The 80-Year-Old Virgin 1

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The 80-Year-Old Virgin 1 Book Summary

"Ume is an 80-year-woman whose husband was killed in the war before she could discover the joys of womanhood. A virgin her whole life, she wakes up one morning to find herself 60 years younger! Anxious to finally experience her "first time," she sets out to take advantage of her born-again youth and looks -- only to realize that guys in this day and age aren't as chivalrous as they once were!″

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The 80-Year-Old Virgin 1 Book Comments

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The 80-Year-Old Virgin 1 - Monaka Kuri Reviews

  • Please remove

    By e.quillen
    Accidentally downloaded please remove from my purchased list.
  • KAWAII!!!

    By Themonkeystar
    So cute I love how he was so nice to her I the beginning but now I think it's a little bit creepy😒 I mean she's 80 what happens when he figures that out!
  • NEato!!!

    By Candgbaxter
  • Cool

    By Rosealindaa
    I thought it was pretty funny
  • Okay

    By M I I N U.
    The plot seemed nice but it was so short!

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