Seducing the Billionaire's Wife - Marquita Valentine - Marquita Valentine

Seducing the Billionaire's Wife

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 549571125972541914
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Seducing the Billionaire's Wife Book Summary

From New York Times bestselling author, Marquita Valentine, comes a seductive new series. 
Andrew Montgomery has everything money can afford him, except time. His father is ready to give up the helm of Montgomery Industry-something Andrew has been groomed for since birth. Only, his father won't allow him to take control until he satisfies one demand. Andrew must marry and stay married for five years, or the company will be sold off for charity, one share at a time.

Resort hotel maid, Hannah Miller never dreamed that the boy she spent every summer with until she was seventeen would grow up to become ruthless billionaire Andrew Montgomery. Or that he would call in the silly IOU she'd given him for saving her from a dangerous riptide when she was thirteen years old.

But nothing can prepare Hannah for what Drew demands as repayment. The sexy man not only intends to marry her, but to share their marriage bed as well. In every sense of the word.

Seducing the Billionaire’s Wife
Seducing the Billionaire’s Brother (coming March 2019)
Seducing the Billionaire’s Daughter (coming spring 2019)

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Seducing the Billionaire's Wife Book Comments

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Seducing the Billionaire's Wife - Marquita Valentine Book Reviews

  • Disappointed (smileyV)

    The editing in this E-book was so bad it made the story difficult to pay attention to. This is not New York Times Bestseller work. The storyline is old and tired and the characters were not particularly memorable.
  • Review (nameforbookreview)

    Did ANYBODY proof read this book ??? Yikes there are so many grammatical errors, it was like a joke . The story was a cute romantic book but could have been more descriptive when discussing the emotional relationship that developed between the two characters and past memories shared or describing the northern lights , their foreplay and other character development.
  • Cute but so many errors (Kimbo1216)

    This book needs major editing. There are so many typos and missing words. Cute story but would be better if developed more. Reads more like a novella.
  • Seducing the Billionaire’s Wife (mfrye4)

    Fun book to read.
  • Seducing the billionaires wife (Mag68)

    By marquetta valentine Needs proof reading, but absolutely hilarious! Bookbub
  • Decent story, but needs serious editing. (Reading Kat)

    The story is decent, if you can figure out what is supposed to be in the sentences. There are missing or duplicate words on almost every page. Sometimes multiple missing words in a single paragraph. Very frustrating as the story itself is fairly good, and the messed up sentences kill the flow.
  • Enjoyable story for a cold winter day! (Kymreads)

    Fun premise between billionaire Andrew Montgomery and Hannah Miller, resort hotel maid. Andrew has to get married before his father will let him take control of the business, even though he has been groomed since a young age for doing so. After Andrew’s friend, Blake, attempts to find a suitable match among the many women Andrew has been with, he remembers Hannah. Under the guise of a long ago IOU she’d written him in return for saving her life, Andrew makes Hannah an offer... Without giving the storyline away, this is a fun enjoyable story! Amusing watching their fake courtship and ensuing time together. Andrew is definitely a workaholic and Hannah is just trying to deal with all of the changes and her feelings for Andrew. Good story to read on a cold winter day!
  • Grammar (rosso_amanda)

    It has multiple grammar and spelling issues that get in the way of the story.
  • Uploaded the wrong version (mwinslow)

    The correct, edited version has been uploaded this afternoon (3-6-19). I accidentally formatted and uploaded the unedited version at the end of February. My apologies for this inconvenience.
  • Editing matters!! (Maw1124)

    I want to say I liked this book, but honestly, it was a struggle to get through. If this is a self published book, then the author needs to invest in an editing service. The amount of misspellings and grammatical errors were ridiculous! Also, if you can get passed all of that, I didn’t think Drew, Hannah, and William were very likable adults. Also, there really was no explanation as to why William would make Drew jump through all those hoops for the company he founded. Poorly structured characters. I think I read one of her books a few years ago, and I had pretty much the same issues with her writing then. I think this will be the last book I read by this author.

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