last page, I was devastated to see the story end. It truly is a great read and if there were 10 stars I'd give it infinity.

- Ok story4 star

This story was an enjoyable read, however it could have benefited from more character development. Some of the pop culture references confuse the setting. Would also better if it was single spaced.

- Awesome5 star

The best book I've ever read I couldn't even sleep not knowing what was going to happen next.!!!

- WOW!5 star

Unbelievably heart warming and inspiring, please read cant wait for more i wil definitely pay!

- Fantastic5 star

This has to be one of the best books I've ever read, simply amazing

- Best book ever, write another5 star

You must get this book. It is truly amazing. I am a guy and I loved the action and the romance. I read this book in two days and I hope another comes out.

- Great book!5 star

Great book! Could not stop reading it. The author have a great imagination and magnificently illustrated the scenes. Can't wait for it to be a movie!

- Excellent read5 star

Loved the message. Kept me engaged. Very well written. loved how i could picture what was happening with such vivid mental pictures because of the detail she used in her descriptions. Clever way to twist action, romance and science fiction together. Best of all worlds really. Loved and hated that it is not a series. :) I wanted a non-series book this time but by the end, wished it was a whole lot longer. I'll look for more of Cheree Alsop's books for sure!!!

- surpirsed4 star

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the story after reading several chapters. I am glad that I didn't give up on the book. The message is really cool. The climactic moment, the emotions from Kale, the meaning of freedom all make this book worth the read. Give it a chance :)

- Awesome5 star

Love it

- Sans5 star

Great story.

- AMAZING!!!!!!!5 star

This is absolutely one of my best books I have ever read in my life!!! I loved the characters and their personalities, the story line and the way it was written. The bravery, courage and sacrifice that kale showed was amazing and had me scolding myself to " get a grip and stop crying!" This book had adventure, romance and comedy all rolled into one terrific book! I LOVED the lesson in this book, the struggles that the characters had to go through ( especially the forbidden love). And despite the mean inhuman way the despicable humans in the book claimed the winged race to be and the ones who actually acted as the humans claimed to be ( Blade) I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to live among such strangely beautiful creatures that ,at times, acted more human, more caring and compassionate than the humans. Overall I loved this book and wished there was another that followed it, I recommend it to ANYONE who fancies great books. Ps. There is some violence and a shred of goriness to this book

- Beautiful, but Underdeveloped5 star

The plot and story is beautifully developed and seems to had been thought through thoroughly, but the writing itself was not quite there yet. She made it wonderfully easy to fall in love with her characters and get giggly every time your favorite is about to speak. I especially loved the amount of wit and humor she wrote with. To sum it all up: Though the writing wasn't quite matured enough yet, her book flows with a spectacular story that will keep you laughing, crying, and biting your nails, until you realize it's 2am and you forgot about that one history report.

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- leaf boy3 star

i am sorry but i cant take a book seriously when the main character is named after a leaf

- Seems familiar...1 star

The blurb sounds suspiciously like someone's Fanfiction crossover between Hunger Games and Maximum Ride

- Galdoni5 star

I really enjoyed this book can't wait for the rest of the series

- Galdoni5 star

Absolutely brilliant. Exciting and will bring a happy smile to anyone reading while bringing an emotional tear to your eyes. Can’t wait to get the second book🙏🏻🌸

- My Review5 star

There is only one word I can use in a clumsy attempt to encourage you to read this book. Wonderful !

- Entertaining YA novella3 star

I got this to while away time while travelling. It's an engaging Young Adult fantasy-romance. Generally well-written, though it needed editing/proof-reading more professionally (eight-ten errors across 500 pages).

- Well written original story5 star

Love love love this series, the premise is so original, the characters are well developed and generally it is very well written. 3 books out currently, can't wait for number 4!! I also enjoyed Angelfall by Susan EE, another well- written series

- Best book for a while5 star

This book was brilliant couldn't stop reading it, can't wait to read the others

- Mrs5 star

Very readable. A heart warming story, graphic in it’s descriptions of fighting. Man’s inhumanity to man still continues….

- Brilliant4 star

I loved this book! My first ebook and I need more! I need a sequal, or if not, a blockbuster should be made! I couldn't put this book down, I felt every intense moment and appreciated all the details! #TeamKale

- AMAZING BOOK!!!!5 star

I loved this book from start to finish, all I want to know now is if there's a sequel:)x

- Cool5 star

Nice story well worth a read

- Good read!4 star

I wasn't sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised! An interesting concept if not a predictable plot but still good

- Fantastic book !5 star

Fantastic book ! Well written had me hooked from the first page - great story line and characters were well written ! Would recommend to friends !

- Fab book5 star

Much better than expected. Would really recommend a read.

