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Secrets to Keep

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Secrets to Keep Book Summary

Secrets, secrets, are no fun! And with each day that passes in Webster Grove, eighteen-year-old Steph is learning that lesson the hard way. Between dodging stares, kisses, and mixed signals from the man of her dreams, Steph has more on her plate than she can handle. With wedding plans officially underway for the Rivera/Ghijk wedding, Steph is working overtime to lose weight and finally fit into her bridesmaid gown. And if all that’s not enough, she’s pulled into a lie that forces her to start holding up appearances with a new (fake) boyfriend. With her three best friends at her side and one beautiful man in her heart, Steph has to decide if happily ever after is worth the wait …

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Secrets to Keep - Tracie Puckett Book Reviews

  • Good book (lady bird 10)

    Good book
  • Wanting more (Umpqua reader)

    After reading each book in the series I just wanted more. I was so sad it ended
  • Twists (Gokeyette)

    So many intriguing twists and turns.
  • Yes!! (Eliluvsjr320)

    I love these books!!!!!!! I'm so addicted to them. Keep them coming!! :)
  • Great plot twists! (Much too young to feel this old)

    Can't wait to read the next one!
  • Secrets to Keep (Mag slip)

    Wow!!!!! The story just keeps getting better!!! I love this series. This is the first that I have read from Tracie Puckett, she is an extremely talented writer. I think she has risen to # 1 in my ratings for an Author! Excellent work Tracie Puckett!!!
  • love it (caconniee)

    love the series but each book is so short:( I wish each was at least 200 pages. 74 is nothing I finished 3 of the books today.
  • Better (Schnickells)

    More well written than the previous few in the series, and the storyline had much more fluidity.
  • omg (jayy sarah)

    this series is awesomeeeeee … on to the next one :)
  • Awesome!!! (Whammy like)

    Can't wait to continue!!!

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