What Happens After

What Happens After by Portia Moore Book Summary

He was forbidden. 

I knew it. 

He was never mine to have. 

He belonged to someone else. 

His heart wasn't free to give. 

Still I craved him. 

I begged him for it. 

His love was addictive. 

Our time was never enough. 

He shattered my world like I’d shattered everyone else’s. 

It was all fun and games before. 

I didn't think about what would happen after.

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What Happens After (Portia Moore) Book Reviews

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- Love it !5 star

I love this book ! Very different from what I usually read and it’s very interesting !

- just my opinion3 star

i have already read and finished the if i break series so i knew about the lisa william and gwen situation. when i read it the first time i really had a hard time reading it because it kind of disturbed me but i love portia ad her writing style so i bought the book because i loved gwen. is it bad that i just don’t want to know lisa love story because i hated her life choices?? just my opinion. if you didn’t mind lisa then you will definitely like this book because it’s written beautiful.

- Good Read -Difficult to follow at times4 star

So many characters to track at one time. It’s a great storyline and good read however it can be difficult to know what’s going on at any given moment. I would give it five stars if it could flow better.

- Knitswaiting2 star

Have not read this one yet

- Trouble with before4 star

I very much enjoyed the people in the book but I kinda had to keep going back to figure out which character the author was talking about. I am going to read the next book to see where Lisa goes

- Didn’t enjoy the ending!2 star

Loved the beginning and middle! Full of emotion! Surprising twists and turns. Written from several points of view. Very complex. However I was extremely disappointed in the ending! Very abrupt and a bit unrealistic! It really ruined the story for me!

- Phenomenal5 star

OMGGGG this book was amazing!!! All her books are to die for!! They are so heart breaking with raw emotions and real pain and just completely draws you on that you fall asleep at 5am in the morning

- Love this book but…..3 star

Love this book but I don’t drink Gwen shoul’ve forgave William. I honestly hate him and he deserves to be alone.

- Wow!4 star

I'm impressed. For those of you who are trying to decide if you should read this book... Let me start off by saying, read the "if i break" series first. I read it several months ago and loved it. I just recently found this book and had no idea they were related. The author may want to think about adding that in the description. Anyway, by the end of the book things clicked into place and i realized it was a sort of spin off from that series and i was BLOWN AWAY. This author has so much talent. Truly creative thinking. This book had me captured from the beginning. So unique in how it was told by two women of the same age falling in love with the same man 20 years apart. I only docked a star because of all the type-o's. Portia, invest in a new editor. And never stop writing because you are an amazing story teller.

- Not worth it!!👎1 star

I hated it !!! I loved if I break but this one ! Lisa and will just no no and no !

- GREAT Book5 star

This series is amazing! I love these books. Wish they never ended!

- What happens after5 star

Hate that it's over :/ this has really been the best book Iv ever read. I love how it went back and forth with everyone's story. Nothing was left out or untold. It really was an awesome book. I cried at the end. Hope h/a is next!!

- Love it!5 star

After reading the other books, i read the description for this one and i wasn't up for it. The other books were really good so i gave it a try. The first couple of chapters i wasn't too into it because i felt like Lisa and Will had done something so wrong i couldn't get over it. As i kept reading it became really hard for me to not like each character even with their flaws and i could not put the book down. I loved the book in the end and there is an amazing lesson behind it. Portia you are very talented, keep writing, i can't wait for the next story!!!!

- If I Break5 star

Greatly enjoyed the whole series!!

- Must read!5 star

This has been a page turning serious I keep reading over and over again. I have had so many people read these dries because I love them that much. Excellent read! It's addicting so Mack sure you have the time to read them because once you start, life and everything outside of reading these will become nonexistent!

- What happens after is AMAZING5 star

I loved reading every book! It was so very entertaining!

- Portia Moore is genius!4 star

This entire series is .....fascinating! Honestly I've never read a better series in my life.

- Love Love Love5 star

I have read all Portia Moore books. This book was amazing. Gwen continues to be an amazing character. You get to see a different side to William. Loved this book. Looking forward to the next one!

- Amazing.5 star

For me, this is the perfect way to add to the story. The if I break series was just mind blowing! This book answered so many questions for me. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone but it's just crazy how life works. Although a fiction book, this could happen to any one. Although the craziness, it all just made sense. This book might not have been better than the series, but it was still worth the read. I loved it!!!!! :)

- Wasted my time2 star

I loved the other books in the series and recommended them to my friends. This book was clearly just an attempt to make more money on the series. Very disappointing. Found myself skimming through most of it because it couldnt keep my interest and not much of a story. Simply put "it was boring".

- If you like the other series you should like this too even though it's different.4 star

Waited for quite a while for this book to come out. It's another good story that jumps back and forth in time much like the "If I Break" series. I liked it. I wish there was more about Chris and Lauren. Then again this wasn't a novel about them. There's not really anything physical described in this novel unlike the others but I don't think the story needs it. If you liked the other series and wanted any chance to read a little more about the characters, you'll probably like this. I feel like there's not as much depth with these characters except for Gwen.

- Awesomeriffic!!!!!5 star

I love this author! Everything she's written will lock you in. A beautiful mind.