- Indescribable5 star

I read through the night to finish it, one of the most beautiful and inspiring pieces of writing I think I will ever have the joy of reading

- Galdoni5 star

Absolutely brilliant, I didn't want it to end

- Breathtaking5 star

It is a truly moving story and an epic adventure. Cheree Alsop is a brilliant writer.please make a sequel

- Review5 star

This book is truly amazing its touching as well as makes you sit on the edge of your seat if you are thinking about reading this book then please do as its my all time favourite book never judge a book by its cover

- Best book ever5 star

One of the best books I have ever read. You should really make this into a sequel :)

- Awesome!!5 star

Really good book, couldn't stop reading it!

- Galdoni, mesmerising!5 star

Absolutely heart wrenching, thrilling read that I just could not put down! Loved it!

- Series!4 star

All I am going to say is that this has to become a series, we have vampires and werewolf stories and now Galdoni! Its fantasy that people can get into and the girls will go crazy for Kale! Imagine if it got as big as the twilight series! - charlotte

- Wott5 star

Best book I have ever read, I was so sad when it ended because I didn't want it to end, I have actually fallen in love with kale.. Oh my he sounds perfect.

- Devastated ending5 star

This book is truly inspirational. With every incredible twist in this book, the reader grows increasingly closer to every character, creating a story that overflows with emotion and leaves the reader yearning for more. This book shows humanity in a light of great heroism and heart warming loyalty and pitches it against the idea of cruelty and gut wrenching hatred. On a personal basis, I was truly devastated when the book came to an end, and I can only dream of what is to come next for kale and his rise to his position as the true leader of the galdoni.

- Awesome5 star

Wow! I really enjoyed this book! I do hope there's more.

- Galdoni fan!5 star

This is Amazing! I hope it turns in to a series, best free book ever and one of the best books I have ever read!!!!

- Fabulous5 star

Wow best free book I have ever read- and I read a lot ,please make this into a series!! I need to know what happens to them!

- Brilliant!5 star

I wasn't to sure when I first started reading but I'm glad I stuck with it. Fantastic book. Is there a sequel? :)

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- Awesome!5 star

T be honest I didn't really think this was a very good book,but I didn't have anything else to do so I went ahead and read it.and boy,am I glad I did! I'd just like to say if your looking for a good book,full of fiction and excitement,than this is the book for you!

- A good read3 star

It starts off slow but once it gets going you don't want to stop reading. I'm a fast reader so I finished this book in a day. I have a really great imagination as well and could see every battle, every scene and hear the anger and pain in Kales words in the arena. I would love to read the next book in the series.

- Absouloutly amazing book5 star

You should totally read it!

- Galdoni5 star

ReAlly good book should make another like that

- Galdoni5 star

Excellent book! I was impressed by how some people put aside their fears, to help someone they were told was dangerous. Even when they seen him in action, & what he was capable of they still trusted him. Kale became the hero he was destined to be. It's sad some of his friends had to die in order for them to gain their freedom. They are amazing creatures who was treated differently because they had wings. We should embrace others differences instead of condemning them for being different. I hope there is a next part of this book.

- Galdoni5 star

What a excellent book ! I recommend reading this book, you will enjoy it.

- Greatness5 star

I thank you for this book I wrote more but it got erased 😩 but it was an amazing book continue what your doing its awesome. But I have to say I shed some tears it was that good. 😭But it was awesome book wise. 😄😃😀I loved it 😍thanks for the book😉

- Loved it5 star

Loved this book

- What a great read3 star

This book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading because I needed to know what happened next.. Loved the story.

- Loved it5 star

This book was deep and meaningful. Light and dark balanced each other. It was an excellent read.

- I love this book5 star

This book was so good! It made me laugh, cry, and smile over and over! I HIGHLY recommend this book, its also great because it doesn't have any bad language issues or insane make out scenes, so yeah, I really liked it a lot.

- Great Read4 star

Characters are interesting and the plot is good. Looking forward to the next one!

- Galdoni5 star

We need a second book to this I couldn't put it down great book

- Lovely5 star

This book was well written, and the end was great. I have to admit, I cried near the end at the climax.

- Galdoni5 star

Galdoni is an amazing book the first to actually make me cry! It is a book that really touches your heart, a romance novel that might change the way you look at someone, it did that to me. The one misfit learning to fit in with all the normal kids.

- WOW! Amazing!5 star

I really loved the book! Fantastic! Could really connect with Kale and his friends!

- Review5 star


- Loved it5 star

Not at all what I expected. It was a beautiful story!

- Best book ever5 star

Couldn't put my phone down:)

- Galdoni5 star

This book was absolutely amazing... It had me tearing at parts cursing at others, and adrenaline rushing along with the characters at the fights.... It is a book for everyone, with themes of love, courage, hardship, good verse evil, humane and in humane. If you like battles this is a pretty good book, as well as if you like a sweet love story. All around its an amazing book!!!!!!!

- I loved this book5 star

One of the best books that I have read in a long time. The imagination alone is awe inspiring.

- Awesome5 star

This was a awesome book. It was the best book I have ever read. I wish I owned a paper back copy so I can read it whenever I want. If there is anymore books I would love to get those as well. Kale has some galdoni rights to prepare. I loved it and I'm sure my girlfriend will love it to.

- WOW5 star

One of my fav. Books by far!!!!!!!!!! I'm recommending it to ALL my friends

- Galdoni4 star

It's good, just ends to abruptly. A toned down version of the coliseum. (The title is like gladiators and the winged men christians both lived & died in the arena.)

- Awesome book!!!5 star

This book was an excellent read, I wish it would have continued but I am not going to give away the story. Someone compared it James Patterson book about the teens with wings but it only had one thing in common. Patterson books were about the world ending and this book don't have any of that. Is a very awesome book and the price won't hurt your pockets ;-)

- Awesome5 star

This book was just awesome it showed a young winged galdoni fight for his and others like him freedom It has action and some romance in it but i liked it all the same READ THIS BOOK YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

- BORING!!2 star

Boring... it started REALLY good but then he goes to school and there is no action in the whole... he is in the real world and learns the importance of love Blah Blah Blah *Yawning*

- Quick read4 star

Seemed to be a take on James Patterson's books with the bird kids mixed with hunger games.

- Best book ever!!!5 star

Although the story isn't that great in the beginning it gets soo much better within the next chapter. I have 3 words for you, BEST. BOOK. EVER!!!!!!!!! ☺😋📖

- AWESOME!!!4 star

Their is one thing that would make the book better. I would say the thing to make it better would be a second book, starting with Brie saying "I can't wait." like the last sentence in the book. If you do that I will give five stars and recommend the book. If you keep making books like this, I think everyone who liked this book will be pleased and i loved the plot and like how it's a genetically engineered specimen. ~JC

- Loved it 😊☺😜5 star

This book was amazing!!! And it totally deserves to be made into a movie! And for anyone who liked this book try "host" by the same author who wrote the twighlight books this book was great and a wonderful read!

- Galdoni5 star

This book captured my interest and kept me coming back to read on my cellphone , even though I am still more comfortable holding a book. The authors fluid storytelling kept me involved in a story that I would generally consider a book version of what I call a chick flick. With Kale, the protagonist being the primary voice driving the story, I became fascinated with the internal thoughts he had, of course, penned by the author. His metamorphosis from a genetically engineered 'warrior' feared by the public, to a creature more human and accepted /acceptable was believable through the authors skillfully manipulation on circumstances. I didn't once

- Awesome read5 star

OMG!!! I can not stop reading this. I am addicted to this book.

- A great book!5 star

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen!

- Book5 star

It had a great big ending I loved reading it all strait through I hope thre is so much more to see from the galdoni😉😘😘

- Good4 star

It's a great light read for those who want to explore a different world. The characters aren't too overly developed and the storyline is good for any age.

- Wonderful!5 star

Loved the book! Can't wait to read more from Cheree Alsop! Refreshing and new!

- Heart Wrenching5 star

This book was simply heart wrenching. It was an amazing book with a great plot I almost cried several times; all of the Seance were so real it felt like I was really there witnessing everything.

- Decent3 star

The idea behind the story is great, but isn't exceptionally delivered. It moves at a rapid pace - sometimes skipping forward too quickly and leaving underdeveloped gaps in its wake. I read this in two sittings while on the plane to and from Las Vegas. It was easy to read and interesting enough that I wasn't wishing I had another book to read. In summary - I LOVED the idea but only LIKED the writing.

- Good one.5 star

Really enjoyed it.

- Great Story5 star

This was a very good and entertaining story. Had me going the whole way and never lost my interest all the way through. I definitely suggest getting this book. She did a great job on it.

- Galdoni5 star

Truly a great story! Hope to hear more about kale and his friends!

- Well Done!5 star

A great take on basically a new species and the ethical, moral, and humane issues that can arise when something is essentially dehumanized or devalued. It also taps into the inherent violence in our society and on how we promote that violence and make it an economic engine that fuels hatred, lust, power, domination, and of course the root of evil the valuation of money over all kinds of life. It is a great read. I was most impressed and surprised by the quality of writing. Although this is geared to the young adult reader it has value for us all and I truly recommend this for those who feel they live as outsiders.

- I didn't like it1 star

It wasn't that good to me. But might like it

- WOW5 star

This book is not only free but one of the BEST books I have ever read ( and I have read ALOT) I really wish there was a second book!!!

- Beauteful5 star

I really liked this book! I am going to read her other books for sure.

- Galodin5 star

Best book I've ever read in my life I love I recommend this book to every one it's a must read book filled with excitement romance and action ti is. Awesome!!!

- Best novel5 star

I was not expecting a free novel to beat anything that I have ever laid eyes upon. This book was touching and made me want more after each sentence.

- Loved it!5 star

I loved this book. The author truly made me care about Kale even when his actions were no something I would do. She is a truly talented writer and I hope she writes more books like this.

- Awesome!!!!5 star

The plot was amazing..

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5 star

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