- What the Hell!1 star

Are u stealing people's money or what!!! Loved the other books but I'm mad so I will b contacting Apple. I had to tap a one....

- 😑 seriously!?2 star

I just finished reading the book and I'm upset. I've read over a thousand books and this is my first review (that should mean something)...I expected a lot more from Lisa's character....I can't say anything more for fear of giving away too much of the story 😒😒

- Great Author! Cannot wait!5 star

I was told this book is going to be available on November 30, 2015. In the meantime, read the "If I Break" series by Portia Moore. A seriously great romance trilogy!

- Pre-order dates keeps getting pushed back2 star

This has nothing to do with the quality of the book, just be aware that the release date keeps getting further and further away. I preordered it months ago. I'm excited to read it once it finally gets released.

- ??3 star

Umm when is this book supposed to come out? I pre-ordered it and it was supposed to be expected two months ago.

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- Gwen5 star

This story was gut wrenching, Gwen is one strong woman cause I don't think I could do what she did in the last chapter. I loved the reality of this story well written. Brilliant 10 plus read it one sitting. Thanks MJD

- Amazing5 star

This whole series is one of the best series I have read! Keeps you interested from start to finish! Definitely worth the read! Two thumbs up Portia Moore

- If I Break - entire series5 star

I am a mother of three young children. Lets just say sleep is a luxury i rarely get. These books made it harder i cant seem to "put the book down" (im using iBook)

- OMG5 star

Such a great story ....

- OMG5 star

...I don't know what too say. Multiple times, my heart was beating so fast. This book will make you feel so much emotions. It's been a long time since a simple book could do this to me. Totally worth it!

- Great book5 star

What a great story. A must read with kleenex.

- Wow5 star

Amazing book. Great characters you could totally feel and sympathize with. Love the ending

- What happens after5 star

Wow amazing read couldn't put it down 😊😊❤️

- Disappointed1 star

The ending/epilogue of this book made me regret reading the entire series. Far to much time is spent on the "before" rather than the "after" which results in a rushed, predictable, weak ending that lets the entire series down. The matter of Will standing by & watching his son suffer for all of those years to protect himself is not addressed- no mother would forgive that. Nor would any self respecting woman stay with a man who betrayed so deeply. I ended up having no respect for Gwen who would have shown real strength by leaving and starting her life anew. Why can't women write female characters that are empowered and self respecting?

- Speechless...5 star

This is a beautifully written novel. Lots of drama, heartache, selfishness and pain. I can't say that I agree with any of the choices made by the characters, but I like to keep an open mind and glad that I have empathy... This is a love story like no other that I have read and it had my attention from start to finish - in one sitting...

- What Happens After2 star

After looking forward to the release of this latest book in the series and the continuation of Chris and Lauren's story, I must confess to being disappointed. The title of this one surely should have been 'What Happened Before'

- Great follow up5 star

More insight into the broken series.

- Really good 😂5 star

When I first started to read this series, I was impressed how unpredictable it was !!! She is an amazing author!! If u r thinking about reading her books u really should 😂

- Love and betrayal... And the walk in someone else's shoes5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed Portia's If I break series, a romance story with a twist, well several twists. I recommend you start there before reading this one. Once you have finished the roller coaster ride of the if I break books I recommend this book too. Portia knows how to pull the heart strings and suddenly characters that you previously hated become ones that you love. Enjoy.

- Nooooo1 star

You can forgive &let go of the hurt whilst still having the self respect to walk away from someone who betrayed so deeply. No woman would stay & raise that child. Clearly written by a woman who has not been cheated on. Why can't women write stories that show an empowered woman who will not accept being treated like that?

- What Happens After5 star

Where to begin? To say I have been eagerly awaiting this book to be released is an understatement! Portia Moore has done it again, and my humble opinion, has done it better than ever. As I read the 'If I Break' series and fell in love with all the characters (some I fell in love with hating ie William), I realised that (with books that completely sucked me in) I didn't want the series to end. To be honest in previous books I had an inkling that William had had an affair, but with who? I was completely blindsided by who the 'other woman' was. This story had me riveted from the beginning. Portia Moore has a way of writing the story that I feel as though I'm right there, just as with the books that predate 'What happens after', I laughed, I cried, I yelled "Why, why would you do that Will!!!!!!" at my iPad, earning a side eye look from my husband lol. Learning the story behind Gwen and William was eye opening to say the least, and I couldn't help but fall a little for Will myself. I loved getting to know Gwen better and seeing her capacity to live, love and forgive. I urge people to buy and read this book, although I would recommend you read the 'If I break' series first, not only will it set the scene but because these stories are freaking amazing!

- Cant Wait!5 star

Another One?! I seriously cannot wait! The series so far was absolutely unpredictable and I couldnt stop turning the pages, it’s definitely worth the hours of reading though….and i cant wait to read this. Portia Moore, i am forever in your debt!

- Excellent Read5 star

Absolutely loved the characters, the story line & I just couldn't put the book down - excellent read, well done Portia 👍💜📘

- Very, very nice!!!5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's very well written and I love the details of each character... Well done.

- Brilliant5 star

Just loved it! Wasn't what I was expecting but 100% thrilled with the surprised direction it took! Recommended for any Portia fans!

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